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Hotpoint Aqualtis Washing Machine - Help with cleaning the filter please!

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Celery Wed 12-Mar-08 10:10:58

Newish ( a few months old ) washing machine is stinky. I need to clean the filter I guess. My old washing machine had a little door on the front at the bottom, which pulled out. This one doesn't and I can't find the blinkin' instructions anywhere. Can anyone tell me where the filter is on this machine please??

Celery Wed 12-Mar-08 10:46:25

bump, anyone please? It stinks!

Celery Wed 12-Mar-08 20:18:59

So, no one has any idea where the filter on my washing machine is then??

3madboys Wed 12-Mar-08 20:26:31

i have one of these washing machines, got it just after xmas, i will have a look for the book and see where the filter is

southeastastra Wed 12-Mar-08 20:26:42

i can't find it on my hotpoint either (sorry no help am i)

3madboys Wed 12-Mar-08 20:30:18

jsut had a quick look at the machine, does the bottom bit at the front come of do you think? otherwise it must be round the back which will be a NIGHTMARE for us hmm i will have to find the booklet, just found the one for my hotpoint tumbledryer, but not the washer........

SparklyGothKat Wed 12-Mar-08 20:32:45

I have this one is it the same one? If so the filter is at the bottom on the front. You have to pop the bottom part off.

SparklyGothKat Wed 12-Mar-08 20:33:53

oh the filters can be very tight, you might need a pair of grippers to get it out BTW.

3madboys Wed 12-Mar-08 20:34:55

that looks similar to mine only mine is white, the front bottom bit looks the same, so you take that off, i just tried and it seemed stiff but our machine is new and i havent done it before.

southeastastra Wed 12-Mar-08 20:41:43

mine isn't an aquarius but i took the bit off the front and undid the red button (with a big hand and electric shock pic on it). there was nothing behind it at all.

Celery Thu 13-Mar-08 07:53:18

Thanks everyone - so, the whole front bit comes off? Sorry, I'm confused!

3madboys Thu 13-Mar-08 15:38:58

i think that yes the long thing front bit comes off, it goes across the whole of the front of the washing machine at the very bottom. i havent filled with ours as it seems stiff and i still cant find my booklet hmm

Celery Thu 13-Mar-08 16:22:11

thanks 3madboys

H3rmie Mon 01-Sep-14 15:06:31

There is no "Filter" on this machine, but there is a coin/small object trap hidden by the bottom font panel . To get to it push down and pull out the front panel, you will find the cap to remove, a few cups of water will drain out so be ready with a towel or tray to catch it.

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