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Testing out HCG trigger

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waitingimpatient Sat 27-Feb-16 21:28:38

I had a FET back in october with half a 250 ovitrelle trigger injection. The cycle failed but I had tested early after testing out the trigger shot. It was out of my system in 3 days

I had ET yesterday after having the whole 250 ovitrelle as a trigger this's still giving me very strong positives ??? Surely if a half dose was out of my system in three days the whole dose should be out in 6 days or so but the lines are getting darker. It's def not anything to do with ET as that was a day two transfer yesterday

I want to test early as need to prepare myself like last time as can't face that phone call after HCG blood test with no indication of what way it will go. But I need to get this ovitrelle out of my system first

Has anyone else done this and how many days till you got a negative again? Also any ideas why it's lingering? I'm drinking plenty in the hopes of flushing it all out!!

waitingimpatient Sat 27-Feb-16 21:29:20

Should have said-trigger was on Monday evening

closephine85 Sun 28-Feb-16 07:15:35

Hi waiting

I have had the ovitrelle 250 trigger shots for IUI a few times now. The first time I tested just to see and unfortunately i still had a very faint positive on day 9. It was gone by day 10 but by then I felt like I may as well give it the full 14 days to be sure it wasn't still the trigger. It's frustrating and the one thing you don't need is a false positive!

Good luck with your cycle!

waitingimpatient Sun 28-Feb-16 08:08:39

Thanks that's helpful. I'll probably test again on Wednesday to see if the trigger has gone then as I had it last Monday so that'll be 9 days. It's just odd as last time the half dose was gone in three days !

I know sometimes early testing is not the best thing to do but I can't not. I need to prepare before my blood test as I think if I didn't have an idea that call would be torture ! Def going to leave it a few days now as the line has been very dark and like you say really don't want a false positive

I wish I could just sleep through the 2ww ! Had a day two transfer so it seems such a long time !

closephine85 Sun 28-Feb-16 17:27:42

I'm sure it must be torture when going through Ivf - I will be in the same boat in a couple of months and not looking forward to it at all! It's bad enough on a normal month.

I think they say everyone's metabolism reacts at a different pace and so the trigger lasts longer in some people that others. If you have a faint positive on Wednesday id probably still assume it's the trigger and if negative, at least you'll know it's gone for you to test early.

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