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Good or Bad Reviews on Betta Living Kitchens.

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OmoT Thu 11-Apr-13 15:59:56

I have an appointment with them and want to know what they are like.

Which Kitchen company's would you recommend Pls?

maybejulesishome Thu 15-Aug-13 11:10:36

Hey there - Would love to know how your appointment went. I had an appointment with them recently (actually booked through NEXT KITCHENS) but 6 weeks on and after a 2 hour sales pitch and measuring up and choosing units etc they still haven't sent me through diagrams which were promised the following day. I am so shocked as would expect great service from Next, but Betta Living seem totally shoddy and completely void of design inspiration or ideas. I had to make all the suggestions while the salesman simply nodded. Did you fare better?

Stevenlewis1967 Sat 03-Jan-15 12:44:36

I worked for Betta Living for 2 months it is an experience I shall never forget. They have a hard sell approach and like so many large companies they do not care about anyone but themselves. I am a decent and honest person who genuinely cares about helping people so from the beginning I had my reservations. You are not allowed to give out your mobile phone number to customers but I did and soon realised why when many of my customers called me to complain about the poor service given by Betta Living. The bedroom ranges look good I admit but what most people don't realise is that the doors are only a cheap medium density chipboard that is edged in PVC edging (betta living call it a Grade A furniture board another big lie) so everything is cheap to manufacture and offers poor value for money. The sales staff are self employed and get no basic pay petrol allowance or expenses instead you are promised a 15% commission on sales. You are expected to travel all over the country at your own expense to do their appointments from 9 am until 7 pm 6 days a week including weekends so you often you don't get home until midnight. When it comes to getting paid it does not happen instead they make excuses and just give you enough money to keep you doing their appointments. I have run my own kitchen and bedroom company honestly for 10 years and I have never experienced so many lies told to the public, I could not do it but like the public I was also deceived into thinking Betta Living were a respectable company. When I tried to sort out my wages before Christmas my Manager John Hewitt at Castle Marina in Nottingham was extremely confrontational and abusive towards me and I was left with no money to pay bills or for Christmas either. Betta Living always talk about being professional the response from my Manager was far from being professional what instead it was the reality of what Betta Living are, thieves in shirts and ties.
I thought maybe it was just the Manager and contacted head office about the problem to discover they did not want to know so I realised it was procedure not only the Manager but the Company too. Something should be done about how Betta Living treat people that work for them and how they also treat their customers, but unfortunately the law allows this to happen. Betta Living have offices of staff adding good feedback about the company all day long and taking bad feed back off the net when ever they can and doing every other trick possible to deceive the public into thinking they are a reputable Company when in Reality they are dishonest. Betta Living owe me thousands of pounds and I'm sure they will get away with it. I strongly advise anyone to avoid Betta Living they are rogues, instead use a small local family business that has a good reputation and history too.
Thank you for reading my review on Betta Living, as senior sales designer from a manufacturing background I am now looking for a job with a reputable Company if anyone can help please let me know, I am prepared to relocate for the right Company.

Steven Lewis

Stevenlewis1967 Sat 03-Jan-15 13:02:12


I worked for Betta living for 2 months = Betta Living don't employ real designers they employ hard salesman and you will never get a floor plan from them its Company policy.

The products look good but in reality are cheap to produce and offer poor value for money, their customer service is terrible and they do nothing but lie to people.

All of their sales staff are self employed on commission only, they don't pay a wage or petrol allowances or any expenses too and when it comes to getting your commission they steal it from you.

They teach you to lie to the public but I would never do it and like the public I was deceived into thinking they were reputable when they are not.

I can not believe a decent Company like Next or Dobbies allows them to be present in their Stores.

I advise anyone and everyone to avoid Betta Living like the plague and instead use a smaller local family business with a good history and reputation.

Steven Lewis

Stevenlewis1967 Sat 03-Jan-15 13:03:44

I worked for Betta Living for 2 months avoid them like the plague they are rogues.

Steven Lewis

Benny1831 Tue 18-Apr-17 21:34:49

I'm implore all hard working individuals do not let Betta LIving near your kitchen unless you feel like a hole in the wall to the outside world, spending a ton of money and having to design the kitchen yourself because the designer planned a kitchen that would not fit in yours, defective cupboards with holes in, front of cupboards which are sub-standard with marks, bubbles and scratches. The company cause nothing but stress sleepless nights, work men not turning up even at the start of the job, then disappearing half way through the day. Promises of contact and compensation, which never transpires. Our kitchen was £13.000, which is a lot of money to us. I wish I never got BETTA LIVING to do the job in the first place, I would of got better value and satisfaction flushing the money down the toilet, I have photos and will be publishing shortly for all to see.

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