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I bought a magimix!!! But it scares me a little- please inspire me

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soppypreggyloon Sat 01-Jan-11 11:41:45

I splashed out ALL my Christmas money on a magimix. I am very excited now I have it but it is a but intimidating- it's all professional looking and sharp and new!
Can you inspire me with some top tips - or even better some fail safe recipes.


BlooKangaWonders Sat 01-Jan-11 11:47:30

Inspired by Jamie O, I whizzed a packet of frozen mixed berries, squirt of runny honey and carton of double cream. Instant ice cream and so yum!

My Magimix is now 2 weeks old and becoming less scary !

MakemineaGandT Sat 01-Jan-11 11:52:58

oh brilliant purchase! I love my magimix and make loads in it - pastry (so quick and easy! - for a 20cm quiche just put in 8oz plain flour, 4oz butter, blend till looks like breadcrumbs and then slowly drip/pour cold water down the funnel till it comes together as pastry. Rest in fridge 30 mins wrapped in clingfilm, then use....). I make cake mixture in there (6oz butter, 6oz sugar - blend till light and fluffy. Beat together 3 eggs in a jug and pour slowly down funnel whilst machine going till all combined. Then add 6oz SR flour and blend for as little time as poss. Then bake in 2 sandwich tins 180 degrees for 25 mins).

I also use it to slice potatoes/parsnips/celeriac nice and thinly to make a lovely gratin with half milk/half double cream and lots of black pepper and a little crushed garlic.

Smoked mackerel pate is v easy made in magimix (can look up recipe if you like...)

Oh I couldn't live without mine!

MakemineaGandT Sat 01-Jan-11 11:55:53

How could I have forgotten: HOUMMUS! It makes really great stuff. One tin (400g) chick peas, drained. 2 tablespoons tahini paste. 2 tablespoons olive oil. Juice 2 lemons. 1 small clove garlic. Lots salt and pepper. Blend till smooth and add water to thin to the right consistency if it is too thick.

LoveBeingADaddysGirl Sat 01-Jan-11 12:45:13

I was going to suggest pastry really it will be worth the money just for that!

IAmReallyFabNow Sat 01-Jan-11 12:48:11

Ooooo, this is what I want when my food processor/mixer breaks. I am torn between a Kenwood and a Magimix.

I used to make pastry but now feel it will go wrong.

PonceyMcPonce Sat 01-Jan-11 13:26:10

I have a longing for a magi mix. What else can you do with it? And what colour did you buy?

isw Sat 01-Jan-11 13:28:55

marks place

soppypreggyloon Sat 01-Jan-11 15:29:31

I got a White one as I thought a plastic finish would be easier to clean my messy cooking spills from!

arabella36 Sat 01-Jan-11 15:32:18

What's the difference between a magimix and a food processor? Is it a lot better?

kayah Sat 01-Jan-11 15:44:52

isn't the difference in the power of engine, so bowls are larger and has greater life span
I am hoping to get Kitchen Aid from the US (one with powerfull engine)

BlooKangaWonders Sat 01-Jan-11 15:49:57

Magimix feels industrial as it's so solid. Feels like it could never go wrong. My old food processor was just so flimsy by comparison.

beanandspud Sun 02-Jan-11 22:21:20

I'm sad enough to admit that I love my magimix. Just made about 4 litres of soup from leftovers in it. Fantastic for pastry, grating veggies for coleslaws/gratins etc, pates, pesto. Would never go back...

Mostynpark Mon 10-Feb-14 11:33:24

A Magimix is great. I've had the same one for 30 years and the main reason I bought it was to mince my own meat - you know what you're getting then! The motor is extremely powerful and the Sabatier cutting blade is sharp

I use it to make pastry (great, quick) and to grate/slice/chop veg. So, for example, when you're cooking and to minimise washing up, you might slice veg for a coleslaw and then parsley for a stew...and then garlic and ginger together if you're making a curry etc. It's also great for whizzing up a tin of good tomatoes for a sauce (again, you know what you're getting). You can whiz up pizza dough quickly or enough dough for a small loaf. You'd get most out of it if you plan your food prep/cooking session in advance so you can use it to prepare a whole raft of things in advance.

So, it is economical and you know what you're getting in terms of your prime ingredients. It doesn't take up a lot of space and it saves time too.

The downside is you must not put the mixing bowl in the dishwasher. I know you are supposed to be able to but it weakens the bowl. That said, 25 years ago I noticed the bowl was degrading a bit in the dishwasher so I stopped putting it in. That bowl finally gave up the ghost last year and I had to have a replacement.

You can, however, put the blades/attachments in the dishwasher.

If you have all the kitchen basics, have some spare cash (or a birthday coming up) then this is a wise investment if you like making things from scratch.

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