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NACSA - The next step when the CSA have failed

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trinni Fri 30-Sep-11 23:13:06

Has anyone ever resorted to using this organisation? They claim:

NACSA is the leading organisation within the UK providing affordable help to all parents and their extended families in all areas of the Child Support Act and the new Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission (CMEC).

We receive no Government funding - We prefer to keep our impartiality!!

I thought I was finally making some headway with the CSA but it seems they cannot help me any further. ExH is not declaring all his (self employed) income and thay seem powerless to assist.

Surely there has to be some way to nail him?

STIDW Sat 01-Oct-11 18:31:46

I would be asking who runs NACSA, what qualifications do they have, how are they regulated, do they have insurance and is there a proper complaints procedure so that there is some sort of come back if they get things wrong.

Someone can check that a CSA assessment is correct but no organisation can change the law, rules or regulations. If there is no evidence of non declared income, or if the assessable income is reduced because of legitimate concessions made by government to the self employed the CSA will have it's hands tied. On the other hand if someone is defrauding the taxman it can be reported to the HMRC who might be persuaded to investigate. Once someone is brought into the tax system there is evidence the CSA can use as a basis for calculating and/or enforcing child support.

trinni Sat 01-Oct-11 18:53:10

I did in fact report exH to HMRC and he was investigated and subsequently fined for not declaring his full income in 2002.
This fact seems not to make a jot of difference.

I believe that the CSA's decision has been made on the basis of information that is materially inaccurate. It is my belief that the NRP in this case has manipulated evidence of his earnings in a deliberate attempt to deceive the CSA and negate his financial responsibilities to support his children. It is also my belief that the CSA has failed to fully implement the powers available to it to properly investigate evidence which I have made available which corroborates my position.

I'm certain that this is a clear case of under-declared income as the NRP maintains a lifestyle which is totally inconsistent with the amount he claims to earn – the amount which the CSA has used to assess the amount of child maintenance to be paid.

There are various points of relevance which the CSA are completely ignoring even though it has seen fit to pass my case to a complex case worker.

Collaborate Sun 02-Oct-11 00:43:05

Never heard of NACSA before. Their website looks interesting.

They are very open about the individuals who are in charge of the new CMEC, naming them individually. Yet they nowhere say who runs their organisation. They mention someone advises them who sits on the CSA committee of Resolution. I know someone who sits on that committee and shall ask them what they know about them. Until they become transparent (as opposed to hiding who is behind them), I'd personally steer clear of them.

Their charges (where they specify them) appear to be at around the charges that legal aid solicitors get paid, but I presume they aren't solicitors because otherwise they'd say so, and they'd be regulated by the SRA and have proper insurance.

They appear to come across as a campaigning group (they seem to think the whole thing is unfair - at a time when most people now accept that it's the system running it that needs improvement rather than the calculation itself.

Trinni - have you tried taking it to a tribunal? If your evidence is strong enough it will satisfy them and the assessment will increase. If it isn't, it won't, and no amount of money paid to advisers can change that.

Tyr Sun 02-Oct-11 01:12:53

I have only heard good reports about N.A.C.S.A. but that has been from fathers who have had difficulties with the CSA who are notoriously incompetent.
There is also which is free.

STIDW Sun 02-Oct-11 13:25:46

Again I would be asking who is behind A Fairer CSA For All and what their motives are. When the site was first set up and the posts could be read by all you didn't have to dig too deep to find conspiracy theories and links with far right groups or those advocating breaking the law or intimidating CSA staff.

Campaigning and self-help groups can be a good source of information, advice, guidance and support. However that can be disastrous if the information etc isn't impartial, unreliable, or plain wrong. Sometimes when a polarised sense of grievance is ratcheted up it encourages people to behave in ways that are malicious, destructive and unproductive. Often that manifests itself in an individual being aggressive and demanding which overheats court proceedings and tribunals and does the person no favours.

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