Tips for drying clothes in a washer/dryer combi

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Starberries Wed 29-Sep-10 16:06:15

I come from a land where everyone has a separate tumble dryer. This land is good.

I have a Siemens 6-month-old washer/dryer combination unit. It washes well, but dries...shall we say...less than well. My clothes come out without exception smelling like electricity, must, and a bit burnt. This regardless of the 3 washing powders/liquids/gels I've tried, with or without fabric conditioner, and with or without dryer sheets (2 types).

Is this to be expected or will my clothes smell funky forever if I tumble dry them? sad

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knittiekitty Wed 29-Sep-10 21:47:37

Could you be putting too much in each load so that by the time it's dry it's frazzled? I was told not to put in more than half of the wet load and so far my Bosch has been reliable <touch wood!> for bedding and towels etc. Machine dried never smells as good as line dried but it seems to have been raining since August here!
Failing everything else ask Siemens for advice...

Scuttlebutter Thu 30-Sep-10 00:55:27

I'd agree with Knittie - we have a combo and it's fine, but don't over-fill.

I much prefer line drying, but in our climate it isn't possible all year round.

I don't tumble DH's shirts, his running gear, T shirts with screen printing on, or jeans. They get hung up, and duvet covers air over the banisters - I might finish them off in the dryer if I am in a rush or we have visitors and don't want the house looking like a laundry.

After ironing, laundry is generally aired in the airing cupboard before finally putting away.

To be honest the problems you describe sound a bit worrying, I'd give the manufacturer a call, especially if things smell burnt.. not good.

Starberries Thu 30-Sep-10 09:27:28

I only dried 2 items yesterday and they still came out with the odd smell. Perhaps you're right that I should give Siemens a call, failing that I think I will just plump for a separate dryer that we can station in DS's room sad

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BornToFolk Thu 30-Sep-10 09:35:09

That doesn't right at all. We've had a couple of washer/driers. The first was a Zanussi one that had loads of problems with the door locking but dried fine (but as others say, you can't overload it). Now we've got a John Lewis one which is brilliant, no problems at all.

You could always try running a hot wash on an empty machine with some vinegar or washing soda to give everything a good clear out. That might help with the musty smell.

emmie31 Thu 30-Sep-10 09:57:04

The Hotpoint washer dryer was the worse purchase I've made in my life, It's broken down 4 times in 1 year, doesn't dry towels unless you dry them for hours, I haven't got central heating so cant use them for drying things so decided to invest in the electric airer!!! I have to say our washing doesn't come out stinky, that's one thing it's got right!!!!

Starberries Thu 30-Sep-10 10:37:23

What is an electric airer?? blush <intrigued emoticon>

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HarryP Mon 17-Jan-11 11:15:15

HI Starberries,

Did you ever get rid of the bad smell? I am in a similar situation with a new Siemens washer dryer.

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