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Bedding more ‘small double bed’

(27 Posts)
Makingworkwork Sat 10-Feb-18 13:03:28

I am thinking of buying our toddler a 3/4 size double bed. What do people do about bedding? Is there such a thing as small double bed bedding or do you just use normal size double bed bedding and get smaller double fitted sheets?

VandelayIndustries Sat 10-Feb-18 13:10:11

I had a 3/4 bed at university and a double duvet looked normal on it. My mum ended up making me a fitted sheet, well adapting a double one.

goingcocoloco Sat 10-Feb-18 13:16:39

I bought 3/4 size bedding from dunelm online. Not sure if they stock it in store.

SandLand Sat 10-Feb-18 13:21:51

My kids both have small doubles in this house (rented). They have standard double fitted sheets, with the excess tucked in, and a single duvet.

Makingworkwork Sat 10-Feb-18 13:21:51

Thanks. Do you know if they do duvets?

Makingworkwork Sat 10-Feb-18 16:24:44

Thanks SandLand. Would there enough space for a toddler and an adult under the duvet?

brownelephant Sat 10-Feb-18 16:26:20

if you would sleep there with dc I would go for 2 singles

StripySocksAndDocs Sat 10-Feb-18 16:28:24

I've a large single (so half a foot smaller than the small double). I use a double flat sheet and a double duvet.

SandLand Sat 10-Feb-18 16:28:30

Depends on how cold the house is!!!!!
If I share with the 8 year old, I take my king in and ditch the single (DH has his own duvet on our bed). But he wriggles. The 6 year old i can just about share a single duvet with, but i wouldnt want to do it every night.

Makingworkwork Sat 10-Feb-18 16:39:30

Thanks everyone. The plan is not to share every night but she is currently cuddled to sleep and I would like the option to hop in with her if she is unwell or needs settling durring the night.

FrogFairy Sat 10-Feb-18 20:09:38

You can buy 4ft fitted sheets, but there is no small double duvet.

I would use a normal double duvet.

buzzbottom Sat 10-Feb-18 20:19:27

DS has had a small double since around his 2nd birthday - he's 6 now.

We've always used a double fitted sheet but a single duvet because he seems too small for a double. He has an easy wash one because he can be wet at night, so it can go in the wash and be dry within a few hours, but it's warm enough!
He has teddies all along one side so he ends up with practically a single anyway!

Whereas DD is 4 and has a single with a single duvet. I'm 32 weeks pregnant and can easily sleep next to her in the single! I have to lay with her at night for her to fall asleep so it's a good job I can still fit haha!

AnotherDunroamin Sat 10-Feb-18 20:25:12

My DH and I had a small double for the first 4 years of our marriage (we were slimmer and apparently more snuggly back then - now we have two single mattresses on a king size bedframe so we can't feel each other moving grin)
We had 4ft fitted and flat sheets (some from Dunelm, some from Amazon) but used a normal double duvet. One thing I do remember being a bit annoying was that the bed wasn't quite wide enough for two pillows so they had to overhang the edges a little.

SuburbanRhonda Sat 10-Feb-18 20:28:28

DS has a 3/4 bed (small double) at uni. I managed to find fitted sheets and a mattress topper the right size online. He uses his double duvet.

I think I remember getting the sheets from The Linen Cupboard online.

10thingsIhateAboutTheDailyMail Sat 10-Feb-18 20:29:51

Isn't a "queen size" a small double?

woodlanddreamer Sat 10-Feb-18 20:36:46

Dunelm does sheets but they are a bit of a stretch on a deep mattress. We have reverted to normal double sheets for DS. Double duvet is fine.

MyDcAreMarvel Sat 10-Feb-18 20:39:35

A queen size is a super king.

franktheskank Sat 10-Feb-18 20:51:19

I've always thought you should always ha e a duvet that it's bigger than your bed ( hard now as I have a superking) but on a small double is have a double duvet or king.

Must be able to get small double fitted sheets. If not use normal double tuck extra tight!

bbpp Sun 11-Feb-18 12:15:13

Yeah duvets are no brainer - everyone should go a size up in them! Cosier and actually leaves enough to share without someone being left with their backs exposed. Looks far better too.

I had a 3/4 bed for about 8 years and had no issue finding fitted sheets

Pillows fit fine.

10thingsIhateAboutTheDailyMail Sun 11-Feb-18 13:58:22

MyDCaremarvel, I think you are wrong.

A Queen size IS a small double.

If you google "queen size bed dimensions uk" you can see the measurements

SandLand Sun 11-Feb-18 14:30:26

Queen UK is 3/4 double.
Queen US is bigger than a double.

StripySocksAndDocs Sun 11-Feb-18 14:33:44

A queen is a double (in the U.K.). Which is 4.5ft

A small double is 4ft.

StripySocksAndDocs Sun 11-Feb-18 14:34:54

Well this isn't confusing is it!!

StripySocksAndDocs Sun 11-Feb-18 14:56:24

This site think a small double (4ft) is a queen:

This site thinks a 6ft bed (which id think of as a super king) is a queen:

Many sites don't acknowledge the situation. This one admits there's a problem:

Don't know where i got the idea a 4.5ft was a queen but from now on I'm going down the safe road, and ignoring it as a label.

There's also emperor and apparently Caesar labels out there too.

picklemepopcorn Sun 11-Feb-18 15:15:10

3/4 double is 4', a double is 4'6, a queen is 5' a king 6' and a super king 6'6.

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