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How do I make my taps shine?

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Chillisauce Thu 17-Jul-14 19:59:35

Hello wise lot.

My bath taps are all dull and cloudy, it's the same with the shower controls. How can I make then nice and shiny?


SideOfFoot Thu 17-Jul-14 20:20:29

I just use a diluted bleach solution and that makes my taps sparkle.

BunnyPotter Thu 17-Jul-14 20:25:04

White vinegar - the cheap stuff.

Chillisauce Thu 17-Jul-14 20:26:17

I thought that's why they'd ended up like this, I LOVE spray bleach and spray it all over the bathroom. I don't dilute it thought I admit.

I'm sure I've read something about lemon juice but may be wrong?

PoshPenny Thu 17-Jul-14 22:37:23

Limescale remover eg viakal, an old toothbrush and a cloth to dry off post rinsing

r2d2ismyidealman Thu 17-Jul-14 23:18:37

I wonder if you have hard water? Hard water sets like a stain and needs more frequent maintenance.

almapudden Thu 17-Jul-14 23:28:14

One of those steel wool scourers. That, or a cloth soaked in white vinegar, wrapped around the taps and left for an hour or two.


PigletJohn Fri 18-Jul-14 11:27:27

Not a steel scourer please. You will scratch the chrome. Even a green nylon scourer will dull the surface.

Bathroom cleaning sprays take off the limescale and soap deposits and are safest.

Tap makers tell you to use just a soft cloth. A damp piece of old vest will do if used frequently enough.

If the finish has already been dulled by abrasive cleaners (which includes cream cleaners) then start saving for new taps.

duchesse Fri 18-Jul-14 11:35:03

Squirt them with vinegar or lemon juice or bathroom cleaner, leave for a few hours, then rub them with a DRY cloth or flannel. You might need to do around the bases several times if they're really badly encrusted.

Justgotosleepnow Fri 18-Jul-14 11:39:37

A cheap anti limescale spray will do the trick. Spray on & leave it then clean off with a cloth.

JustAShopGirl Fri 18-Jul-14 11:43:30

Cillit Bang - I HATE the advert, but it is really great for chrome taps, spray on, wipe off after 2-3 min.

HygieneFreak Fri 18-Jul-14 11:44:52

Baby oil, buff with kitchen roll

Chillisauce Fri 18-Jul-14 20:23:32

Thanks all, lots of things to try! I'll give them a go, buffing after with a dry cloth seems to be a must though.


specialsubject Sat 19-Jul-14 11:37:41

stop chucking bleach about, you'll wreck the finishes (And your lungs). And a steel scourer will destroy them instantly!

most modern taps are supposed only to be wiped with a damp cloth. So you may have already done the damage. Cautious use of something to get rid of limescale may work.

fussychica Sat 19-Jul-14 16:40:44

Just water then buffed with an e cloth has always worked for me but if there's a build up Viakal or similar will be required to get them back to clean first.

BumWad Sun 20-Jul-14 11:24:21

Cif cream
Best thing ever

crazykat Sun 20-Jul-14 11:35:03

I use supermarket own, cif or cillit bang bathroom foam on mine, just spray on, leave for 10 mins then wipe with a sponge and rinse off. Cillit bang limescale spray is brilliant for the shower head which seems to get the most marks on it.

karolism Tue 22-Jul-14 11:33:30

Lime Lite gel, very good for heavy limescale because it is gel not liquid. Used to get it from supermarkets, don't know if you can get it there anymore, I stock up from

Marnierose Tue 22-Jul-14 11:34:21

Vinegar and a toothbrush.

Bonsoir Tue 22-Jul-14 11:35:51

Cillit Bang bathroom foam (for the soap scum) and Antikal (for the lime scale) rubbed on with a soft e-cloth.

KatoPotato Tue 22-Jul-14 11:45:01

A buff with a dry microfibre cloth after cleaning gets mine sparkling!

ShineSmile Tue 22-Jul-14 12:19:21

I've heard viakal is really good.

poppy1973 Tue 22-Jul-14 12:20:36

Cillit Bang - does really work. I know it was on offer in the shops for half price recently.

Iggly Tue 22-Jul-14 12:21:52

You don't need to chuck bleach everywhere. Seriously.

Use limescale remover and buff with an e-cloth afterwards once you've rinsed.

E-clothes with a spritz of water work wonders.

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