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**FIRST APPLICATION** Help with school administrative officer personal statement

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sham03 Tue 03-Jun-14 11:23:13

Hi everyone it's my first post on here. I'm applying for my first job as a Attendance/Administrative Officer, I've filled out my application but need some help with the additional information of the application. I have drafted a personal statement out but would like someone who can check it for me and correct me where I have gone wrong.

A little about myself, I have worked as a nursery assistant and have done temporary work through an agency in various nurseries, besides that I have done reception work in a family business, and whilst I was a SAHM I ran a clothing business from home. I have added my personal statement below, if someone can plz add onto it as I would really like this job.

Also in the essential criteria of the person spec there are a few points which I still need to cover which include:
1⃣ an understanding of the needs of multi cultural society
2⃣ knowledge of Islamic beliefs and practices
3⃣ knowledge of relevant policies/codes of practice to support pastoral/attendance needs
4⃣ how can I mention I'm willing to train for first aid?

I would like to apply for the role of Attendance/Administrative Officer as advertised on the Prospects Online website. I feel that it would be a rewarding job to which I could bring my ...
I am looking for a role that is challenging, varied and where I can use the experience that I gained from working in a nursery. It was in that role that I wss able to develop my verbal and written communication skills as I was required to handle queries. These could sometimes be very challenging as they came from parents who were sometime very upset about an issue. I had to learn how to deal with stressful situations calmly and know how to help find a quick solution to a problem. I had to act in a professional manner at all times and adhere to the nursery strict equality and confidentiality policies as I was handling childrens data and personal details.

I love helping out and interacting with young children and encouraging them to do new activities. You really need to be able to use your own initiative and think on your feet as to what activities you could be doing with children to make sure they dont get bored and misbehave. It requires good team working as there are alot of people all trying to get different things done. I have been CRB checked for tbis role and understand child protection issues.

I have had to learn effective time management strategies in order to get my own child to and from nursery on time. I often have to do this on my own as my husband works away from home alot. It required me to be very organised and prioritise everything to make sure everything gets done.

Being bilingual can be seen as a strong advantage for this post. I am able to speak the predominant language for asian children. This in effect demonstrates my ability to communicate with parents and other signifucant adults effectively. In the past, I have further used my bilingual skills, to communicate with parents of childrens acquiring English as an additional language.

I would like to comment on my personal use of ICT, I thoroughly enjoy surfing the internet and using tbe PC for personal use. To improve my speed and typing accuracy I am putting myself through to ECDL course which will help me improve my IT skills.

I drive a car which enables me to get to and work effectively. Most importantly I would be comitted to Feversham College vision, aims, values and the islamic ethos.

I would like to emphasis my determination in undertaking further training if necessary for this post. I would very much like to undertake this role so I hope that you will consider my application

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sham03 Tue 03-Jun-14 12:28:51

I've also studied a levels at the same college

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sham03 Tue 03-Jun-14 18:50:23

Can anyone possibly help?

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Hazelnut55 Thu 05-Jun-14 22:24:43

Just a few brief pointers...

Take out CRB, they are now called DBS.
Take out your reference to getting your child to nursery on time. This should be a given. Instead, reference that you believe good attendance and punctuality is important for young people to achieve their potential.
Make some reference to understanding the importance of building up relationships with parents and carers and working together to support students.
Reference understanding the value of other stakeholders and agencies, eg social care, health providers and working towards removing barriers to education.

Hope this helps.

Alixion Tue 10-Jun-14 09:31:01

Hi, I'm currently in secondary school admin and previously had a responsibility for employing staff - do you still need help or have you already submitted your application?

Hayleyy1993 Mon 24-Apr-17 18:01:49

Hi Alixion. I'm currently apply for a few junior administration jobs within primary schools but I have no experience however I have 3 years experience of working in a private nursery with children aged 3months - 5 years. Could you possible give me some tips please of what to include in my applications and CV please 🤗 X

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