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Merry maids or maid2clean?

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EclecticShock Sun 20-May-12 13:25:34

Does anyone use either, what are your experiences? I'm having a problem finding a cleaner that actually cleans thoroughly and doesn't just mop in the middle of the floor smile

Gincognito Sun 20-May-12 19:41:53

We're happy with our cleaner, found through Maid2Clean.

trixymalixy Sun 20-May-12 19:44:34

I use maid2clean too, and have had several different cleaners through them, some were fab, some were dreadful, it really varies, but if you're not happy you can ask for someone else.

NewAge Thu 24-May-12 09:38:13

I found my cleaner through Home Maid Clean. She has been our regular cleaner since 2010. I am very happy with her. When she is on a holiday they are sending a replacement smile

golemmings Thu 24-May-12 10:04:26

We used merry maids but sacked them after they insisted on shutting all if the internal doors and we had a free range cat. It was mostly a problem only because they used to come on a Friday and if we were away for the weekend we'd go straight from work and come home on Sunday to find a cat who had been shut out of the kitchen with no food or water. It's a shame because they cleaned beautifully!

My parents used maids2clean for someone to supplement their existing cleaner and do the ironing. They went through the cleaner who would only clean round things, the one that dad had to teach to iron, the one who used to leave half way through the 2hrs claiming to be finished but hadn't actually cleaned anywhere that was out of mum's line of sight, the one who didn't turn up and lied to the office about it...

They did eventually get someone who turned up, could use an iron and was able to clean.

I think they're only as good as the cleaners on their books...

skydiver81 Tue 10-May-16 18:03:58

Beware I had some awful damage done to my home when a cleaner refused to listen to instructions and then just left so when I got back from work the place was a mess and damaged.

Cleaners I had had would not do the work and would leave early. I had similar problems with the first two cleaners and then I had a great one. I was sad to see the cleaner leave. I was then given another cleaner. I did not receive the references I requested but I was assured she was ok. This cleaner did not do the work, stood there chatting, left early etc. I left very clear instructions and a bucket of cleaning products. However, when I returned the cleaner had used cillit bang(!) on my cooker and left it and hardly done any cleaning! It was at this point I rang maid to clean having been assured that they were insured and was informed of the £100 excess! I was absolutely livid especially when the hob was badly tarnished and the pictures next to the hob dials had been melted off.

I cancelled my subscription immediately - sorted the damage as best I could and now I don't let anyone near my house cleaning wise. I am absolutely disappointed that cleaners are used that don't know how to clean or just see it as an easy lazy job. I started with a cleaner after an operation and I couldn't iron or clean but I wouldn't have one again now.

Maid2Clean have refused to do anything about it and instead of offering me an apology tried to sell me more services!!I

Hedgeh0g Tue 10-May-16 18:09:27

Maid2clean is a franchise, and we used to use them until our local franchise owner basically went AWOL. I only found out when the monthly payment bounced and I was told by the bank that their business account had been suspended. Head office said there were 'personal issues'. We arranged a private agreement with our cleaner from there. To be fair, they were fine up until the point where they disappeared and had found us replacement cleaners in the past when we weren't happy.

wsf123 Sun 15-Jan-17 14:07:52

Old thread, but since I booked Maid2Clean in part because of the discussion here, I thought I'd give my experience.

I booked Maid2Clean a few months ago to do a deep clean of a flat I had just moved into in Leicestershire. There was almost no furniture in the flat and it was in reasonable condition, so it was not a big job. But I decided to book a cleaner in for a full day to allow for a thorough cleaning.

The cleaner worked in slow motion, more concerned with filling the hours than getting the job done. She spent perhaps two hours on the kitchenette alone, even though there was very little to clean. She showed no initiative and I had to point out all kinds of things she had missed. After she left, I noticed she had cleaned nearly nothing above her eye level, even though I provided a step ladder -- for instance, window sills were filled with dead bugs, cobwebs and twigs. The closer I looked, the more dirt I found. She had apparently used little elbow grease and largely just moved and smudged the dirt around.

Maid2Clean appears to be little more than a dispatcher for freelance cleaners, so it's apparently luck of the draw whether you get a competent one. Even as a dispatcher they do a poor job, however, as it took me several emails and phone calls even to make a booking -- I had to chase them; they didn't call me back. Amazing they stay in business.

Dan111111 Fri 28-Apr-17 11:36:29

Truly awful, I would suggest you avoid them at all costs!

Drh11 Wed 02-Aug-17 00:49:56

Do not use Maid2clean, they are inefficient and poor communicators. They took £30 off me for registration for a one off clean, and we also paid the cleaner another £22 for supposed 2 hours cleaning. When I inspected the property post-clean, it was filthy and hadn't been cleaned at all. Endless phone calls were made pre and post "clean". This is a Mickey Mouse company who are looking for a profit without providing any service at all. You have been warned...

Maid2mean Wed 09-May-18 05:43:38

Well maid 2 clean what have I got to say about them. First cleaner I had walked about the house with face like fizz and would clean around things. Second cleaner I got was the worst she started to clean my kitchen I went halfway through to ask her not to throw out my litre bottle of eliquid she then said she hadn't seen it I found the bottle empty in the bin not poured in the bin there was food in the plughole and no sign of it being poured down sink and worse yet the kitchen stinked to high heaven of cannabis no word of a lie. I phoned company and the asked her about it she denied it I did not involve police but the company never even offered me money for replacement or even a goodwill gesture AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COST THEY MIGHT BE A COVER COMPANY FOR CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES. Wait there is more every time they have phoned me it has been rerouted through a different mobile number never the same number which is unprofessional and they seem to put on fake London accents each one sounding exactly like the next. You will see what I mean if you phone them but I warn you do not.

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