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honeymine Fri 13-May-16 19:29:07

Aibu to ask my kids dad to have them more now I'm working? This is the first time I have gone to work in over 10 years and my ex has made headway with HIS career.

He normally has them once a week for tea and once over night on the weekend, I'm asking him to have them 2 nights over night and not just the once.

I'm gonna be working days and night and my partner is going to work part time so he can take/pick the kids to school and study.

Meanwhile him and his partner get to work full time and enjoy all that free time.

I think that he is being unreasonable but what do you guys think?

Thank guys and girls

Ps... don't need my grammar correcting and let's keep this nice and light

JustLostTheGame Fri 13-May-16 19:31:43

I dont think its unreasonable at all. He is their parent, why shouldnt he provide some of their childcare. Do you think he will agree? I asked my EX for more help and he refused, saying it was my choice to work so i had to sort my own childcare. Completely ignoring the fact it was also his choice to work yet somehow he didnt have to sort any childcare hmm

honeymine Fri 13-May-16 19:38:45

I keep pressing the issue with him, hopefully he will get bored and give in soon. It makes me so cross as last year I went through some trouble with an ex, lost everything and had to leave the town for my own safety, he was quick to have them stay with him, but he got quite nasty and used to throw it back in my face.

I just wish he wasn't such a moron

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