Embaressing uncontrollable farting since giving birth!!

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NottsMum Sun 19-Sep-04 21:58:23

Has anyone else experienced this? I thought I was bad enough when I was heavily pregnant but since giving birth 2 weeks ago I simply cannot stop constantly farting! I can't control it at all, it just "happens" and they're very loud!

Its no problem when this happens at home but I want to die when I've been out and farted for England . Is there anything I can do to stop it? Will it go away soon? I am doing my pelvic floor exercises as often as I can remember (suppose I do about 30 a day). HELP!!

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pixiefish Sun 19-Sep-04 22:13:57

I had this as well- don't worry it does go- can't remember when exactly but it does last a few months...

AuntyQuated Sun 19-Sep-04 22:18:15

did you have a section by any chance

agy Sun 19-Sep-04 23:03:11

30 a day? Think you're supposed to do about 30 an hour! Sorry!

NottsMum Mon 20-Sep-04 11:36:45

30 an hour? OMG better try harder.

No, didn't have section (did with DD1 but didn't experience any after effects at all).

At least I'm only trying to break the sound barrier and not the smell barrier as well

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sponge Mon 20-Sep-04 11:49:45

I didn't have a section either and I'm also farting like a trooper. Another one of life's little indignities.

kbaby Mon 20-Sep-04 16:14:02

im the same 16 weeks after giving birth, they just leak out quite unexpected. i asked a midwife and she said the pelvic floor muscle reaches to your bum and to do more pelvic exercises something like 10 per hour.


Bunglie Mon 20-Sep-04 16:28:49

It's your pelvic floor!
To avoid it do your excersises, my midwife told me I could do them on 'the bus' and no one would know....as sat on the bus 'clenching, holding for 5 and then relaxing I did not notice the funny looks until the lady next to me suggested I got off as she knew there was a public loo nearby I could use and then resume my journey when I felt 'releived'
that was nearly 20 years ago...doesn't time fly!
I now don't have to worry, no control in that dept.....so Where ever you be let the wind go free' and blame it on the dog

NottsMum Tue 21-Sep-04 21:44:49

Am trying to remember to do my PF exercises more often....here's hoping that they have an effect soon

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yurtgirl Tue 21-Sep-04 22:11:58

Message withdrawn

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