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Talk to me about British Gas Appliances cover...

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LordOfTheFlies Fri 12-Aug-11 16:12:22

Just had a phone call from BG.
We have their cover and service agreement for our boiler,CH and gas fire.

They have offered cover for our kitchen appliances- DW, F/F, WM, TD, freezer in garage, electric cooker and microwave.
Cost approx £19/month.

Will have to look into exactly what it covers but as my appliances are 5+ years old.
I'm pretty sure we don't have the extended warrenties as I've read it's cheaper just to get them repaired.
Anyone else got this and how do you rate it?

moragbellingham Fri 12-Aug-11 21:44:57

Check the time taken to sort things out. Our washer took 4 weeks to sort - when I had 2 babies, after various men saying different things were wrong with it. Then after bringing all the right parts he decided that at £234 it wasn't worth repairing!!!!!
There is a limit on how much they will shell out for repairs. I think once it hits about £250 (for a washing machine) they will give the money to buy a new one (but only up to that amount).

If your boiler breaks down in winter - do not expect it fixed within 24 hours unless you have a child under 1 year old. It is apparently not a priority.

schroeder Fri 12-Aug-11 21:47:39

I wouldn't bother, £228 a year! How much did you spend last year on repairs? If it was more, then maybe it might be worth it, but if not I would save your money.

You could put that money into an account to save up for any repair bills that come up or for replacements.

LordOfTheFlies Sat 13-Aug-11 12:23:02

Thanks for replies, ,DH is on your wavelength schroeder. I was wondering if there was some kind of maximum call outs you could claim and if the premium rockets after X number of callouts. He reckons pay-as-you-need is best bet too.

Moragbellingham - yes that is a huge facor to consider. I've got 2 DCs so the time to repair something is vital.4 weeks without a washing machine would leave me frazzled!
I've got the boiler/CH cover (BG fitted these and the fire).
A few years back (in a cold Feb) we has a pidgeon behind the fire.The gas was cut off mon-wed and we had to sleep with the DCs to keep them warm.(got electric shower and cooker)

But when our boiler broke down Dec2009 they came to repair it, had to come back next day with parts, (had to fit round my work as well) .And it was when we had all the snow and it was considered unsafe to drive.
So they did good then smile

Think I'll agree with DH and not go for it. Ta

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