Cheapest pharmacy to get private prescriptions (specifically Concerta XL) please?

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iknowimcoming Sat 14-Dec-19 10:47:46

Hi - just that really, Ds just started on meds and atm is on a dosage that need two lots of pills and I was quoted on the phone £118 from Lloyd's and 'approx £90' from Tesco - just wondered if anyone knew of anywhere cheaper to try please? Our nearest Asda is 30 min drive so would have to be significantly cheaper to make the drive worthwhile (I'm sure I've heard somewhere Asda are good).

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Bin85 Sun 15-Dec-19 15:03:09

Ask your GP to rewrite for you

Didiplanthis Sun 15-Dec-19 22:38:13

Gp wont rewrite until dose stabilized by consultant as by doing so takes responsibility to prescribing the medication which is usually only initiated and monitored by a specialist. My local independent pharmacy charged 42 for 36mg mr methylphenidate but a different brand to concerta. Have you looked at the on line pharmacies ? Genuine not dodgy ones !!

Chocaffair Tue 17-Dec-19 01:14:51

I'm a locum pharmacist and although I can't say specifically for the medication you're after, Tesco is generally the cheapest for private prescriptions compared to other chains. Not sure about independents!

Has the consultant written it as generic methylphenidate or as 'Concerta'? Ideally patients should stay on the same brand, but Concerta is the most expensive of the lot.

I doubt that online pharmacies would be able to supply a controlled drug due to delivery issues.

Chocaffair Tue 17-Dec-19 01:17:15

Oops my bad, was mixing OP's post and Didiplanthis's message grin

But basically, Tesco is likely to be cheapest.

iknowimcoming Tue 17-Dec-19 11:16:00

Thanks all - I went to Tesco and it was £81 so MUCH cheaper than Lloyd's so I'll stick with them! And yes chocaffair - they have specified concerta at the moment, didn't realise it was the most expensive - sigh!

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mushroom3 Tue 17-Dec-19 19:33:24

If your DS has started on 18mg and moved up to 36, you could try just that he takes 2 tablets on a GPs prescription, even though you then have prescriptions more frequently.


iknowimcoming Tue 17-Dec-19 20:35:00

He's on 45mg atm so 1 x 18mg tablet and 1 x 27mg tablet - they don't make a 45mg one unfortunately, and as pp says gp can't take on the prescriptions until his dosage is sorted and stabilised, so could be months yet sadly

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