Why would my periods stop in the middle for 24 hours?

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WilfSell Mon 18-Aug-08 10:58:53

That's it really. It has been like this for the last few years (at least since second baby but possibly before, can't remember). Now after third baby seems more pronounced than ever.

After the second day, my period just stops, completely, for between 12-24 hours. Then it starts again, lighter but still 'normal'. It does then 'go on' somewhat for some days, gradually getting sparser and brown and yucky. Even drags on somewhat.

Is this something I should worry about do you think? It is odd and wasn't always like this so I'd like to understand why... Any ideas?

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HeadFairy Mon 18-Aug-08 11:01:25

Mine have usually been like that, it's like your body is playing games with you, you think it's all over and put away the tampons/pads etc for another month... and oops here comes a little bit more to piss you off! I figured it was all normal.

forevercleaning Mon 18-Aug-08 11:02:31

yep has happened to me on numerous occasions. no idea why, just when you think it is all over....and put those light coloured trousers on...!

HeadFairy Mon 18-Aug-08 11:03:32

or your nice non period pants... gah!

titchy Mon 18-Aug-08 11:03:53

Oh mine do that too. Every month. Do I learn? No. Each month I am lulled into a false sense of security thinking 'Oh good that one only lasted a couple of days'. Then on day 3 or 4 - another splurge... very annoying!

maidamess Mon 18-Aug-08 11:05:49

Mine does this too...I figured it was because I have a bicornate uterus which means two chambers.

So the first one bleeds, then the second.

But if you're all saying it too, perhaps I'm wrong?

Its a reet pain though isn't it? I can never get the timimg of the second bit right.

forevercleaning Mon 18-Aug-08 11:06:27

actually its funny really how we all have those pants for that time of the month. Mine are huge black ones!


HeadFairy Mon 18-Aug-08 11:07:37

Mine are the ones I wore post cs... giant black belly warmers...hmmm sexy!

HeadFairy Mon 18-Aug-08 11:08:51

maidamess - can I ask how you found out about your bicornate uterus?

forevercleaning Mon 18-Aug-08 11:11:16

yes i was wondering that. perhaps we all have them, i may even have 3 as mine have done stop start stop start for 2 weeks before!

maidamess Mon 18-Aug-08 11:12:22

I found out when I was in the delivery room having child number one!

I was never able to use tampons successfully, they always leaked. Upon investigation they discovered I had two vaginal canals! Aren't I lucky.

They snipped the septum that divided them (ouch) and out my daughter came.

maidamess Mon 18-Aug-08 11:13:26

They scanned me to see if I had two of everything! Luckily not.

HeadFairy Mon 18-Aug-08 11:24:10

oh... I've wondered since I had ds. He was breech for as long as I could feel him. Everyone kept saying "he'll turn" but he never did, his head was always under my ribs. No somersaults, nothing. We tried to turn him and he steadfastly refused. I wondered if it was something to do with that, but is that the sort of thing that would have shown up on a scan? No one mentioned anything like that, it only really occured to me after he was born.

WilfSell Mon 18-Aug-08 11:33:52

I don't think I've got two wombs! Well, you'd think after 3 kids and 3 sections someone (including me) would have noticed?

I was wondering about fibroids though... They run in my family and was wondering if something might be blocking off a bit of the uterus somehow?

I certainly haven't always had periods like this so something must have changed...

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HeadFairy Mon 18-Aug-08 12:14:12

You may laugh, but the woman who does my waxing told me the other day they only discovered she had a bicornate uterus after three breech deliveries... they gave her a cs for the fourth. Not sure why after three breech deliveries, they might as well have done the fourth....

Perhaps your hormones have changed slightly and you get a little surge of something that makes you have a little extra bit of period.

Jackaroo Mon 18-Aug-08 12:25:09

It's something to do with your adrenal glands. ie not workign sufficiently well. Although a propery symptom, not a very important one - as in you don't need to worry about it, as long as you aren't crawling on the floor with fatigue - and other symptoms.

I finally got sent to an endocrinologist with all sorts of symptomes, this is what they said, but I wasn't sufficiently sick for them to have a solution... excellent result ???

On here for an emergency question, but couldn't let this one go.

Don't worry!


HeadFairy Tue 19-Aug-08 19:43:05

oh thanks jackaroo, that's resolved something I've always wondered about.

Kyoung1 Sun 04-Aug-13 16:09:42

Hi ladies I am hoping someone can help me. Similar to the problems some of you have had I was due a period on wednesday and like clockwork along it came, however it was only a very pale pink on the tissue, it then went away and along it came on saturday but this time it was brown and only on the tissue and very pale. Then sunday I wake and I know from the moment I stand up its not good. Very heavy and very painful. My husband and I are ttc. Is my body having a laugh at my expense? Help!

Foxmummy Sat 25-Jan-14 21:54:33

Hi, don't know if anyone is still looking at this thread.. I had a miscarriage last August with failed medical
Management then an emergency d&c. My periods went from a regular 4-5 days of gradually reducing flow to 1 heavy day (more like 12 hours) then nothing for about 48hours then 2-3 days of very light brown bleeding. I conceived again in November but have just miss arrived again at 6 weeks. I had a d&c last week and have retained products. I am wondering whether the change in my periods was actually due to scarring from the d&c and if I could have ashermann's syndrome. That can cause sudden alterations in menstruation.
Sorry for TMI. Does anyone out there have similar symptoms and have any idea why?

cloudscape Mon 29-Dec-14 12:19:38

Hi Foxmummy, I had a cs followed by 2 miscarriages (then a successful pregnancy). However, after the cs my perods never went back to normal - bleeding for 3 days a gap of 2 days and then bleeding (brown, yucky, stingy)for another 3 - 5 days. This was miserable and went on foryears. The docs had no idea what was causing it and could only suggest the mirena coil. Eventually, as things got even worse after second cs - I gave in and got the mirena coil, which has solved the problem but I never found outthe cause and it was absolutely miserable. My daughter (14) has just told me that she has bleeding fro 3 days, off for 2 and back again so if anyone can throw any light on this so I can prevent her having to go through this I'd be eternally grateful.

Charlierose1991 Thu 13-Feb-20 14:25:23

Hello... just seeing if anybody has any advice or reassurance that this is normal!
I came off the contraceptive pill after about 10 years of being on it as we decided to start a family! I came off in August, and fell pregnant very quickly in October- unfortunately at 9 weeks I had a miscarriage. I had to take the medication to complete it.
I miscarried 12th dec and bled on and off for a few weeks(heavy to begin with then very light) until the beginning of January! There was only a short gap until I started my 1st period (I think it was my first anyway). I then started what I think is my second period since miscarrying on the 1st feb, however I won’t stop bleeding! I am now 13 days into it! To begin with it was normal and relatively heavy or a medium flow and now it is on or off. I wake in the mornings and think great it’s finished, and then by 11am I feel it start again! I got really worried as having a period for longer than 5 days is very unusual for my body so I went to the the GP. He was not worried in the slightest and said it is my body still flushing everything out.
Just wanted to see if anyone has a similar experience! We are really keen to try and get pregnant again but at the moment I can’t see it happening if I’m constantly bleeding or on my period.
Since the miscarriage I feel I’ve just been bleeding with very small windows in between and it’s really getting me down. I’m 28, and am really worrying that I’m now going to struggle to get pregnant!
Any advice or help is greatly appreciated smile

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