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Help! Colour run PANIC!!

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EdwardCullenCanHaveMySoul Mon 06-Oct-08 15:55:36

Have just done the age old classic of putting one erroneous white & black dress in with a coloured wash.
Needless to say Dd1's favourite dress is now black and mottled pink sad
Is there anyway I can rescue it mnetters?

EdwardCullenCanHaveMySoul Mon 06-Oct-08 18:06:27

Please? She's looking at me all misty eyed!

nannyL Mon 06-Oct-08 18:19:28

do not let it get dry

wash it again immediatly and see what happens

moosemama Mon 06-Oct-08 18:20:52

I bought dylon's colour run remover for a similar disaster recently and it was great - you just add it to your machine and re-wash the item. Got it from tesco's but they probably sell it in most supermarkets.

this is the stuff

littlelapin Mon 06-Oct-08 18:21:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

moosemama Mon 06-Oct-08 18:21:45

btw, I did let mine dry as didn't have any treatment for it and it still worked perfectly. Dylon recommend you don't wash it again before treating it.

EdwardCullenCanHaveMySoul Mon 06-Oct-08 18:23:02

Thank you both.
Have put it back in washer with some stain remover stuff I have and a colour catcher sheet.
If this doesn't work I'll find the colour remover!
Fingers crossed

EdwardCullenCanHaveMySoul Mon 06-Oct-08 18:23:42

moosemama - oh blast!

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