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Laparoscopy - reassure me please!

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Slinkenconken Thu 12-Sep-19 16:58:12


After several months of pain, discomfort, horrible periods and other health related stresses, I have confirmation of a laparoscopy next week. I have an ovarian cyst which is going to be removed.

I was OK until I saw the confirmation letter, I just wanted things sorted out. But now I'm really nervous. I know it's a routine operation that thousands, even millions of people have had, but I'm nervous. I've never had a general anaesthetic before. I've had a C-section, so not a stranger to the operating theatre, but this feels a bit scary to me.

Can anybody who's had one reassure me that it's not that bad? I've got three young children, I don't want to be away from them, I don't want them worrying or being unsettled. I'm probably being ridiculous, but I feel a bit panicky!

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RuggyPeg Thu 12-Sep-19 17:01:32

Ok, listen, you'll be fine. It's routine and straightforward. I had one a long time ago. When I came round, I was very uncomfortable from the gas that they pump into you but I recovered quickly and I was home either that night or the next day (can't remember it was that long ago).

OrangeJustice Thu 12-Sep-19 17:24:03

Aww you’ll be fine. I had the same last year. It was fine. In fact I have lovely memories of guilt-free lounging on the sofa for a week or two after.

It was more painful than I expected tbh but my cyst wasn’t straightforward in the end so there may have been more poking about than usual.

I felt totally exhausted for four or five days after the op and weak and wobbly for nearer ten. Many women feel fine after a day or so from what I read on here but I’d have needed at least two weeks off work if I’d have been working at the time.

Weeing was very difficult for 12hrs or so after. I was terrified that something had been damaged but it was all back to normal the next day. I could feel my bladder was full but couldn’t let it go. Totally normal apparently.

I had to make an appt to see the nurse at my GP surgery for a wound check about a week later so be prepared for this if you’ve got small dc to consider.

Make sure you’ve got big pants and comfy trousers or leggings for going home in. I had a wound in my belly button, two low down on my abdomen either side and one right down low in my pubes blush so anything other than granny pants would have been very uncomfortable.

Good luck. It’s all worth it when the bastard cyst is gone and there’s no pain flowers

Slinkenconken Thu 12-Sep-19 17:44:21

Thanks for replying. I have calmed down a little now, I think I just got panicked at seeing the letter. Good to hear stories of it all going smoothly.

And granny pants are fine with me! In fact, that might be all I own.....

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Nat6999 Thu 12-Sep-19 17:46:20

You will be fine, I had one done 9 years ago, I went in for 6.00pm, went to theatre at 7.00pm & was home for 10.00pm all done & dusted.

fireandbrimstoneetall Thu 12-Sep-19 17:53:03

I had one six weeks ago, and I was terrified (imagining worst scenario etc), but it was fine.
Like a pp, I had three small cuts and a larger one on my belly button, but they pretty much healed within three weeks.
Painwise, I did feel like an elephant had been jumping up and down on my stomach for a few days, and felt very weak and useless after the anaesthetic, but was discharged the following day. Did have a lot of very impressive looking bruising though, that's only just faded!

Word of warning, I was given strong painkillers, and coupled with the after effects of the anaesthetic, it does result in a fairly bunged up arse, I stopped taking them after a day or two as I didn't feel I needed them and I was more scared of the inevitable constipation ( think I was reliving the fear of the first post birth poo to be honest grin).

Just be careful with lifting and try and take it easy for a few days. I didn't really have a choice, being a single parent, but booked dd into nursery for two days, which helped.

Also, my consultant advised that I shouldn't drive for up to four weeks after the surgery. I was a bit naughty and drove after a week and a half as cabin fever had well and truly set in. But be careful as if you can't do an emergency stop due to the surgery it can invalidate your insurance.

Good luck, you'll be fine. Looking back, the most traumatic part was having no idea how to put the surgery gown and stuff on. I actually panicked and cried because I thought I would get told off it I had done it wrong! As I traipsed along the hospital in the sexy surgical stockings and see through knickers (thankfully gown in place correctly) I felt like flipping Anne Boleyn about to be beheaded! But really, really really, it's fine.

BonnyE Thu 12-Sep-19 18:06:35

I found recovery from c section is much harder you'll be totally fine. I was up and about in no time (but do take it easy). And dose up on lactulose as it can leave you constipated! You'll feel amazing once that damn cyst has gone

Dontbugmemalone Thu 12-Sep-19 18:12:35

I had a laparoscopy 3 months ago, I had pain for 2 years that was thought to be endometriosis.
It turned out that my tube was filled with fluid and they drained it.
I was nervous but wanted to find a way to end the pain more so this helped with my nerves.
The first few days, you will most likely feel tired and you have to take it easy, especially with lifting things like the kettle.
I was booked to go in at 1pm and by 8pm, I was at home.
I will say using the loo was difficult because they want to make sure you can go by yourself but my muscles took longer to wake up so I was very close to staying in.
It's hard to be away from your little ones but just try to remember that you're doing it for the greater good and your health is important too.
I've had two C-sections so this op was by far the 'easiest'.
Good luck OP.

Dontbugmemalone Thu 12-Sep-19 18:14:20

Sorry just wanted to add wear a loose dress to go home in and for the first few days after, you don't want anything irritating your surgical scar.

London91 Thu 12-Sep-19 18:14:45


If you have had a C-section then you honestly have nothing to worry about.
I had a laparoscopy a month ago for endometriosis, a cystectomy and hysteroscopy. General anaesthetic is absolutely fine. I had the op first thing morning surgery and was home by 1pm. Honestly the worst part was the gas. It took two days to go and it was more of an annoyance than anything. If you have little ones I'd suggest someone on hand for a few days as you won't be able to do any heavy lifting.

You will be absolutely fine.
If you have any questions PM me!

marigoldsmarigolds Thu 12-Sep-19 19:31:25

Another one saying you will be fine. Try and relax and I know it sounds a bit strange but enjoy the peace and quiet for a bit! I drank lots of peppermint tea post op which really helped disperse all the gas they filled me up with (3rd laparoscopic procedure for me, I became an expert!) One was for a cyst on my ovary. It was fine, same as everyone else has said. Best of luck.

Slinkenconken Thu 12-Sep-19 22:35:38

Thank you for all your comments, you've been very reassuring! I don't know anyone in real life who's had one of these, so it's good to hear stories of it all going smoothly. I know that there are for more dangerous and complicated procedures to have, but I've never had real health issues before.

I'm going to try and stay positive. Childcare is sorted, no pressure from my employers to rush back, so I'm going to stock up on peppermint tea, put on my big girl pants and get on with it. Pre-op appointment on Tuesday, might treat myself to some nice new pyjamas after it.

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NearlyGranny Thu 12-Sep-19 22:40:25

Had umpteen (well five or six) till my tummy button is like a noughts and crosses game. Nothing to it.

Sometimes they can actually deal with things during what is supposed to be just a look round. And they can see so much - it really moves things on.

Good luck!

GrannySquares Sun 15-Sep-19 00:45:58

You'll be absolutely fine. I've had 2! Obviously when you wake up, you will be in a lot of pain and really ache but after a week you'll almost be back to your normal self. The most important thing to do is alternate pain relief and get moving. You won't feel like it but your body will thank you for it. I was back to normal after a week and a half. It's been a month since my last one and I feel like I haven't even had surgery.

justbeingelle Tue 17-Sep-19 17:50:17

I have a 7.5 - 8.5cm cyst on my ovary, what's the likelihood of having to get it out? I'm going back to be rescanned at the end of next week. If yours was a planned op, how quickly were you in? How long were you in hospital for following the procedure? How long did you have to take off work?

OrangeJustice Tue 17-Sep-19 18:08:03

They’ll take it out at that size.

I waited about 3mths.

Op was at 2pm and I was discharged the following morning.

I was a sahm at the time but could have gone back to office or low stress work after two weeks. Three if more demanding or physical but I’ve read many different timescales on here so think it really depends on the individual.

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