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Wooden flooring - how to clean most efficiently ?

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Urbanvoltaire Thu 28-Oct-10 09:17:16

I'm having oak floor in living room & kitchen. Any tips on best way to clean & what mop/broom/products to use thanks.

ssd Thu 28-Oct-10 09:19:32

don;t know , but will check out this thread as I have laminate I find hard to clean

Urbanvoltaire Thu 28-Oct-10 10:05:42

I've always had carpet in livng room & vinyl in kitchen so it's going to be weird with the wood. I'll have rugs in living room which will need vacuuming. I've looked in Lakeland catalogue & seen a few varieties of brooms & mops for wooden floors but don't want to buy just yet without seeing what others may well recommend.

Evenstar Thu 28-Oct-10 10:11:07

Marking my place as I am moving house next month and the whole ground floor is wooden flooring. I have a dog and a cat and want it to look lovely, not like something from a Life of Grime blush

mrsden Thu 28-Oct-10 10:23:46

I have all natural wood floors downstairs. I sweep with a soft brush at least once a day because there is so much fluff that gathers in the corners, under furniture etc. I do hoover occasionally but the people who installed the floor warned me that I shouldn't do it too often because it could mark.

Once a week I clean the floor with a normal mop that has been wrung out really well so it's only just damp. I don't use any products because I was told there is no need. And it looks really clean as long as the fluff has been swept up!

gorehaginhellsbum Thu 28-Oct-10 10:53:29

I bought a Lakeland floor sweeper which remains defunct and upstairs after a few uses.

I use a Miele vacuum as we have rugs too and wash with Method wood floor cleaner(smells of almonds) and a damp cloth.

When it was brand new I would just use a damp cloth but muddy shoes (even though not allowed in the house!) and 2 toddlers needed more.
It's oak.

DrEeeville Thu 28-Oct-10 11:03:18

I have this ands its great - quiz whip round and picks up all teh dust and then it has a scrubby bit for any extra marks - the head is really thick microfibre and to be honest it gets read of most marks anyway.
Also has a squeegie bit attached so you can leave teh floor practically dry.

BelieveInLife Thu 28-Oct-10 13:30:28

I've got solid oak floors in my dining room and living room. I've got 2 dogs and a toddler and it is quite hard work to keep clean, but easier than a carpet I guess.

I sweep daily with a soft broom, a hoover is fine as long as you use one where you can turn the beater bar off because that's the part that can damage the floor. But to be honest a brush is much more effective anyway as it lifts the dust out better.

Then about once a week I mop with a microfibre mop like the one DrEeeville has linked to. I was told it's crucial not to get the wood 'wet' and to dry it off asap.

When it looks really manky, probably once a month in Winter, I mop with a normal mop using water and a wood care cleaner and then dry it off quickly using a dry microfibre mop head.

Hope that helps.

HeadFairy Thu 28-Oct-10 13:37:00

we've got oak floors all the way downstairs and I've found sweeping a nightmare because the fluff just starts to fly. I hoover with the softer setting on the hoover (don't know how to describe it, it's not the hard scrapy bit for doing carpets, it's a brush bit on the end instead) and that works fine. Once a week the cleaner mops it down with some mild detergent but she always leaves it sopping wet despite me asking her not to. I'd say a just damp mop is best really.

Dexterrocks Thu 28-Oct-10 13:52:23

I have a maple wooden floor in our kitchen/dining/family room.
We hoover it more or less daily (we have a dog who sheds) and mop it very rarely with hot water with a tiny tiny bit of fairy liquid in the water. The dust and fluff do seem to gather on it really quickly.
The hotter the water the quicker it seems to dry but the mop has to be really wrung out or the moisture seeps into the joins.
There are lots of fancy products on the market but this is what the suppliers recommended and it works a treat!
We got the flooring as we were told it was easier to keep but tbh I find it a nightmare. That said, if the dirt that gets on the floor was in a carpet I suppose it would be disgusting and this way we can at least mop it away.

GrumpyFish Thu 28-Oct-10 16:25:44

I use a steam mop on our oak floors, no idea if you are meant to or not but it's quick and easy and hygenic, and it doesn't seem to have done them any harm - because it's steam the floor never gets soaking wet so there's no risk of warping.

Menagerie Sat 30-Oct-10 19:31:07

I hoover with the brush setting on, so it doesn't scratch, at least once a day but often 3 times as it shows up every little bit of grit. Once or twice a week, quick wash with hot damp fabric mop (can't remember what they're called - you get them in Clas Olsen) and Method almond which you just sprinkle on as you swipe the floor.

Occasionally it gets the proper Johnson's soapy wood cleaner as that lifts the dirt better than Method but method is so easy to use and smells so good.

spookerv1xen Sun 31-Oct-10 11:32:15

i mop with flash with febreze, use boiling water, gets it sparkling. then buff with a soft towel for shine.

spookerv1xen Sun 31-Oct-10 11:33:51

and wring it out loads as its not good for water to get in between the boards.

and i sweep mine first then hoover before mopping.

camflower Sun 31-Oct-10 13:01:50

Vacuum the crumbs then I use the vileda ultramax mop and bucket which has a wringer attachment so yr wooden floors don't get too wet. I've tried a few other things and this is by far the best ( rather than getting down on yr hands and knees with
a cloth)

ethicalmum Sun 31-Oct-10 14:26:42

Spotless Organic recommend Method wood floor cleaner it will polish and clean the floor with lovely sweet almond oil! No water needed buy a dry mop vileda or method dry mop from home base.

ethicalmum Sun 31-Oct-10 14:26:44

Spotless Organic recommend Method wood floor cleaner it will polish and clean the floor with lovely sweet almond oil! No water needed buy a dry mop vileda or method dry mop from home base.

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