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IVF September/October 2017

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Filipinam Sat 02-Sep-17 09:18:30

Hi Ladies! Finally I will have my first IVF treatment as soon as my next cycle starts which I expect it to be more or less end of September/beginning of October. My periods are very irregular so I never know exactly. My consultant suggested antagonist protocol which I will receive in post soon. I am extremely excited but then realistic about the fact that it might not be successful first time.

How are you feeling ladies? When are you due to start your Ivf Journey? Fingers crossed for all of us fighters;-)

Thegrumpos Sun 03-Sep-17 12:07:09

Hey! I am also starting my cycle in September with estimated EC / ET dates early October! Exciting times.
I am long protocol with most likely ICSI, I am unexplained after 2-3 years ttc and 2 years worth of tests. Had my day 3 to check FSH last week and all good, my nurse appointment to pick up first lot of shots is just under two wks away.
Like you I am excited but also cautious and anxious (although trying not to be) about what this with entail and whether it will work. Feels like it's taken a lifetime to get to this point - the waiting in ttc is never ending. It's definitely made me a more patient person!
Best of luck smile looking forward to lots of BFPs in october! smile

Minster2012 Mon 04-Sep-17 07:20:02

Hi. Can I join? Bit of a different one for me so may be interesting for all...
Age 33 now, 32 when EC an age ago in April
2 embryos on ice good quality had be kept on ice for 6 months quarantine before we could proceed.

Never TTC as have had cancer issues for 6 years and ongoing treatment has meant I've never been allowed to be off contraception but was also never offered egg harvesting before treatment as never had 'trad chemo' I have had new immunotherapy which apparently don't affect fertility or eggs. They do. & now on an ongoing treatment keeping tumours in check that we can't stop to carry a child (or I lose it) so I only got a break to do EC & see if we could do something with them 'in the future with surrogacy but 1 step at a time'.

Found out v low AMH 2.1 against 15-20 for my age, OH good.

2 embies on ice for the longest 6 months as for surrogacy they have to be in quarantine

My best friend confirmed over the past year she wasn't joking that she is happy to be our surrogate smile & in sep we finally start her drugs
FET hopefully 27th oct (earliest can be from quarantine is 26th)

Our families don't know we have found a surrogate & are doing this, it's a big secret as we didn't want the added pressure, my OH's family don't even know we did the IVF

Only 2 little Frosties god we hope, its all we ever want 🤞I've been lurking reading other boards's a weird one for us but good to have some support!

Minster2012 Mon 04-Sep-17 07:20:26

Sorry for the long post, it's a complicated one grin

Thegrumpos Mon 04-Sep-17 20:27:25

Hi Minster, what am interesting story! You're right, it's not one you hear often but fantastic that you are taking these steps to get the future and family you want! smile
Since ttc i have discovered so many people struggling with fertility and so many different things stories and histories and unique journeys. No two are the same really.
Best of luck smile

Minster2012 Wed 06-Sep-17 09:48:12

Yes I didn't realise the list of reasons why ppl have difficulties ttc is endless and often unexplained, my OH & I had never really considered why ppl had IVF til we were in that position & I started to research as we were basically told I'd never be well enough to contemplate much of a future but my immunotherapy has worked miracles so hoping for our own miracle!

Hanim79 Wed 06-Sep-17 23:30:33

Good evening ladies, what a godsend finding this site. I am on the short protocol and started my first injection on Saturday....

harry78 Thu 07-Sep-17 11:58:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Filipinam Thu 07-Sep-17 18:35:14

Hanim how are you feeling? I will start my injections at the end of September when my next cycle starts. Can't wait!

Minster2012 Thu 07-Sep-17 19:46:33

Hanim my injections were fine, but I'm used to injections for blood thinning & stuff so DH is also used to doing them for me, I can do them myself but prefer him to cos he just a gets on with it whereas I have to pysch myself up! Honestly the thought of them is worse then they actually are but do make sure you get your head around doing the doses if you have to do 2 pots per syringe for instance. We nearly mixed one up first time & it freaked us out but it depends on your dosage & cycle etc so pay attention when they tell you!

Hanim79 Thu 07-Sep-17 22:37:55

Hey ladies thank you for your messages! This is so over whelming. So far I'm ok, starting my morning injections this morning! I've got a constant headache and feel quite teary at The moment. I had my second sack yesterday and they could see 10 follies hence why I'm on morning injections now. I'm trying to be positive 😐💕

Scotslass01 Thu 07-Sep-17 23:38:43

Hi all, 

Can I join the chat please ladies.

I started my treatment (long protocol with ICSI) a week past on Monday. Had the prostap injection to down regulate my system. AF arrived today. I have my scan and blood test booked for Wednesday. Approx date for EC week commencing 25th September.

My background - I am 35 and we have been trying for 18months. I ended up going to the docs due to really bad period pain as a result they done some investigations. One thing they checked was my AMH that came back as 6.9 so only just within the normal range for my age (6-15)They couldn't give us any definitive reason as to why we've been unsuccessful - so unexplained infertility. No Endometriosis, no PCOS (although slightly elevated testosterone levels), Fallopian tubes all looked fine, evidence of regular normal ovulation and all good with my husband. Due to my low AMH we didn't want to wait for NHS treatment as it would be round about June 2018 before we got the treatment so we are having a private cycle. The clinic is putting me on the low responder drug package so full whack for me. 
I am full of excitement to actually be doing something proactive but so apprehensive as well. This is such a big thing I'm so overwhelmed.

It's been really interesting reading everyone's experiences. I am dreading having to inject myself next week and DH has said he would struggle having to do it as well. Hahaha this is going to be fun!

I started out determined I didn't want to tell anyone as the more people that k ow the more the pressure but I've ended up telling a few people as I need the support.

I have had a few side effects since having the first injection which has been a bit rubbish but I keep reminding myself it's all I'm a good cause.

Hanim79 Thu 07-Sep-17 23:49:52

Hi Scotslass01 😊 I'm very new to this, I also meant scan not sack! Can't find a way to edit it. I'm 38 had endo twice (19 and 37) and a damaged falopian tube so was devestated to find out after my op last year that ivf will be my only chance. I haven't told many people to be honest as I don't want the pressure. The injections are ok when you get your head round it I'm still not great but I'm getting the stuff in so that's a bonus. I don't know much but I know that every woman's ivf treatment (long or short) is tailored for them. We all got to be as strong as positive as we can and support each other when we can too x big hugs x

Minster2012 Fri 08-Sep-17 07:11:54

Hi scotslass!
Don't worry about telling a few ppl, I ended up having a really rough time with follicles not growing & so needed support of friends - it was a horrendous rollercoaster of emotions & I was a crying mess when we were told over a bank holiday weekend that only 5 were growing, 1 was huge the others small & unlikely to be viable. We felt terrible, thought it was useless, I felt it was all my fault, my body was broken, obviously being pumped with hormones didn't help! But we were expected at an annual social event (is linked off early & was crying on the shoulder of a friend putting all hopes on "big eggbert".

So even though I knew my numbers were very low anyway I thought that's it.
Mean time the drugs were doing their thing more & the other follies responded & they were given more time. 5 were big enough, EC they got 4, none from big eggbert it had nothing in it!
Fertilisation worked & we have 2 high quality embryo on ice

It shows that we thought it was all over from the follicle scanning but stay positive! It can work even if it doesn't look good smile

Scotslass01 Fri 08-Sep-17 10:14:47

Morning ladies

Hanim - absolutely it really is good to be able to chat with others going through the same thing. As much as I have support from friends and family they don't have a clue about how I really feel and how the treatment can take it's toll.
I've pretty much had a headache for a full week. It's driving me nuts. There so just no let up with it. The nurse said when I start the stims it should go but they will bring their own set of issues ha.

Minster - thank you for sharing that, it has me feel a wee bit better as I'm worried sick they won't get enough eggs. As we have been told if we get less than 3 we might lose out on our NHS tries. Obviously with a low AMH that's my biggest worry.

That's the message I keep telling myself - stay positive


Hanim79 Sat 09-Sep-17 17:02:39

Hey ladies, sorry for the delay. Working nights and I'm all over the place. I had my scan today... my consultant wants me to carry on with both lots of injections and go back Tuesday for a scan and egg collection on Thursday x I have 8 follies and they look good nurse said. The lead follie has to be at least "17" and at the moment it's "15 and a half" My left ovary isn't doing anything it's all the right ovary x

Scotslass01 Sat 09-Sep-17 21:02:03

Hanim - fabby all sounds great. You must be feeling very excited x

Minster2012 Sat 09-Sep-17 21:16:50

Great numbers Hanim! Should be all good for over 17 smile

Filipinam Sun 10-Sep-17 15:00:45

I can't wait to start IVF, just need to wait until my period starts now which I expect it to be in the next 3-4 week max...

Did you do anything different in regards to diet etc a few weeks before the actual treatment?

Minster2012 Sun 10-Sep-17 15:34:21

All those years hoping for no AF then hoping so much for one it's so ironic!! Yes I'm the same, though we know our transfer date at the end of October which just means we're on countdown & wishing the weeks away with appointments for my friend in between with her drugs I'm kind of on the periphery in the mean time.

For diet I massively bucked the trend, most people stop alcohol & be very very good or eat certain stuff, there's loads of old wives tales about Brazil nuts & things. I don't really buy into personally (each to their own), I each healthily anyway, have very healthy BMI, didn't binge drink but enjoyed a drink or 2 so I just figured carry on as usual. So that's what I did. I asked our IVF people & they said for both me & OH our alcohol intake wasn't huge & for OH it tends to be 3 months before collection when it makes a difference so it didn't really matter (when he was on a huge stag do & then Xmas!) and so we decided a few drinks for me wasn't going to make much difference now.

But a lot of its psychological really & we had a big up & down ride so I felt I needed those few glasses wine really! Got 2 good quality embryos so can't be that bad but most people I speak to eat very healthily & cut all booze.

Hanim79 Sun 10-Sep-17 17:16:58

Thank you for your kind words, I am excited in a way but again it's bitter sweet as no woman expects to need IVF. I stopped smoking and haven't been drinking alcohol. I have halved my coffee in take and drink lots of water but also east heathy anyway. Trying not to go to obsessed about diet and stuff. My job is so full on (work in mental health) and I have kept my emotions and tears at home. How are all you ladies doing? Your welcome to pm me if you need any advice, not that I know a lot anyway. Injections are fine they take a while to get the hang of tho and my tummy is so sore! We all have to stay positive and not get stressed (my consultant told me that too) I really trust him as he also did my two gynae surgeries so I'm very lucky.
P.s if any of you haven't seen it - please watch the panorama on fertility you can get it on catch up x x

Sunshine300 Wed 13-Sep-17 18:33:06

Hi all,
A bit late joining but am day 5 today of cycle and thought it would be nice to have some buddies. First scan is tomorrow - will be nice to know how things are going.

This is our second shot at this, sadly first time we didn't end up with any embryos for transfer. Changing up drugs and dosage this time round so fingers crossed we get more mature eggs.

I didn't drink much alcohol before but completely gave up at the beginning of the year (unrelated - supporting a family member who gave up too so they could donate a kidney to my sister in law next month). But I have given up caffeine completely while on ivf cycle and very low outside of that. Figured I should do e writhing I could to make this work! Clinic recommended high protein diet during injections so trying to up my vege protein intake too.

Thanks for sharing your stories - I've read posts in here last attempt which helped me understand whether my side effects were normal. I'm crazy tired and headachey and bloated from the injections which was the same as last time. Thankfully I decided to tell my boss who has been very supportive in letting me have time off (typically leave the office early each day for a nap).

Anyways, hope you are all doing well on your journeys today.


Hanim79 Wed 13-Sep-17 20:12:32

Hi Sunshine300, welcome. So sorry to hear about the first time round, second time lucky positive vibes being sent your way. I admire you going a second time the first for me is bad enough. But like you I cut out what could be classed as naughty and we got to stay positive. I had my last scan yesterday and had my trigger last night. I have EC tomorrow and I'm shitting myself to be honest. I'm so teary too xx

Sunshine300 Wed 13-Sep-17 20:27:24

Hanim that's great that You are at EC! Try not to worry too much - I was really nervous the first time too because I didn't really know what to expect. But it was fine really. I had a bit of discomfort afterwards but nothing too bad. Sending positive thoughts your way.

Minster2012 Wed 13-Sep-17 20:34:30

I got ready as well hanim, and my OH and I thought we'd messed up the trigger (we didn't realise there were 2 boxes we were meant to use) so we had to call the emergency number but they told us it was ok, thankfully it was! The EC was ok itself tbh the drugs made me loopy apparently! I was talking complete rubbish...I don't remember much past a point which was just the way I wanted it!! The afternoon after I did get cramps & was bloated & crampy for days after but still managed to walk dogs so it was all fine really. All stuff us women can definitely cope with, especially if chasing a big dream. Hugs Hanim flowers xx

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