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stocksund sofas from Ikea

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user1495034589 Wed 17-May-17 16:27:51

Hi everyone, I'm thinking of buying the stocksund sofa, a 3 seater and two armchairs and while I like them in the Ikea showroom I'm wondering how hard wearing they are and do they keep their shape over time? I'm worrying they will look tatty, not sure why.
Any experience for anyone on here would be so helpful in making up my mind.

Many thanks.

normanpriceneedsanasbo Wed 17-May-17 17:39:46

We have them, I think they are great. Pros: the covers are washable and have taken an absolute hammering from my children (sick, poo, spilt drinks) and they have come up fine. They have even had a large glass of red wine spilt over them and they washed really well.

Cons: they are quite low and the seat cushions only fit in particular spaces on the sofas so you can't swap them around and turn them over to try and keep them nice and plump


Olecranon Fri 19-May-17 09:10:17

I have one in the kitchen that we have had for 6 months and it gets little use but looks a bit worn already. I don't think it will last long but it was just the right size for quite a small space. If it was for a living room I would choose something more structured and sturdy.

LightYears Fri 19-May-17 09:18:11

If you Google images some used ones come up, gives you an idea. Ive just been buying their Ektorp did the same, there was some good reviews on here too. Have a checked to see if anyone has reviewed the ones you re after on here. The Stocksund has nice deep seats, I tried it out in store, have you?

LightYears Fri 19-May-17 09:21:14

I like the arm covers that come with. Mine doesn't have these, so I'm after some, not sure best place though.

user1495034589 Fri 19-May-17 13:12:28

Thanks for the feedback.

Yes I have tried them in the showroom and found them very comfortable as I appreciate the seat depth and relatively high seat height, that is why I was considering them.

And yes, I'd seen those photos of used ones if you search images for Stocksund - and they did look a bit shabby and shapeless generally even the ones that were for sale on gumtree and not very old. It seems they suffer from the seat cushions flattening and overhanging the lip of the base. That is why I asked about whether they would hold up lookswise. I'm wondering if, yes they are comfy, but as Olecranon suggested, they may not be as structured and with sturdy fillings to keep their shape and wear well over time. I've always found that good quality foam seat cushions are the most comfy and last well.

These will be for the main sitting room, so need something that is both comfy and will hold its shape and looks. Even though they are very reasonably priced and have high cotton content on covers (which is a must for me due to allergies) I'm wondering if they might be a bad buy in the long run. Such a shame.

Regarding the Ektorp - I had two of these sofas for several years and they were extremely good I thought, looked good and kept their structure and shape nicely. I gave them to a friend as I was moving (didn't suit new house) and they are still going strong and in excellent shape. I would recommend them. A downside for me at least with the Ektorp is the shallow seat depth -we are all tall in my family - but if it wasn't for that, I'd definitely consider buying them again. p.s. I'm assuming the build/fabric quality hasn;t changed over time, which if memory serves well, it is now the same as when I originally bought them.

Bit of a quandry really as I really do need sofas soonish (moving into new home which will suit modern style furnishings) and other options are very limited. For instance, want them deliverable within a couple of weeks, must have high cotton/linen content fabrics, etc etc. JL, (feather stuffings used, bad for allergies!), sofaworkshop etc etc are all out as far as my requirements are concerned. Getting very frustrating!

thanks for the all the feedback. I'm not sure where/how to look for the Stocksund review on here, I didn't see one from my searches.

Ummm ...

LightYears Fri 19-May-17 13:54:02

Yes, the Ektorp has got a shallower seat depth hasn't it. Ikea is handy for quick delivery, I ordered in store around noon, then on the same day around 5pm they delivered, so I can't complain about that!

I search for other threads too, a few poster have started threads about the Stocksund but not many replies.
Furniture Village have Some nice ones but delivery waiting times might be a problem.

Hope you can sort something else out soon.

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