Second degree and part time tuition loan

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lyssie29 Tue 05-Sep-17 16:24:17

I recently signed up to study a part time computer degree with Open university. It says on the site that I can apply for a tuition loan even though i already have a degree. However, according to student finance I can only apply if I didn't complete my first degree or if i did a masters. I've read other things where people have said they have got a loan for a second degree anyone done this or know anything about it? I'm totally gutted.

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donajimena Tue 05-Sep-17 16:30:31

Sorry to be no help but I am watching with interest as my friend is in a similar situation. She completed 2 years so is entitled to 2 years funding but needs more. She didn't complete due to her mother passing away (all documented) sorry for the hijack

titchy Tue 05-Sep-17 16:32:33

You are entitled to a fees loan if you're studying certain subjects despite having a degree already - computing is one of those subjects so go for it! The OU will help with the fee loan application if you run into difficulty.

You'll also be able to get some maintenance loan in a couple of years if you need it.

SerfTerf Tue 05-Sep-17 16:34:30

I looked at this a few years ago. The rule then was that second "first" (UG) degrees that lead to a recognised profession were eligible for further loans. I'm pretty sure computing subjects were explicitly included in that. Let me fish around for an up to date version of that info.

SerfTerf Tue 05-Sep-17 16:38:40

Here you go. It has changed but PT engineering, tech or computer science have a special exemption smile ;

titchy Tue 05-Sep-17 16:40:40

elq stem

Page 58 above.

Argeles Tue 05-Sep-17 16:43:44

I'm studying for my second Degree, and unfortunately they will not give me a loan, as I have already completed a Degree.

To add insult to injury, I had to pay off my student loan in full from my first Degree in order to take out a mortgage - they would not allow me to borrow the amount needed whilst I had my student loan debt. I definitely think I should be entitled to another loan, as I've paid back the other one, but no the shitty system refuse to allow it.


AlphaStation Tue 05-Sep-17 16:48:54

What about a bank loan? Is that at all possible? I suppose the question I want to ask if there is any kind of work-around you could use to get to that computer degree, even if it would not be the main route taken by most students.

SerfTerf Tue 05-Sep-17 16:52:00

She can get student finance. It's right there on the links.

lyssie29 Tue 05-Sep-17 16:57:58

@titchy thanks I had read that before but after reading it again realise that it says if you have previously gained an honours degree you get can help but my degree was not an honours degree it was a BA film and media sad

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lyssie29 Tue 05-Sep-17 17:03:17

Thanks everyone it appears it's only if you have done an honours degree where as mine was not. I don't know why that should matter as its still a degree but looks like I'm not having any luck. I can't get a bank loan as I'm currently not working as I have 2 girls who dont go to school yet.

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lyssie29 Tue 05-Sep-17 17:07:20

Sorry also thanks serfterf for the info. I have contacted open university to make sure but it looks like I cant as I don't have an honours degree.

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SerfTerf Tue 05-Sep-17 17:09:20

Oh that almost feels like a technicality sad. How mean of them. Is it a Scottish ordinary degree you have?

MaderiaCycle Tue 05-Sep-17 17:09:24

This sounds really patronising but are you sure it wasn't an honours degree? Most are as longs you get a Third or above. If you don't get a third then you get a degree without honours. That's how it was when I graduated in 2006.

lyssie29 Tue 05-Sep-17 17:21:18

I think it must be I only got a pass then. I had a very difficult time in my 3rd year as my dad passed away but did badly in only one of the classes. I asked if i needed to redo the essay but was told that because i had good marks everywhere else I didn't need to. This only gave me a pass I think. It was so long ago now and really regretting not fighting to redo that essay sad that's all i can think of then. Gutted.

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titchy Tue 05-Sep-17 17:29:33

You need to actually apply. I am absolutely certain you'd get a loan - quite often these sorts of regulations are not written by experts and this would seem to be the case - topping up from a DipHE or foundation degree would be fine. Usually if you can demonstrate that the spirit of the regs means you should qualify, you will be able to. Please try - the policy was designed just for people like you.

you could also just say you have an honours degree

PurpleDaisies Tue 05-Sep-17 17:33:03

To add insult to injury, I had to pay off my student loan in full from my first Degree in order to take out a mortgage - they would not allow me to borrow the amount needed whilst I had my student loan debt.

I didn't think student debt affected mortgages. My enormous debt didn't make any different to mine (beyond having a regular outgoing).

lyssie29 Tue 05-Sep-17 17:51:20

@titchy the student loan website won't let me even apply it comes up as error so I phoned them and they told me it's because I dont qualify as I already have a degree. I mentioned to them what i had read about it and he just kept saying you can't get it as you have a degree already only if I was to do a higher course than my degree would I get one according to him. It's so confusing 🙁

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titchy Tue 05-Sep-17 18:35:30

Please phone the OU for advice. The SLC advisors are well known for not being entirely accurate...

Becca19962014 Tue 05-Sep-17 18:43:51

Firstly, which course with the OU is it specifically (not all computing qualifies)?
Secondly, are you in England? The rules are different if you are elsewhere in the UK.

lyssie29 Tue 05-Sep-17 18:53:36

I'll contact open university and make sure.

It is Bsc (honours) computing and IT.

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QueenMorpheacadoChamelepen Tue 05-Sep-17 19:02:01

I too think you should qualify but don't be put off looking at the postgraduate computing course. I'm doing it at the moment and glad I started there.

Becca19962014 Tue 05-Sep-17 19:02:29

I think it's only the specific STEM degree that qualifies, not the others and only if you're an England student. There were rules preventing it if you hadn't paid off your previous loan, but I don't know if that's still in place (it might be) or if you did your degree before student loans England/Wales/Scotland was formed.

Becca19962014 Tue 05-Sep-17 19:05:18

To clarify they literally do a STEM degree which combines all the elements together, obviously ignore what I said about not paying off your last loan (I missed that bit!) though for those asking my deferred student loan which was sold to a private company now shows up on credit checks and has prevented me from getting loans because I've not paid it off.

Llys Wed 06-Sep-17 13:05:49

I have an LLB (hons) and have successfully registered with student finance for the BSc computing and IT February 2018 start.

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