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Do you have a stick vac - corded or cordless?

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unlucky83 Fri 10-Jan-14 01:38:56

I'm after a stick vac - just to run over hardfloor instead of brushing ...preferable one with detachable handheld bit for doing the edges/corners..
(I have a Gtech sweeper thing for carpets - its fab but not so good on hard floors -tends to send bits flying )
I have a big vac too - so not really looking at spending more than about £100..but I guess I could be persuaded (but not to go for dyson! - or the Gtech Air ram - mainly cos it doesn't have the hand held bit..... )

Was looking at cordless...for convenience ...
but the cheapest ones seem to be £90 ish ... and even more expensive ones don't seem to have brilliant reviews or be that powerful (read a review that said one wouldn't pick up small biggest problem is grit from the maybe not for me?)

And lots of cheap corded ones - about the £20 mark - with reasonable reviews ...

So are cordless any good?
I would much rather mess with a cord, have money in the bank (or rather for chocolate smile) and have something that actually works ...than not have the cord ....and be frustrated...

Fizziebizzy Fri 10-Jan-14 07:41:23

I hope someone has an answer for this as its exactly what I'm thinking I need for my new hardwood floors

LaCerbiatta Fri 10-Jan-14 08:50:09

We have a dyson cordless one. It's brilliant for small jobs. You can remove the 'stick' and it works really well on stairs. It has a rotating brush so it really does struggle with large crumbs or little stones even though it is quite powerful.
It definitely works better on carpet s than hard floors, but i think that's true for any dyson.

All in all is a great gadget but i dont know how it compares with cheaper ones

unlucky83 Fri 10-Jan-14 09:57:01

That's interesting...I do love my Gtech sweeper with rotating brushes for keeping the carpets tidy - pick up sock fluff etc - not so good at edges but brilliant at picking up hair and fluff - think you would struggle to do as well with just suction...(although you do need to vacuum every so often too)
(The small dirt collector means you need to empty it often but it is really easy and you can see what bits of toys you have picked up by accident!)
And my DD2 (6) can and will use it...
But on hard floors the rotating brushes at the front are the problem - they do tend to propel bits forward ...(mine is a rubber strip to the back missing too which makes it even worse - no idea what happened to it - think came off when I wasn't using it!)
Can you not turn the brushes off on the dyson and just depend on the suction for hard floors?
(I won't get a Dyson anyway - I know popular but they are expensive and seem to be the ones that turn up regularly on freecycle - either given away not working or people asking for parts...which are expensive too! )

LaCerbiatta Fri 10-Jan-14 10:11:13

No, don't think you can switch off the rotating brush.

HaveToWearHeels Fri 10-Jan-14 10:16:42

We have the Gtech Air Ram which is brilliant on our tiled floor, I think it is different to the Gtech sweeper, then we have a dyson handheld for around the edges and the stairs.
I love the Gtech as we have a three story largish house and I can vacuum the whole house in no time at all.

unlucky83 Fri 10-Jan-14 10:49:41

The air ram has suction too ...the sweeper just depends on the motors turning the front brush to propel dirt into the collection the old manual push ones (ewbank) but I found it better...
I would go for the air ram - but I really want something for the edges it would be that AND something else ...
Just how many flooring cleaning 'toys' can you have smile -but then I guess that would replace my Gtech sweeper ..hmm
(This is where I confess ...I have my vax main vacuum, a vax carpet cleaner, the gtech sweeper, a cheap (Hinari I think!) small cylinder vac for DIY/car and a bigger DIY wet & dry hoover and a steam mop - as well as mop & bucket, squeegee mop, various brushes and dust pans etc...! blushblushblush- I hate cleaning - but do like 'toys'! grin

Floralnomad Fri 10-Jan-14 10:55:26

unlucky ,you sound like me I have a Dyson handheld in the kitchen ,a Dyson cordless animal upstairs, a Morphy Richards upright for my main vacuum , a Vax carpet cleaner ,a Black and decker in our work room ,and a Dyson and a Hoover in the garage for cars and DIY . I love vacuum cleaners !

HaveToWearHeels Fri 10-Jan-14 14:57:38

unlucky my husband is the cleaning gadget man. We have a the AirRam, Dyson Handheld, Dyson in the garage for tough hoovering (we have a dog) and a Vax carpet cleaner. I know he would have more if I let him lol

unlucky83 Sat 11-Jan-14 08:06:17

For other cleaning gadget addicts - I've just bought myself a window vac - if you wet wash your windows (which I do) - they are fantastic grin
(in Amazon sales and not a Karcher -so only about £35 ...just trying to justify my habit blush)

I think my need is genetic - my grandmother was the same - had one of the earliest automatic washing machines (Hoover Keymatic with plastic cards for different programmes), 1950s Kenwood with ALL the attachments, knitting machines, sewing machines, early dishwasher (never got another because it was rubbish hmm) - and I found out at her funeral she was the reason they were one of the first farms in the area to have a tractor!
Anyway that's my excuse anyway and I'm sticking to it - I can't go against nature wink!

starfishmummy Sat 11-Jan-14 23:47:08

Floral - how many?!!!!
Some people think I am strange as I have upstairs and downstairs vacs!!

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