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Had sofas cleaned and now they're pink!!

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StrangeGlue Sun 25-Aug-13 12:47:58

My sofas had a couple of stains on so I paid for a professional to come and clean them on Friday. They are light on colour one is very light grey and the other is beige.

He came on Friday and spent an hour cleaning them. They looked fine at first but I came down stairs yesterday morning abs they are both clearly now pink! It's patchy with less around the edges but its very noticeable.

Will this go as they dry fully (been 48 hours since they he finished) or has he wrecked them?

Any advice appreciated!

StrangeGlue Sun 25-Aug-13 12:49:21

About to try to put pic on profile

LadyMaryQuiteContrary Sun 25-Aug-13 13:21:46

Oh. You should give the company a call. Did you check their reviews online before you called them in?

Barbie1 Sun 25-Aug-13 13:25:55

Our laura Ashley sofa turned pink when we cleaned it.

Chemical reaction sad

Luckily for us Laura Ashley replaced the covers after a year of complaining and countless emails

Phone the company and complain.

Can you look on the underside of the cover? A chemical burn looks like a big water mark all be it pink.

StrangeGlue Sun 25-Aug-13 14:31:56

They are Laura Ashley!

Yes it's a very reputable firm with good reviews and long history.

So take it up with the company and then Laura Ashley do you think?

StrangeGlue Mon 26-Aug-13 07:31:43

Hi barbie, thanks for your PM. I sent a reply but it didn't indicate if it'd give so I don't know if you haven't received the below or have received it 15 times! I'm posting it here in case it didn't send...

'Oh thank you that'd be wonderful! Don't worry if it's too much hassle though!'

StrangeGlue Sun 01-Sep-13 21:34:08

Hello, thanks for your help. Sofa man came back and with the aid of a chemist (!) managed to remove the pink! Hurray! Turns our Laura Ashley treat their sofas with indicator dye!

maria1113 Thu 05-Mar-15 21:58:16

I realise this is an old thread but if any of you are still floating around advice would be much appreciated... I had my Laura Ashley natural coloured sofas cleaned last week and they too have gone effing pink. Cleaning company say they only used water in their machines. It now seems more like a Laura Ashley fabric issue. to avoid wasting time and getting stressed I wondered if there were any short cuts when dealing with customer services , to cut through the 'we aren't liable' bull? Something you guys found out about what chemicals they treat their fabric with that I can mention and get straight to the point? Basically, what to demand from some poor clueless person at a call centre - who to speak to/what my rights are etc. I did buy them in the clearance sale however, so I don't think I have any guarantee. In my opinion there's something faulty about the fabric if it changes colour when cleaning with water, surely faulty items don't need covering by a 5 year guarantee? No doubt I will ask all of these questions to said person at a call centre... Before slamming down the phone in rage. Just wanted to know how you managed to get some sort of compensation or replacement in the end

John222 Thu 26-Mar-15 18:18:16

Hi there,

I would just like to add a comment to this post. I run a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning business and the problem of a sofa, suite or upholstery turning pink after cleaning no matter what make it is, can sometimes crop up.
I do not have any chemistry experience, however the problem of upholstery turning pink either during cleaning or while it is drying is a very rare event. However it does happen and from what I can gather it is caused by the dye reacting or being sensitive to moisture or a very slight change in PH (the difference between acid and alkalinity). The dyes used during manufacture seem to be indicator dyes. As a comparison, this is where litmus paper turns from buff colour to pink when treated with acid.

I recently cleaned a beige Laura Ashley suite which started to turn pink during the cleaning process. There is a method whereby the the acid content or the sensitivity of the dye can be buffered or neutralized (in this case). When the effect of the indicator dye is neutralised it should revert back to it's original colour.

I am carrying out some tests on one at the moment which are successful and this problem can normally be rectified.

The common method of correcting the problem is by using bicarbonate of soda diluted which will buffer the acid effect of the indicator dye.

There does seem to be a common problem with Laura Ashley upholstery at the moment or which has been manufactured within the last few years.

If anyone needs any advise, please don't hesitate to post or contact me.


Popskalli13 Tue 01-Mar-16 14:45:17

Hi, I know this is an old pos, but this happened to my Laura Ashley sofa today. What dye did you use to get it back to normal? StrangeGlue

jennymor123 Mon 20-Jun-16 16:27:36

Most UK sofas contain chemicals of various kinds. The cover fabrics are usually treated on the underside with a chemical paste containing some pretty hefty flame retardants. Quite possible that these will affect the fabrics when cleaned. Also if you had the sofas treated with a stain-repellent, that will possible also affect the colouring when washed. Incidentally, stain repellents are usually silicone-based, which means they're highly flammable!

Kymeeeb Tue 26-Jul-16 11:29:10

I've just gone through the same thing with a pale grey Laura Ashley sofa. We employed a professional cleaning company who checked out the problem and returned to treat it with the bicarbonate of soda treatment. The sofa returned to it's original colour before our eyes, but has gradually turned pink again. Laura Ashley customer services have procrastinated and used all kinds of delaying tactics. I have been given a direct line number, but it is always a voicemail and my calls are never returned. This is obviously a well known problem with the dyes in Laura Ashley fabrics. any advice would be gratefully received.

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