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Favourite Zoflora Scent

(32 Posts)
Woodling Sun 21-May-17 14:01:01

I've bought my first bottle and hate the smell (Linen Fresh). Please recommend an alternative that won't rule Zoflora out for me! On a side note, if I'm diluting it in a spray bottle can I use it without gloves and not fear instant poisoning?

Wh0Kn0wsWhereTheTimeGoes Sun 21-May-17 14:24:25

I've tried about ten of them and they've all been rank, smell like cheap air freshener and nothing like their names, but it's a useful disinfectant. I would definitely use gloves though, it irritates my skin even when dilute.

NowtAbout Sun 21-May-17 14:26:37

They all smell rank, really artificial. Sure they will end up being found out to be carcinogenic. Not sure why people rave about them so much. My friends house smells like a cheap perfume shop. Definitely triggered asthma in our house

NowtAbout Sun 21-May-17 14:28:25

I'm also not quite sure why so many people need this level of this infection. What are you all doing!?!

MrsMotherHen Sun 21-May-17 14:31:16

I love the stuff blush I hate the clean linen one it's rank. If you dilute it enough it doesn't smell chemically just smells clean I put one capful in a trigger bottle and fill up this is quite enough and leaves a nice smell. I like the lavender one which is strange because I hate anything lavender but that I like. I also like the citrus one and apple blossom.

rollonthesummer Sun 21-May-17 14:34:22

What do you spray with the bottle of water?

What do you all actually use it for? Can it go in the washing machine? Drum or drawer?

Wh0Kn0wsWhereTheTimeGoes Sun 21-May-17 14:41:20

You could it in the WM if it's got smelly or you have sweaty/vomitty etc laundry but no need to disinfect laundry routinely. I put it in the detergent compartment of the drawer, I wouldn't put it in the fabric conditioner one otherwise residue will stay on your clothes.

eleanor1989 Sun 21-May-17 14:46:28

I bought some yesterday because it's highly spoken about on here. I bought the one called 'hello spring', limited edition or something. I used the smallest amount in some water to clean the sink drying rack thing and it's such a strong smell! It gave me a headache and I can still smell it now. I will deffinetly need to be careful about adding the tiniest amount next time

dementedpixie Sun 21-May-17 14:49:44

I use it in the fabric softener bit of the machine when washing smelly football/gym kit

Wh0Kn0wsWhereTheTimeGoes Sun 21-May-17 14:49:47

Yes, I wish it came in dropper bottles so you could control the amount more easily. I also find it drips down the outside of the bottle and gets on my skin that way, rubber gloves always for me with it.

dementedpixie Sun 21-May-17 14:50:18

I also don't like the linen one. I prefer the floral ones

BandeauSally Sun 21-May-17 14:52:57

Has anyone tried the new odour remover one that Is supposed to be for pet smells and kind to pets' noses? I can't find any in local shops.

OpalTree Sun 21-May-17 14:53:39

I bought the Hello Spring one that just says Bouquet on the bottle. I tipped a bit in the toilet. It smelled ok. Nothing special

libbyliz83 Sun 21-May-17 14:59:19

Does the smell really hang around a while? I get a lot of Tom cats in my yard after my female cat and I've heard they don't like citrus scents so was going to get the citrus zoflora to swill the yard with.

Wh0Kn0wsWhereTheTimeGoes Sun 21-May-17 17:18:06

I think it fades pretty quickly, TBH I wouldn't use it if the fragrance lingered.

Tastesjustlikecherrycola85 Tue 23-May-17 18:28:27

Summer breeze is nice, not too overpowering

OllyBJolly Tue 23-May-17 18:36:33

Pink Grapefruit is my favourite but quite difficult to find. Put it in the steam cleaner, washing machine drawer and mop bucket.

donajimena Tue 23-May-17 18:38:22

Apple is my favourite. I agree the linen is bogging.

bunnybleu Tue 23-May-17 20:38:43

I like Twilight Garden and another one that I can't remember the name of! It was a floral one, limited edition I think.

FiddleFigs Wed 24-May-17 15:48:57

I quite like hyacinth but literally just use a couple of drops (using a pipette off ebay). Any more than that and it's utterly vile. I don't mind Linen Fresh - again only a couple of drops in the washing machine drawer when I do towels.

GoldenHoops Sat 27-May-17 10:46:42

I brought the honeysuckle and jasmine one yesterday, I love it and went and brought 3 more this morning. My favourites are apple Orchard and twilight.

tworollsshortofapicnic Sat 27-May-17 11:05:43

I like the linen one, primarily because I soaked an old carpet with it and it completely got rid of the stored-in-damp-cellar smell. It's the only one I have tried and was wondering if it also came in a multi pack of sample sizes to try out?

Vicina Sat 27-May-17 16:59:41

I used to love Linen Fresh, but at the moment it's too strong for me. Maybe it's better in winter.
I like the citrus one and Hello Spring but only well-diluted.
Hate Hyacinth! It nearly made me sick.
My favourite is Green Valley but it was limited edition, I think.

closeknit Sat 27-May-17 17:35:56

Mines Lavender Love the smell of it:-)

Fireinthegrate Sat 27-May-17 20:13:59

I got the pet deodoriser, disinf cting one from Home Bargains. It smells ok , better than the smell of puppy pee anyway!

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