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Do you use the quickwash program on your washing machine?

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Bodenbabe Wed 12-May-10 21:48:47

I am researching a new washing machine and my mum says I must get one with a quick wash programme and I agreed as mine takes over 2 hours to do one load. However, it appears that these quick programs (15-30 mins) are only for a small load of clothes which merely need freshening up and aren't actually dirty. Well maybe 70% of my wash loads are like that but there are always quite a few items which are really stained (I have 2 young kids!) so that program presumably wouldn't clean those very well. And as I wouldn't want to run a quick program for half the laundry load and then a normal program for the rest, it seems like I might not use the quick wash after all?
Or do you find that the quickwash does get dirty clothes clean?

iloveasylumseekers Wed 12-May-10 21:50:24

I have two DSs who get v filthy, and I find the longer two out of the three quickwash programmes are perfectly adequate. I use them all of the time.

TrinityMeemaRhino Wed 12-May-10 21:51:14

I have a 30 min 30 degree wash which I do use and I've never found that it doesn't clean the clothes

BUT I dont use it all the time and I have a 40 degree wash that would take 2 hours 22 mins but if you press the quick wash button then it reduces the spin speed and the time is then 1 hour 19 mins

still quite long but I have a mental block that really I should use that one and not the 30 degree one...

Snowtiger Wed 12-May-10 21:51:17

I use the quick wash cycle for all loads apart from very dirty ones or whites that I want to be washed very hot, so probably 70% of my washes - and yes, my clothes get perfectly clean!

HinnyPet Wed 12-May-10 21:52:38

Are there good washing machines for these short washes you speak of?

hairymelons Wed 12-May-10 21:52:47

We use the quick wash every time, unless DS has vommed/ soiled.

Always gets everything perfectly clean and we have a very messy 2yo!

CarGirl Wed 12-May-10 21:54:41

If you get a large capacity machine then the half load you actually put in gets washed very well on the quick wash IYSWIM!

SixtyFootDoll Wed 12-May-10 21:55:21

My 30 degrree quickwash gets most things clean apart from the rugby kit!

CMOTdibbler Wed 12-May-10 21:55:41

The express wash on my Miele works really well. I only use the long washes for light coloured stained things that need washing at 30, or really really grubby things

Hopandpop Wed 12-May-10 21:56:27

i have a quick wash that takes 50 mins we use it for everything and works fine, unless we have v soiled or doing bedding, i also have a 30 min wash that works fine if were in a rush

fineally Wed 12-May-10 23:00:28

I always use the quick wash (unless washing a very large item like a chair cover) and it works very well indeed. Quick wash takes about an hour on my relatively cheap, 8 kilo Candy washing machine. It saves loads of time if you need to do kids stuff, colours etc in different loads.

BusyMummyof3 Wed 12-May-10 23:10:48

I have a quick wash (30 mins) and usually use it in the evening when I've just realised I need something washed and dried for the following morning! It always seems to get things clean.

Fizzylemonade Thu 13-May-10 10:10:41

My machine is a 7 year old bosch so I use the reduced time button, means my 30 degree wash takes 40 mins and a 40 degree wash takes 45 mins.

For day to day wearing of clothes it cleans perfectly.

bibbitybobbityhat Thu 13-May-10 10:13:20

I never ever use the quick wash! Don't trust it grin. And I don't do lower than 40 either.

weblette Thu 13-May-10 10:15:38

My Bosch 8kg has a great 45 minute quick wash which gets everything really clean at 30c. And that's with four kids, three of them particularly messy boys

fuzzywuzzy Thu 13-May-10 10:16:30

I use the quick wash programme to wash school uniform, ie dd2 will always come home from school having spilt something down her uniform so her uniforms have to be washed every single day, the quick wash programme save a lot of time.

throckenholt Thu 13-May-10 10:16:37

mine has quick wash that I use - but it only knocks about 1/2 an hour off the was (so normally between 1-1 1/2 hours depending on temp).

I do find though that stains rarely get cleaned regardless of what temperature, time or powder I use - so maybe I am not a good person to comment. I have an inability to do washing properly grin

TulipsInTheSunshine Thu 13-May-10 10:17:13

my machine has a 39 minute quickwash which i use for almost everything (apart from nappies and anything else that has bodily fluids on it or is caked in filth) and it's extremely rare that anything comes out still stained.

my kids are 5, 3 and 1 and absolutely destroy their clothes.

Also i don't use it for half loads, it gets pretty much a full load each time and works just fine.

Monty100 Thu 13-May-10 10:18:16

I use the quick wash programme regularly and would not consider a washing machine without one.

mosschops30 Thu 13-May-10 10:21:22

On my new machine you can set every progarmme to 'super quick' (apart from the already short ones).
As it takes up to 2 hours normally its great for days when I have 6 loads or so to do (like yesterday), it cuts it down to 40-60mins.

Its the same wash just quicker, not super short. I have a 'mini' wash for things like youre talking about that just need freshening up in 15 minutes.

I also have to have hand wash on my machine because I bloody hate handwashing clothes its such a faff

Meglet Thu 13-May-10 10:22:45

I have a zanussi and use the quick 30 min wash most days. It does get 'normal' dirt out, but anything really filthy goes in a 40 or 60 degree wash.

towels and sheets are usually washed on a hot wash though.

AnAngelWithin Thu 13-May-10 10:29:19

I would be lost without my quick wash!! I put a lot of things in on it, except anything really dirty, towels or bed linen.

ashcloud Thu 13-May-10 10:30:34

I have a 30 min quick wash cycle, but my last machine had both 30 and 60 minute versions. I'd only use the 30 mins for a few things that need freshening up, or for washing that I've left wet in the machine a bit too long, so I give it a quick re-wash before hanging out.

Lotkinsgonecurly Thu 13-May-10 10:33:45

I put everything in my 30 degree quick wash about 30 mins. Everything get clean, occasionally put bedding on 60 degrees but use the quick was function on that too.

Have got Hotpoint Aqualtis, max load 7kg and am happy with it.

ProfessorLaytonIsMyLoveSlave Thu 13-May-10 10:36:41

We have a "Refresh" wash which sounds like the one you are describing, and I do only use that occasionally. But the regular wash cycles also have an option to reduce the time -- you can set them to full time or (roughly) 2/3 time or half time -- and I do use the half time option nearly always, unless I have a particularly grubby load.

I'd consider a washing machine without a "Refresh" programme, but not one that didn't let me do washes shorter than 2 hours.

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