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Trace2's dd in hospital again - Anyone got any experience of her problems?

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Phoenix Thu 26-Jul-07 10:16:46

For anyone who doesn't already know her story look here, here and here

Yesterday she was took in again and trace posted this this morning

By trace2 on Thu 26-Jul-07 09:14:39
dd was rushed in yesterday again some sort of fit or reflux i have no idea i just wish i knew

So can anyone give her any ideas she's so scared

Trace is at the hospital at the mo but i'll send her this thread later to look at

Hulababy Thu 26-Jul-07 10:21:53

No experience but hope her little girl is feeling better soon.

Nbg Thu 26-Jul-07 10:23:34

Oh god

Have they no idea at all?!

Poor Trace
Send her my love.

loonylovegood Thu 26-Jul-07 10:25:37

Oh no, please send her love from the june thread . We will be thinking of her.

Phoenix Thu 26-Jul-07 10:26:45

They are saying possibly this, possibly that but no real answers. Like what happened to her yesterday one doc said it was reflux another said it could have been some sort of fit.

daisyandbabybootoo Thu 26-Jul-07 10:30:35

Tell her I'm thinking about her and her DD and wish there was something I could do.

Fingers crossed they get to the bottom of this soon and wee chloe starts to get better.

Piffle Thu 26-Jul-07 10:31:59

Oh God poor trace and poor Chloe

I really hope she is ok and that they can figure out what the hell is going on, poor little lass.
Lots of love trace

foxybrown Thu 26-Jul-07 10:38:26

Oh poor Trace and poor Chloe.

Thinking of you both. Hope there's someone who can help xxx

Phoenix Thu 26-Jul-07 11:01:59


Charlie999 Thu 26-Jul-07 11:12:28

Thinking of you all x

peachygirl Thu 26-Jul-07 11:20:49

Thinking of you both Trace

fearscape Thu 26-Jul-07 11:50:26

I posted on one of her previous threads, my ds had silent reflux and aspirated milk into his lungs which gave him pneumonia and stopped him from breathing properly. He was in SCBU at the time as he was premature so thankfully we never had to worry about him stopping breathing at home. He was attached to an oxygen saturation monitor and on oxygen (nasal prongs) for about a month, also had several courses of antibiotics and chest x-rays. I don't know if this is what is wrong with her dd? Poor Trace, it must be horrible not knowing what is wrong (we had a bit of this before they diagnosed reflux), thinking of her and hope her dd is home soon.

Phoenix Thu 26-Jul-07 12:04:00

Thanks fearscape that could explain her stopping breathing

foxybrown Thu 26-Jul-07 13:15:19


annobal Thu 26-Jul-07 13:51:51

I really hope that they can sort it out soon. Thinking of you both xx

sputnik Thu 26-Jul-07 14:10:12

Poor Trace and Chloe, just when things were starting to look up a bit. Thinking of you Trace, take care.

wannaBe Thu 26-Jul-07 14:18:30

oh no.

If I remember rightly something was picked up on her 20 wk scan that she didn't have two umbilical (sp?) arteries or vains (can't remember which) but that they said this could lead to problems with heart/lungs? How much further have they explored this possibility?

love to you all and you have my email if you need it?

wannabe xxx

Phoenix Thu 26-Jul-07 16:36:29

They were told the cord thing could cause a number of probs but they wouldn't know til she was born. She's had loads of different tests since she's been born and each time she's been back in, inc blood tests, urine tests, chest xray

saggarmakersbottomknocker Thu 26-Jul-07 16:37:13

Phoenix - sorry to hear this. I posted on Trace's other thread. I hope the docs have persued the heart tests. She sounded so similar to my dd at that age apart from mine's lack of weight gain.

She could be aspirating into her lungs due to her reflux as fearscape says.

Phoenix Thu 26-Jul-07 16:41:46

I'm not sure about the heart tests tbh

foxybrown Thu 26-Jul-07 20:13:06

hope things are OK Trace

trace2 Thu 26-Jul-07 21:37:31

thank you jo for asking for me chloe still in hospital, having a brain scan tomorrow as i can only discribe her vepisode as like a stroke, her eyes went up her head and her body strewed up sideways, she didnt know us. they think her brain was staffed of oxijen( sorry about spelling, ) but she seems more her self now but she had another attack at 5 am, but not as bad.

they still think its silent reflux but very worse case where its a danger to her, they tried to get her in for a ph today but no slots, so they put her on meds domperidone and ranitidine but also found lucasites in her wee again where she is already on anitiotics for kindery reflux.

thank you for your good wishers there are helping us am sure, ill let you all know how we go again thank you

Phoenix Thu 26-Jul-07 21:46:57

You're welcome Trace Just hope she gets well and comes home soon and you all can get back to normal

bumperlicious Thu 26-Jul-07 21:48:47

oh trace, how awful, sending get well vibes to chloe and hope you and the family are doing ok xxx

saggarmakersbottomknocker Thu 26-Jul-07 23:21:07

Thinking of you trace. Are you staying in until they've done the PH study?

Hoping for better news for you.

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