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Coronavirus and fertility clinics.

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mabel92 Thu 12-Mar-20 09:13:15

Has anyone’s fertility clinic told them they will close due to Coronavirus? I’m due to start treatment and now confused as what to do or whether I’ll be able to start. Thanks.

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nextweek Thu 12-Mar-20 09:24:22

I haven't heard anything from my clinic, but I'm still a couple of months away from starting treatment, however the thought had crossed my mind so just following so I can see what others are saying!

CarbsAndCheese Thu 12-Mar-20 09:36:08

I am due to have egg collection probably on monday next week and I am so stressed it will get cancelled! I went for a day 8 scan yesterday and they asked everyone to fill in a coronavirus risk assessment form on arrival, and that was it. My concern more relates to what will happen if the government imposes a lock down. Will those of us already injecting be allowed to continue? I have another scan tomorrow so I might ask them then. I've already convinced them I'm crazy, so what is one more question?! 😜

nextweek Thu 12-Mar-20 10:20:11

@carbsandcheese Fingers crossed you can continue as planned, this process is stressful enough without this! Don't worry about sounding crazy, ask all the questions you need to put your mind at ease, others will most likely be asking the same!

Matilda128 Thu 12-Mar-20 10:47:59

I'm also very worried. My treatment starts at the beginning of April (egg collection mid April) but my first scan is in 1.5 weeks. I have already been so unlucky with previous treatment that I'm so sure it will not go ahead. I'm with Care and they have put some general information on their website- but it just to say there is little risk to pregnant women and they are taking everyone's temperature. There is no information about the possibility of closing the clinic in relation to social distancing measures or when there will be a ban on non-urgent treatments. I'm worried about paying for the treatment and loosing all our money (it is all our savings and the last chance of doing IVF). I emailed the clinic but received no reply. How stressful sad x

mabel92 Thu 12-Mar-20 11:18:33

Hi @nextweek I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!
Hi @CarbsAndCheese I hope your egg collection goes ahead, and I wouldn’t worry about asking lots of questions - I sometimes feel I don’t get told enough from my clinic.
Hi @ Matilda me too, I’m hoping to have my treatment at the start of April (iui). Surely they couldn’t keep the money if they don’t provide the treatment? I hope you get some answers soon!

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Matilda128 Thu 12-Mar-20 12:00:47

@mabel92 you would think they couldn't keep the money without treatment but I am not sure. I understand that if a clinic has to close it would loose a lot of money as well- as soon as you book in for treatment (first day of your cycle) you ultimately 'buy' your space in the schedule and I guess that is why you only receive £700 back from the £3200 you pay (in my clinic's case) when your treatment gets cancelled before egg collection. It would be totally unfair if they would do this when the clinic has to close because of government regulations but I do think they would have the right to do so. However, in this case, they need to inform people so they have the chance to delay treatment and avoid taking the financial risk. But then you have the problem that the clinics loose money because there will be less customers. So perhaps this is why there is no information available- just confusion confused x

Matilda128 Thu 12-Mar-20 12:02:05

I will let you know if I hear anything from my clinic x

itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Thu 12-Mar-20 13:15:55

I imagine if boris had announced a shut down like other countries today then anyone starting cycle day 1 over the next 2 weeks would be told to wait a month. Anyone who has been stimming several days would continue to collection but may have to be freeze all with a frozen transfer at later date

ByTheSeaCatsandAll Thu 12-Mar-20 13:44:45

I am booked for egg collection tomorrow. My clinic said that if they had to shut down they would try and keep a skeleton crew to see the women who had started stimming through their cycle, and delay anyone who hadn’t started. This will be my third cycle, and I’ve learnt that you have to try and let go and accept that you can’t control the timeline but it seems so cruel to now have to worry about Corona on top of everything else!

lucyinthe Thu 12-Mar-20 15:44:59

Hi ladies. I'm down regging at the moment for my first FET (1st fresh cycle ended in BFN) Due for transfer first week in April, I've just spoken to a nurse at my clinic she said if things keep going the way they have been it's likely they will be forced to cancel treatment as it's classed as non-urgent. My clinic is part of an NHS hospital even tho it's private. I'm petrified.

I will be devastated if this cycle does get cancelled. My first cycle failed in December but because of the shutdown over Christmas we had to wait 4 weeks for a follow up appointment, and then because of a back log of cases from Christmas I wasn't able to start my frozen cycle until this month. So I feel like I've been stuck in limbo waiting for so long now. I'm on day 9 of buserelin injections but have just been told to carry on as normal until my scan this Tuesday unless they call me to tell me other wise.

Can't believe a global pandemic happens slap bang in the middle of our ivf cycles. As if we haven't had enough bad luck trying to conceive as it is. I sometimes think what have I done in a previous life to deserve this??

twinkledag Thu 12-Mar-20 16:35:10

My ivf abroad has been cancelled.

Matilda128 Thu 12-Mar-20 16:58:23

I'm really sorry to hear that people's treatments are cancelled as well as the situation causing so much stress and anxiety. Could I ask people if there was any mention of how this works in terms of payment- where treatment is privately funded? I've just received an invoice for the treatment I'm about to start and I don't know what to do. X

Elouera Thu 12-Mar-20 17:01:25

@CarbsAndCheese- sounds like we are on the exact same stim day and due to collection, possibly, tue also! best of luck x

I was at my clinic yesterday, and other than signs on the doors, nothing was said about a closure, no forms about corona etc. Going for a scan tomorrow, so will see if things have changed.

itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Thu 12-Mar-20 17:30:58

Yeah I would think anyone being treated on NHS or paying privately at an NHS hospital will see more cancellations than those at fully private clinics

mabel92 Thu 12-Mar-20 19:12:15

Hi @itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted I think the same, most likely private clinics will try to stay open but NHS will be stretched.
It’s crazy to think how our life’s are about to change, as a self employed small business owner I’m very scared.

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Hoping1 Thu 12-Mar-20 19:22:06

So very sorry to all you ladies that already been cancel so heart breaking xxxx

Kitkat369 Thu 12-Mar-20 20:09:01

Hi, I was due to start my second ivf cycle with the pull from tomorrow with stimulation from 23rd March with egg collection 6th April. I received all my drugs this week and now seriously thinking give it a couple of months before starting. My clinic has said I could go to other clinics they have however if London ends in lockdown within couple weeks might be nightmare. I’m feeling frustrated as wanted to finally get on with ivf2 as I’m 42 soon!

YogaPants4 Thu 12-Mar-20 20:33:42

I got my prostap injection yday (downreg) start menopur in 2 weeks. They said the choice Was mine if i wanted to continue or delay. Its a private clinic. I reckon they’ll tell me not to begin menopur in 2 weeks and i’ll be so gutted. The NHS RFC clinic here stopped treatment for 33 patients today but i didnt hear why🙈
You could not write this shit 🤦🏽‍♀️

YogaPants4 Thu 12-Mar-20 20:36:20

🤞🏽🤞🏽 And lots of luck to
All those already stimming that you’ll make
Collection with no canx 🤞🏽🤞🏽

mabel92 Fri 13-Mar-20 07:03:53

Yes, good luck everyone 😘

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Rumtopf Fri 13-Mar-20 07:07:41

I've not heard from my clinic, but as it's fully private I hope they won't be affected as I start stimming today.

Good luck to everyone.

lucyinthe Fri 13-Mar-20 08:58:51

🤞🏼 the government announcement yesterday hopefully means things won't be majorly effected for a few more weeks. Good luck everyone. Sorry to anyone who's had treatment cancelled already xxx

jodesxx Fri 13-Mar-20 10:12:09

I'm following with interest. Due to have FET next cycle (about 5 weeks) and had expected to hear from clinic this week. Seen the article on Belfast cancelling cycles so slightly concerned not going to go ahead. I'm South Wales. I can see that the HFEA haven't issued any guidance yet on it apart from for people with coronavirus so will be interesting to see if/when they do

elsa2424 Fri 13-Mar-20 12:06:54

My clinic in Madrid has asked me if I wanted to postpone my FET as the situation in Madrid is critical. With a heavy heart, I decided to postpone as the thought of not being to come back is difficult for me and I have another child (who wouldn’t have traveled with me). I’m so sad!

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