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how to paint ikea malm furniture

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Realitea Tue 08-Nov-16 07:16:10

Ive never painted furniture before and dont want to get it wrong. I have a load of wilkos vouchers and thought this would be the best time.
Its malm furniture from ikea in a veneer finish. Do I need primer and furniture paint? Do I need to sand it down first?
Thank you!

FlamingoSnuffle Tue 08-Nov-16 21:25:31

Here is a video of someone painting it on YouTube

You need a primer, I would suggest zinsser bin 123, and read the rave reviews on screwfix here

Then you will need a top coat of paint on top.

Malm is a veneer, there are lots of videos on YouTube of people revamping Ikea furniture with paint.

ElasticFirecracker Tue 15-Nov-16 08:57:39

Does anybody know where you can get 'the little paint thing' she uses for the roller. It looks really good.

TiffanyAtBreakfast Wed 16-Nov-16 06:24:53

Tried this recently on my malm drawers and it looks TERRIBLE. I primed and sanded the life out of it but it has come out streaky even with plenty of coats. We're going to throw the drawers out confused

InfiniteSheldon Wed 16-Nov-16 06:34:59

We painted bits of a Billy Book case took three coats of Valspar we bought to match dh says he wished he'd used primer he gave it a very light sanding just to key it.

engineersthumb Wed 16-Nov-16 06:38:30

Painted furniture always looks awful IMHO. If you spray it then it looks ok... until the first scratch. It generally scratches easily. There will always be a rub point somewhere too, usually a door or runner.
Why do you want to paint it, because your unhappy with it or because you want something personalisd?
If the former I'd just replace it. If the second then I'd just have another think.
The finish is usually acrylic so any acrylic primer would do if you really wanted to go ahead, zinsser is usually used on problematic surfaces (not that ive used it myself) so not the only answer.

InfiniteSheldon Wed 16-Nov-16 15:44:33

I paint furniture regularly and love the look, there is at least one piece of painted furniture in every room of my house; perhaps I just have no taste confused

Bluntness100 Wed 16-Nov-16 15:49:08

Use chalk paint, you don't need a primer, dead easy to do, I did veneer ikea wardrobes and you don't need to distress just paint them and leave, works brilliantly.

Also you don't need to wax after, I never have, because if uou do, thenyou need to sand the buggers if you ever fancy painting them again.

I also did a whole bedroom set which was knotty orange pine, bed and two side tables, it's lovely as said, I don't distress them, I simply paint and leave. Easiest paint in the world to use and comes in a ton of different colors.

Realitea Thu 17-Nov-16 11:00:29

I wish I'd bought chalk paint now. Just got two tins of primer. Do I need to sand veneer?

I have also bought furniture paint. At least if I ruin them I have an excuse to buy new furniture.

Leapling Thu 17-Nov-16 11:15:20

I painted our Malm drawers with chalk paint - disaster! I've painted other furniture with chalk paint before this and it's always worked out well but the drawers look awful!

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