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Trying to conceive baby#2 following ivf treatment for #1

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lucieloos Sat 17-Mar-18 18:34:04

I thought I would start this thread as I can't see anything similar. We underwent many rounds of icsi and following a couple of bfns, and an ectopic pregnancy we were finally blessed with our beautiful daughter last year.

We recently started thinking about baby no 2 and had 4 frozen embryos of which 2 had been tested and found to be chromosomally normal so are meant to have a better chance. We didnt have the other 2 tested.

A couple of weeks back we had our first fet with one of the tested embryos and got a bfp super early at 4dp5dt. Sadly by 8dpt the line was barely visible and resulted in a chemical pregnancy. I've been feeling really down about it as this was meant to be a super duper embryo with no genetic problems which they said was the main reason embryos fail.

I thought it would be easier trying for #2 and of course it is in a way as I realise how lucky I am to have had a baby but I can feel the infertility fog starting to descend again as I realise although I've had a brief respite I will never be like my fertile friends and I do really want another baby and a sibling for my little girl.

Im feeling a bit negative at the moment. We will probably go back for the other tested embryo in the near future but I can't see how I would ever get lucky enough to get 2 bfps in a row. These things just don't happen to me so just not too hopeful about it at all. We said that if we used all of our frosties with no success we would be happy with what we have but already I am thinking should I do more fresh cycles. I will be 39 soon though so time isn't on my side for that.

Anyway just wondering if anyone else is in a similar situation and would like to share the journey. Please come and say hi.

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Thu 19-Sep-19 09:08:12

Wow twinkle, have you had EC? Keeping everything crossed for you 🤞 let us know how your little embryos are doing. How have you been feeling?

I've just been keeping my head down, still a bit in denial and haven't done anything to prepare for baby. I'm finishing work in 7 weeks so if I get to the point I think I'll have to start getting organised confused

twinkledag Sun 08-Sep-19 15:13:46

How is everyone? I'm having EC next week and have spent most of the weekend in bed. Feel exhausted 😪

twinkledag Mon 19-Aug-19 09:20:28

Fantastic news @RunForTheHillock. We did PICSI last time but the cycle didn't work for us.

Welcome @rainbowheart 😊. Good luck with your FET.

We are so close to 1,000, someone needs to start a new thread!

AFM - DH met with the sperm specialist at the weekend who said we don't need TESE and IMSI is fine for us. He questioned why we're putting ourselves through this again considering our history (this will be round number 5). Now DH is also wondering why we're doing this and we've been having conversations about whether to stop. I don't want to 😞

Chocolateandwineplease27 Mon 19-Aug-19 06:25:13

Fab news runforthehillock - keeping everything crossed for you!

rainbowheart Sun 18-Aug-19 21:42:48

Hi everyone 👋🏻

Not had chance to look through the posts yet but wanted to add to it so I don't loose the thread.

I have a 9 month old from my first round of IVF.. am hoping to have a FET in the next couple of months.. already feeling the negative thoughts creeping in that I'm so lucky to have my boy after one round that I couldn't be so lucky a second time! X

RunForTheHillock Wed 14-Aug-19 20:04:26

@NoCupcakesOrCocktails - brilliant news
@twinkledag - great that you are moving forward. We did PICSI to improve sperm selection and it was a good move.

I am now 13 weeks and had my scan. Delighted but remain apprehensive as always.

Big hugs to you all x

twinkledag Tue 13-Aug-19 15:52:53

Fantastic news @NoCupcakesOrCocktails 🎉

Still waiting to start here. Colin Davis has recommended IMSI and PGS testing. Just waiting for input from our sperm specialist.

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Tue 13-Aug-19 15:16:40

Hi @twinkledag sorry I've been anxiously counting down the days to my next scan. 20 week one was yesterday and thankfully all was fine 🤞 I'm feeling really grateful.

How's everything at your end? Still starting in September?

twinkledag Tue 30-Jul-19 18:12:19

How is everyone?

@NoCupcakesOrCocktails - hope things to progressing well for you ☺️

twinkledag Sun 07-Jul-19 22:55:06

Welcome @cannonball8726 😊

cannonball8726 Wed 03-Jul-19 22:59:09

Hi all, can I please join? My little girl is almost three months old. Conceived through ICSI. We have five frozen embryos and would like to have a second baby. I'm breastfeeding. When is a reasonable time to make an appointment with my clinic? I was thinking of going back in six months if only to have a discussion - does that sound reasonable? Also - how long do they like you to have stopped breastfeeding? I would have liked to breastfeed for a year but also conscious that we'd like to get on with things. Grateful for any advice! Thank you smile

twinkledag Mon 01-Jul-19 20:02:54

No I don't work in a school but it's DS's first 6 weeks summer holiday so I'm trying to find things to entertain him rather than putting him in holiday club every day 😊

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Thu 27-Jun-19 21:12:39

@twinkledag do you work in a school? It will be lovely to have 6 weeks off together but yep I would be like what on earth will I do for 6 weeks 😂

My DS has come down with chicken pox today so that's brilliant hmm

twinkledag Thu 27-Jun-19 09:29:06

No summer plans - no bloody money! 😂

It's my first school holidays with DS so trying to think about ways to entertain him for 6 weeks!

Good luck for your private scan @NoCupcakesOrCocktails, I'm sure everything is fine 🤞🏻

How are you getting on @RunForTheHillock ?💐

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Thu 27-Jun-19 05:47:58

@RunForTheHillock that's brilliant news! I hope the spotting settles soon 🤞🤞

@twinkledag that's great, you will have a few months to get ready for the next go. Have you got many summer plans? Hopefully it will fly by

Well my midwife appointment was actually a consultant appointment. Waste of time tbh. When I said how anxious I was she just said that's to be expected confused no reassurance or support! I've got a private scan this weekend to try to calm my nerves

twinkledag Wed 26-Jun-19 19:39:05

Amazing @RunForTheHillock! Congratulations!

Who are you cycling with?

RunForTheHillock Wed 26-Jun-19 12:03:14

Hi @twinkledag and @NoCupcakesOrCocktails.

Twinkle - Really glad you have seen Colin Davis and there is a plan for September.

NoCup - delighted to hear you are 14 weeks now - hope you can relax a bit more.

AFM, we did our FET and got a BFP, currently 5+6 and a bag of nerves and had some spotting over the last couple of days. Obviously happy but early early days, and trying not to get my hopes up. Xx

twinkledag Wed 26-Jun-19 09:14:18

How did it go at the midwife @NoCupcakesOrCocktails?

Our issue is low morphology. Everything else fine. Colin Davis said my age prob not the main issue so that's reassuring!

We're in the process of getting all our ducks in a row to start in September. That gives us time to implement the lifestyle amends he recommended.

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Tue 25-Jun-19 11:02:06

@twinkledag sounds like the appointment went well. Do you and DH think you will go for it? Does you DH have any problems with his sperm? I don't know why but I had it in my head you were unexplained.

I've had a busy weekend as my DS turned 4. God kids parties are so stressful confused am glad it's all done with for another year! I'm 14 weeks now, still feeling sick a lot of the time. No sign of a bump at all, am starting to think I've imagined it all. I've been so anxious, have got a midwife appointment today so am going to spill my guts there

twinkledag Fri 21-Jun-19 19:06:51

How is everyone getting on?

I had my appointment with Colin Davis and I think we are going to go with him rather than ARGC.

He mentioned DH having an op to take the sperm from the testicles called TESE so he is going to write to our urologist and see if that is suitable for our case.

He also mentioned a high protein diet with lots of green veg, organic food and less plastic and chemicals.

If we do it we start in September.

twinkledag Thu 13-Jun-19 19:47:55

You get an email if someone tags you in a post, as soon as I saw it I jumped on here 😁

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Thu 13-Jun-19 18:58:28

Thanks Twinkledag thanks yep you are right we need to celebrate these good days for sure!! I didn't know you could get notifications from mumsnet!
All the best for next weeks appointment, I've heard great things about him so fingers crossed 🤞 x

twinkledag Thu 13-Jun-19 18:54:13

I literally jumped on my phone when I saw a message from you @NoCupcakesOrCocktails! I'm so pleased for you - and relieved! So so chuffed for you. I won't say try and relax now as I know how it is but it's another hurdle that you're safely over so let's celebrate that for the minute 

I'm ok - going to see Colin Davis next week as recommended. Will let you know what he says.

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Thu 13-Jun-19 18:47:42

Hi @twinkledag thanks for asking after me. It's been an awful 2 weeks but I finally had my 12 week scan today and the surviving baby is doing well. I'm so relieved but the anxiety is already creeping back in after a few hours of relief. Just going to try to take it one day at a time.

How is everything going with you? How have the appointments gone? Any idea of what you will try next? X

twinkledag Wed 05-Jun-19 09:26:56

How are you @NoCupcakesOrCocktails?

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