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anyone deliver catalogues?

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belcantavinissima Tue 19-Aug-08 14:57:33

i filled in a few online forms last week for working from home and a guy just called me from the home delivery network to see if i was still after a job. it seems to be just delivering catalogues to people at home so no selling or anything. just wondered af anyone else does this and how much i would be likely to be paid etc etc? thank you smile

belcantavinissima Tue 19-Aug-08 15:51:17

i know it s boring but bumping anyway

OldLadyKnowsNothing Wed 20-Aug-08 03:29:04

And finally, a response.

It's probably been covered before.

I have done "just deliver catalogues" work in the past - but this was a few years ago, so things might have changed.

Back then, "just deliver catalogues" also meant "Enclose note/have rubber stamp made (with your name, address and telephone number(s)) begging them (the people to whom you deliver catalogues) not to bin it because you have to pay for it" and "make sure note includes a date/time you'll collect it" (And if you have last minute childcare issues and can't pick up when you said, expect them to have binned the catalogue.)

I'm pretty sure there will be MN threads about unwanted catalogues through the door.

I'm also pretty sure that with the amount of junk mail being delivered by the postie these days, added to what falls out of an average newspaper/magazine, a "just deliver a catalogue"-type business is going to get lost in all the "noise".

Back in my day, (less than a decade ago, btw) it meant "hoping desperately that someone had placed an order" and an awful lot of walking about in shitty weather for remarkably little return. I suspect that the Interweb has reduced even that return.

Unless you have a sheltered-accommodation facility within your immediate area, that no-one else has noticed?

belcantavinissima Wed 20-Aug-08 16:11:57

hmm, thank you for replying!!!
the guy is coming tomorrow to discuss it so i guess i will find out then. i didnt want to get invovlved in all that betterware/avon.kleeneze stuff. this is apparently delivering littlewoods catalogues and the like so i guess they would be ones people have requested. i just thought it might be somehting i could easily fit in and around the kids and if need be they could come with me in the car hmm. am worried he will come round tomorrow and sweet talk me into it and i will end up saying yes even if i dont want to do it as i am totally rubbish at saying no esp to someones face blush

OldLadyKnowsNothing Thu 21-Aug-08 19:20:12

Ah, right, a different sort of thing, then. How did your meeting go?

dinkyboysmum Sun 24-Aug-08 20:05:03 did it go? am looking for something like this myself...does it seem worthwhile?

Ripeberry Sun 24-Aug-08 21:29:42

You need to work out if what you get paid is worth the xtra wear and tear on your car and of course petrol/diesel costs.
You may end up only earning £2 an hour!

hughjarssss Sun 24-Aug-08 21:45:12

Agree with ripeberry

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