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Constant urge to pee!

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WHW123 Tue 16-Jun-20 23:51:45


Really hoping someone has a success story.

So I had a baby 10 weeks ago and all was fine, all very straight forward.

Anyway after 3 weeks when i started feeling like I had the start of cystitis but only on walks. I ignored it thinking it'd be everything adjusting.
But by 5 weeks it was this need to wee all the time! Handed a sample in to GP who dip it and it was clear. I know someone who works in gynae who got me an appointment to be checked over there as was such a horrid feeling!
Anyway was checked very slight bladder prolapse but what she'd expect to see at 6 weeks postnatal. Urine was dipped and had all sorts in so was started on antibiotics. Urine came back pos but antibiotics didn't work so my GP put me on fosfomycin twice which eased the symptoms but didn't go.
At my 8 week check I told the GP I still had symptoms, he sent another sample (on dip it had blood in it) but came back clear.
Was seen by gynae again, dipped urine - had white blood cells and blood in it. Sent away and was negative.
She did an internal examination, prolapse gone, and no understanding of why symptoms continued. She's tried me on some long term preventive antibiotics - they've done nothing so far ( nearly 2 weeks in) and gave me estrogen cream, as I highlighted breastfeeding can mimic perimenopause. (But then I've read I shouldn't take that as can effect breastfeeding). She also queried painful urethra syndrome but I'm not convinced. As it's my bladder.

I literally go to the loo and the only relief I get is when I pass urine. Then after it's the worst need to go again - I don't! I was going to toilet more than I used to and with the actually uti I tried increase fluids to flush it. Anyway I know I don't need a pee, and avoid going for a few hours at a time.

She's giving me a call this week for an update. And I was going to ask about being seen my urology? I can't stand this, I just want to enjoy my little boy. If lockdown wasn't bad enough with this on top. I've never had any health issues before. Wonderful pregnancy and birth.

Could it be breastfeeding and low estrogen?
Or is it painful bladder?
Anyone had any experience with please tell me happy endings. I'm driving myself mad looking online. See old posts like this but then no endings of what happened.

Thank you! daffodil

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WHW123 Tue 16-Jun-20 23:54:46

Also I am seeing a private physio - thanks to Covid nhs gynae physio is closed. As I worried about prolapse. I'm having to do downtraining excercises as I do have tension on my pelvic floor. So been told not to do kegals at present.

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YouMaySayImADreamer Wed 17-Jun-20 20:54:30

I had this exact thing after my first baby and mine may even be one of the old posts you have read. It really tormented me and I felt the same as you that I couldn't enjoy my baby. I was very distressed by it. It was also brought on by walking, or at least I felt I couldn't walk far because of this constant feeling of needing a wee.

I did see urology and gynae as well. Urogology found nothing other than mild prolapse and slight stress incontinence (unfortunately for me that has persisted but 2 more babies later hasn't got worse). I also had physio until my little boy was just over 1 which did help a lot with the sensation.

The gynae told me that breastfeeding could make the vagina menopausal and I was hugely relieved to hear that I could expect a lot of improvement once I stopped. There is info about lactational vaginal atrophy online, which like menopausal VA, causes urinary symptoms. I am certain that this is what I had. Weirdly not many healthcare professionals seem to know or talk about it. The gynae gave me oestrogen cream but like you I was worried about the effect on milk supply which I was already struggling with so I never used it. My symptoms did ease significantly (and gradually) into my little boy's second year. I completely stopped thinking about it which I never thought possible.

I didn't experience it at all with my second child. Hope this helps smile

WHW123 Wed 17-Jun-20 22:01:34

@YouMaySayImADreamer thanks for replying. When did you stop breastfeeding your first? And was it from that point it started to improve? Did you find any ways of easing it too.
And did you breastfeed your second?
Hope you don't mind me asking.
This is just torture, my gynae atm just seems to say I'm a mystery. She's ringing me tomorrow or Friday, so going to ask about being referred to urology just to make sure everything is okay.

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WHW123 Thu 18-Jun-20 06:32:53

@YouMaySayImADreamer I had a notification in my iPhone you'd replied but when I've open the post, it's not there. Not sure why? hmmIf you don't mind repeating your previous comment. daffodil

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YouMaySayImADreamer Thu 18-Jun-20 07:26:50

No problem. I stopped bf my first at 13 months and yes I did bf my second for a lot longer than this as well although strangely had no issues second time. I noticed a gradual improvement from when my periods returned at 9/10 months and then a bigger improvement from when I stopped bf - not exactly sure when but I guess I gradually stopped thinking about and feeling it until it got to the point I forgot, which I had never thought would happen. I had also been suffering from horrible heavy, bulgy, aching feelings down there. I think it was a combination of the feelings easing off a lot, and me getting used to a new normal - I know the second bit probably isn't what you want to hear but it does get to a point where it no longer consumes your thoughts I found.

Some things that helped:

- Time and probably just a little or even a lot more time than average, but for me I believe it was hugely hormone and bf related.

- Physio along with natural strength returning over time. Although I believe it was mostly VA caused by low oestrogen, this can also cause pelvic floor laxness which worsens symptoms I believe. Doing regular pelvic floors, though not immediate relief, also made me feel in control.

- The urologist suggested that I needed to retrain my bladder and that there could be an element of me being so afraid of needing the toilet that I had got into the habit of trying too often. She suggested retraining my brain/bladder by trying to go longer and not going until I was sure I actually needed to. Also reducing caffeine which irritaeltes the bladder. I think these two things contributed in lesser amounts but again helped me physcologically at the time and are worth trying.

- Rest when you need to and don't push yourself. I remember the physio saying to me that it was a muscle weakness/injury that should be treated as such like any other. It really helped me to think of it like this and to give myself permission to rest rather than carrying on and hoping it would disappear. If my symptoms were particularly bad, I sat down and put my feet up as much as I could and I also avoided heavy lifting. I felt a bit pathetic doing this at times, but I really wanted to feel normal.

WHW123 Thu 18-Jun-20 08:09:30

Thanks @YouMaySayImADreamer that's really useful! And how amazing are you coping for all that time. Stronger woman than me.

I planned to mix feed at one point so perhaps it'll have to be sooner than I hoped.
I love breastfeeding, took awhile to get here - i find it just convenient, bonding etc. So it's sad that the journey may end sooner than I planned.

Did you find it felt similar to cystitis? I just feel my bladders never empty, and when I pass Urine, that feeling creeps back almost within minutes. It's almost like added pressure on it and a constant almost burn like discomfort - minus when actually peeing! Sorry if TMI!

I don't have any incontinence etc, I did initially but hammered kegals - but then probably too much too soon as now have the tension on the muscle supporting my bladder. So need to down train to then build muscle again.

I've cut out caffeine - gutted as coffee made me nauseous in pregnancy and was so happy to have it back postnatally. And possible food irritants.

Did your have a cystoscopy or anything with urology? And did gynae suggest it could be VT or was it your suggestion?

Thanks for your help smile

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