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Anyone tried Lidl's Formil liquid?

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Tigerblue Sun 27-Sep-15 09:45:54

If anyone has tried Lidl's Formil liquid, I'd be interested to know what you thought, cleaning results, smell, did it bring anyone up in a rash? It's on offer in Lidl at the moment, so am tempted as I normal buy Tescos own or Persil on offer.

NoArmaniNoPunani Sun 27-Sep-15 09:47:42

Yes we've been using formil liquid and liquitabs for a couple of years. It's great, everything comes up clean, smells fine.

ifonly4 Sun 27-Sep-15 10:29:26

I'll be following your post with interest, Tigerblue. I normally buy Tescos own liquid (when on offer 2 for £5 if I can), but noticed Lidl have their Formil liquid on offer at the moment.

TwatByName Sun 27-Sep-15 10:34:59

Yes, we use the biological one, clothes are clean and smell fresh.

my Ds gets a rash with one of the Surf ones. So the bio formil is definitely ok for us.

NotCitrus Sun 27-Sep-15 10:39:36

I use non-bio as bio eventually eats cotton and I have a reaction to it, but Formil is fine. I usually use the tablets to reduce slime build-up in the machine and drips, but would buy liquid if they ran out.

rabbit123 Sun 27-Sep-15 12:37:18

I've not used the liquid but the powder is very good and scored 91% in Which, making it a Best Buy.

lljkk Sun 27-Sep-15 12:39:49

yeah, but I have washed almost everything at 30 deg C for 10 yrs & never noticed that washing at 30 makes my machine stink, so presumably I'm deluded about whether the liquid works, too.

I prefer powder, too, less messy.

mayhew Wed 30-Sep-15 08:51:12

Ive used the bio concentrated for two years. We have a dancer in the house washing sweaty kit on fast wash at 40. He is pleased with the results.

Sixpencenonethericher Wed 30-Sep-15 19:59:03

I've used the powder tablets they are the 2 in 1 clean fine but have no smell

loubielou31 Wed 30-Sep-15 21:07:08

I have just switched from persil non bio to formil bio. Price is my main reason for changing at all and as someone else said the bio powder has been Which's "best buy" a number of times now, it is always first or second for cleaning in their tests pipped only by Ariel at three or four times the price.
I have an eczema y child and recently her skin has been much better so I'm chancing my arm by swapping brands but I'm hoping that she is growing out of the eczema and that this doesn't cause a flare up.
Clothes are clean, it doesn't smell too strongly of anything. I like it as long as there are no allergic reactions.

SourceofInformation Wed 30-Sep-15 21:13:21

I've been using the concentrated liquid for years.

Stuff seems clean, what else would make it better or worse than any other brand? It's not as highly scented as some - you can smell the washing powder some of Dc's friend's mum's use even after they've left the building!

maddforit Sun 07-May-17 13:05:41

I won some Formil during one of their last scratchcard giveaways and I found it very good as it smelled nice and made your clothes smell nice and soft to the touch, I would probably buy the largest bottle as it is roughly cheaper to the same price as their own brand of biological/non-biological and would consider using both product together


tshirtsuntan Sun 07-May-17 13:08:22

The ultra sensitive/baby powder is good. It was on offer at two 18 wash bags for £2.50. No rashes, clean washing and not too strong a smell. Formil.

tshirtsuntan Sun 07-May-17 13:09:07

Oops,old thread!

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