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What type of mop?

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AngelDog Tue 28-Apr-15 21:53:52

I have to confess I know nothing about mops and have never owned one.

I now have a big space of smooth, shiny floor tiles which are going to need cleaning. Is there a type of mop which works well, or any to avoid? For preference, I'm looking for something at the cheaper end of the range.

Would you use a separate one for kitchen and bathroom floors?

Thanks. smile

cozietoesie Wed 29-Apr-15 22:45:15

I've tried lots of different mops but have ended up with the traditional ones that look like a shaggy cotton dog head and have to be wrung out by twirling in a bucket with attached trap. (I'm sorry I don't remember the name.) I've tried and discarded squeegee mops (no staying power where large expanses are involved) and those mops that look like strips of J cloth (ditto - except for the expensive versions, one of which I kept for emergencies.)

Those keep on top of things well - and last well - although I usually use a steam cleaner every so often as well.

One thing, though, is that I have a roomy old house with a fairly big laundry/utility room where I can store the mops and buckets. I think that if I had tighter facilities I might have to go for a squeegee mop just on the grounds of convenience and storage. Where you'll put a wet mop after you've used it is something to consider.

cozietoesie Wed 29-Apr-15 22:51:23

Found a picture of one. You'll see some typical mop buckets in that advert as well. (The insert drainage thing (that you twirl the mop in) is usually removable so they're also quite handy buckets in their own right.)

WittgensteinsBunny Thu 30-Apr-15 12:46:42

E-mops are brilliant on flat tiles. You can use with just water or I use with method squirt and mop.

I use a string mop (as described above) for our uneven flagstones as the flat mop doesn't go into the crevices.

I hate those sponge type mops. Probably just me but I always broke ours and it never seemed to clean very well either.

cozietoesie Thu 30-Apr-15 13:33:45

That's a fair point about the uneven floors, Wittgensteins. My floors all have unevenness and crevices so that may contribute to my mop choice.

And Yes - the 'sponge mops' are what I meant by squeegee mops. I thoroughly dislike them - they neither clean well nor last well (apart from when you're trying to dispose of the handles) and the replacement heads are really quite expensive.

kippersmum Thu 30-Apr-15 20:17:11

I would also suggest a string mop, they cover quite a lot of space when mopping so make doing a big area quicker. However they can quickly stink if they don't dry properly between mops. Get a removable mop head so you can pop it in a hot wash in the machine every so often to keep it fresh.

Another alternative is any mop by Vileda, they last was longer than any cheaper mops that look the same and are worth the extra ££

kippersmum Thu 30-Apr-15 20:17:41

way not was... doh..

patterkiller Thu 30-Apr-15 20:19:46

Jml supermop. Honestly I have converted at least five friends and family. I think asda stock them, they clean brilliantly but the best thing for me is they leave the floor practically dry.

AngelDog Wed 06-May-15 21:24:21

Thank you everyone for all the replies. And many apologies for the non-reply on my part. We've just moved house, don't have broadband yet, I don't have a smartphone and DH has used up all his data allowance on his. I've been trying to use the library computer when I can, but it takes up to 25 mins to load a site so I have been fuming. Now I just need enough internet connection to organise to buy a mop!

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