Help emergency advice needed for oiled wooden floor.

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smartiejake Sun 09-Mar-08 19:32:27

Ok so we had oiled oak boards laid in our new extension.
The decorator has just finished and when he left I noticed there were about 10 white (sort of faded) marks on the floor. THought they were dust from the sanding in the wood grain and I cleaned the floor with the specialist floor cleaner we use for our other oiled floors.
Now it's dried the marks are still there and on closer inspection it looks like there have been paint spills on the floor that have been scrubbed off!!!(the floor cost £800!!!! angry

How can I get this paint off and then get the oil back in the floor which has obviously rubbed out on the top layer? (and then deduct the cost from the decorators fee whom I have not paid yet)

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fishie Sun 09-Mar-08 19:35:04

sandpaper. how big are the marks?

smartiejake Sun 09-Mar-08 19:37:50

marks are about 2cm square. Sand paper will just make the marks worse surely?

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smartiejake Sun 09-Mar-08 19:44:02


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smartiejake Sun 09-Mar-08 22:33:48


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BigBadMouse Sun 09-Mar-08 22:52:15

with oak you can rub and soak with turpentine or turp substitute and then you can oil over the top when that has dried off.Got to be turps not white spirit.

This works for both oil or water based paint spots apparently.

DH had this happen to him before he met me and had the money for nice floors envy

PaulaYatesBiggestFan Sun 09-Mar-08 22:54:30

imo i would do very little apart from apply more oil

if it is emulsion it will embedd in the wood

they wont show in a while but messing could make it wrse

split while you are ahead..... i do not think i would sand...

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