Share your experience to improve women’s health - government launches cause for evidence

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Leafstamp Sun 07-Mar-21 14:07:57

I thought this might of interest to women here:

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Leafstamp Mon 08-Mar-21 09:25:27

The survey is now live (nice timing with International Women's Day today), with links for private individuals and organisations to respond, here it is:

Let's speak up on this important issue

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megletsecond Mon 08-Mar-21 09:27:43

Oooh, goody grin. <<cracks knuckles>>

TheLaughingGenome Mon 08-Mar-21 12:35:14

Thank you. This is so important for girls and women, around a while list of things that affect us, such as

Period pain
Pregnancy issues
Antenatal care / maternity wards / postnatal care
Infertility and IVF postcode lottery
Pregnancy loss
Reproductive choices
Menopause and premenopausal symptoms
GPs' gendered attitudes to chronic pain and other medical issues
Older women and becoming invisible
Female cancers

Leafstamp Tue 09-Mar-21 08:32:45

Article on endometriosis:

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Leafstamp Tue 09-Mar-21 17:41:59


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colouringindoors Tue 09-Mar-21 19:52:15

Really important consultation, please complete if you can.


Leafstamp Wed 10-Mar-21 10:26:57

There's some really useful free-text boxes in the survey, and chance to share links to research etc.

It's a really good opportunity to get your voice heard on women's health (including eg mental health and whether or not you have a current or past health condition).

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Leafstamp Thu 11-Mar-21 10:21:48


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colouringindoors Thu 11-Mar-21 22:36:53


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