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Wait times for private mri scan

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Janel85 Tue 07-Nov-17 18:54:55

I’ve been referred for a brain mri scan for the headaches I’m getting. I’m claiming on my
Medical insurance and just wanted to hear the typical timescales involved when it’s not nhs. I’ve got initial consultation with neurologist next week, are they likely to do the mri that day? How long after the mri is done does it take to get the results? I’m hoping it’s not weeks as I’m a very anxious type and will be driving myself mad with worry. Thanks

toffeepumpkins Tue 07-Nov-17 19:23:01

A couple of days for the scan and a few days for the result - less than the week. That was when we paid cash rather than claiming on insurance though.

Janel85 Tue 07-Nov-17 22:12:29

Thanks for the info

DancingHipposOnAcid Sat 18-Nov-17 19:08:06

Had private referral to neurologist with worrying balance and nausea problems at private hospital. After examining me he sent me straight down to MRI suite and I had the scan half an hour later. Then straight back to his office and he already had the results by the time I got there.

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