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Getting rid of cheeselogs/woodlouse?

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jellyjelly Tue 30-May-06 08:31:15

How do i get rid of the buggers they are really starting to annoy me and yes they are inside not out. They can stay out.

BonyM Tue 30-May-06 08:41:27

No idea, but would love to know as we have had a few recently as well.

Will watch this thread with interest - hopefully someone has the answer.

niceglasses Tue 30-May-06 08:48:23

Can you tell me what these look like? We have the odd strange lousy looking thing in our kitchen - I hate them. Are they sort of small and well, lousy looking. Most of mine are dead when I see them.

moondog Tue 30-May-06 08:49:53

Is cheeselog another name for a woodlouse then|?
I love it!

jellyjelly Wed 31-May-06 08:38:09

Yeah and wriggly pigs is another name. They are about almost a cm and grey looking they have too differetn types one has a flater body and the other is rounded, you can screw them up and they curl into a ball and have lots of legs. They also have ridges on their body so they can screw up.

They seem to live in my porch whcih is a bit damp so i just want to kill them.

chestnutty Wed 31-May-06 09:13:45

I use them for experiments at school(choice chambers- light/dark and dry/damp).
The pupils are pretty good at killing them.
1. getting their feet trapped in the sellotape used to stick on the black sugar paper.
2.when they come into contact with the silica gel used to make it dry.
3. drowning in water.
4. standing on them.
Pop them in the post and i'll use them next term. (joking btw)

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