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Wonky periods after egg collection - normal?

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OldFarticus Sun 07-Feb-16 14:27:25

I am hoping someone might have some knowledge of this while I wait for the clinic to respond to my email.

I have no known fertility problems but need IVF with PIGD because I have Lynch Syndrome (a predisposition to cancer). I had an egg collection cycle in November and was on the maximum dose of stimulation drugs. All went smoothly but overnight after my trigger injection (and before egg collection), I was doubled over screaming with pain on right side. To give you an idea how bad it was, I would have called an ambulance had I not been worried about them cancelling the egg collection blush I thought I might have ovulated too soon, but the clinic was quite dismissive and after all the testing we ended up with 2 healthy blastocysts so I forgot about it.

My December period was a couple of days late but basically normal. My second period after egg collection was due this month but is AWOL! It is about 10 days late and I have never, ever in my life missed a period before.

Definitely not pregnant - have peed on several sticks and they all agree. I have no PMT symptoms either.

I am now worried that the pain was something more serious and that the IVF drugs have stopped me ovulating/killed off one of my ovaries. I am no spring chicken either so any delay is a problem really. I need to get my cycle back on track so I can start the egg transfer process but I need to have a scan and a scrape during this cycle and then the transfer can happen in the next cycle. Except I no longer appear to have a cycle.

I am so frustrated that my period has given up the ghost when we have 2 healthy frosties ready to go. Has anyone else had wonky periods after egg collection? How long did it take to resolve?

Thanks in advance flowers

waitingimpatient Sun 07-Feb-16 20:11:59

I had mild IVF last April and periods were ok after but due to a thyroid problem they became a bit erratic (also have pcos)
FET last October and cycle ok after but now my periods have disappeared too

I had a scan and had a corpus luteum cyst (they think) that may be to blame and I am also very stressed which can cause periods to stop

Basically I think there are lots of reasons why periods can stop so def worth a scan and bloods. IVF is so stressful it's hard to relax though ! A vicious circle sometimes
I have reflexology to help and go for a long walk every day

Smidge001 Mon 08-Feb-16 21:12:50

My periods always go weird after IVF. They're normally ok again by the third cycle following a BFN.

Sorry to hear about the pain. I've only had that after EC, not after trigger (and put it down to some bleeding from the procedure scabbing over and sticking my insides together - then being ripped apart as I stand up). Pain after the trigger may suggest one or two of your follicles did ovulate prior to collection. But assuming you had several others they wouldn't likely be able to tell.

OldFarticus Tue 09-Feb-16 10:19:57

Thank you smidge and waiting

Predictably, my period showed up immediately after I rang the nurse at CRGH and reported myself as menopausal blush It's definitely not "normal" iykwim but I think it is probably just hormonal weirdness after all those injections.

I am booked in for a scan of the lining next week and a "mock" ET. All being well, we will try to cook one of the Frosties in the next cycle. I just hope that the next one doesn't go awol as well!


Smidge001 Wed 10-Feb-16 06:49:13

Good to hear smile good luck

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