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Do you clean your Hoover head?!

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Sunshineandlaughter Sun 19-Mar-17 22:01:29

Just realised today after years of trying eradicate germs in my home I'd never consider cleaning/disinfecting the Hoover head. This is despite often hoovering up food with it. Have I just been pushing/spreading germs all round the house with it?! Do other people clean this regularly?! If so what's the best thing to use? I just used dettol wipes...

Knittedfrog Sun 19-Mar-17 22:08:28

No, but sometimes I cut the tangled up hair that's wrapped around it.

e1y1 Mon 20-Mar-17 01:27:08

Yes, I soak all the hoover attachments in a soapy bleach solution, and every now and again will take the brush bar out of the upright and do the same.

Sunshineandlaughter Mon 20-Mar-17 02:57:25

Bleach solution a good idea!

FreeTibet Mon 20-Mar-17 10:55:19

I often think it must be quite dirty because of the job it does - but I haven't done it yet. This thread has given me the push to do so.

Glittermakeseverythingbetter Mon 20-Mar-17 15:02:47

I wipe mine round with a flash wipe as I have a fairly new carpet in the living room but most other rooms get really dirty from DIY and plaster dust etc so I'm conscious of hoovering up muck then spreading it round my clean carpet.

Sunshineandlaughter Mon 20-Mar-17 15:46:27

Glitter that's what I'm thinking I think I've just spread kitchen germs all over our upstairs carpet the past couple of years! Can you de- germ carpets?!

e1y1 Mon 20-Mar-17 23:53:36

A steam cleaner/mop will kill the germs on a carpet, however, the best option is a carpet cleaner - either professional or a bought/hired one.

I have just done mine this weekend, have always had a carpet cleaner as far too clumsy not to own one like giving the carpets a clean every now and again.

Ehsamy Tue 21-Mar-17 06:33:49

You can't eradicate germs from your home.
Vacuums are for picking up stuff from carpets/floors not for cleaning.
It's not like you're eating your dinner off the floor, are you?

Sunshineandlaughter Tue 21-Mar-17 08:28:40

Ehsamy no not eating dinner but my baby (with numerous health problems and possibly an immune problem) rolls round all over them hence we have to be as careful as possible.

Sunshineandlaughter Tue 21-Mar-17 08:29:34

And besides I like cleaning grin makes me feel in control

LoisEinhorn Tue 21-Mar-17 14:00:14

I do and the tubes. A good soak in the bath

Sunshineandlaughter Tue 21-Mar-17 22:57:06

Soaked in bleach! Made me feel so sorted and loads of yucky gunk came out. Will definitely do again in a few months!!

Cornwall73 Wed 22-Mar-17 10:26:25

I wash the filters and the dirt that comes out is shocking. Remind me I have to do them again!!!

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