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Dysorgasmia/painful orgasms - anyone else?

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SpiderJerusalem Wed 23-Aug-17 08:48:59

Does anyone have any experience with painful orgasms (dysorgasmia)? I started getting this earlier this year and it's very upsetting - the pain starts as the orgasm starts and is very sharp, almost feeling like the orgasm is 'blocked'(!).

I've had an US scan which showed several small fibroids and due to this, was referred to a Consultant. As my periods were generally regular, although are painful and heavy, she suggested endo and booked me in for a diagnostic laparoscopy and hysteroscopy which I had 2 weeks ago. This showed old endo scarring, and she doesn't consider my fibroids problematic- they're outside the womb (subserosal?), so she can't identify any immediate problems. She also took a biopsy which I'm sure won't flag anything up, and has put me on Transexamic acid to control bleeding during my period.

She seems more interested in solving my bleeding and period pain than my orgasm pain, although I've stressed this is the cause of my upset - I can handle the heavy bleeding and period pain, but I want my orgasms back!

I wonder if the fibroids are pressing on something that could make the pain happen? Does this sound like a thing? I've also wondered if it's something psychological, but I can't understand why. Although I survived sexual assault in my late teens, I'm now 39 and have a healthy and happy relationship with my husband.

Having Googled the problem, all I can gather from the (very minimal) pages I've seen is that is could be linked to menopause. I don't know. I suppose I'm just asking if anyone has experienced of this, and if so, did it get better and how? Any professional opinions on routes I might try? I'm seeing the Cons again in a few weeks and short of suggesting removal of the fibroids or a whole bloody hysterectomy, I'm not sure what else to do!

OhHellNoUK Mon 28-Aug-17 20:37:52

I get this exact thing. It's a stabbing pain as the orgasm starts and like you, it almost feels like there's a blockage preventing blood flow?

It started a few years ago out of the blue. There is occassions where it doesn't happen but they are few and far between.

I don't have fibroids or endometriosis but I do have PCOS. I've also had many scans and procedures done in the last few years due to infertility and there's no apparent abnormalities.

Vaginitis has been suggested to me but I'm not 100% sure this is what it is.

I'm pregnant now so I doubt the menopause is the cause either.

I wish we could find a definitive answer! It's so frustrating.

SpiderJerusalem Wed 30-Aug-17 23:41:50

It really is! I've considered PCOS too - the pain seems to located low down? But I'm sure my Cons will have checked that out? Who knows!

1966gettingold Thu 31-Aug-17 06:26:52

I would imagine it's the Pudendal nerve being aggravated , due to an over tight pelvic floor . Women's health physio would be good.

SteelyTesticlesOfObjectivity Thu 31-Aug-17 06:59:49

She seems more interested in solving my bleeding and period pain than my orgasm pain

Are you sure she isn't trying to fix one to eventually fix the other? Women's sexuality is often over looked but I'd hope for more from a female doctor!

BayeauxT Thu 31-Aug-17 23:19:53

Yes, I have it too - started out of the blue 3 or 4 years ago. I had an ultrasound scan but they couldn't see any reason for it; kind of wonder if I need to go back as my libido has scuttled off to hide under a rock (and who can blame it, when it gets knifed in the back literally every time I have an orgasm). I have no history of endo or pcos but I did have a c- section 6 years ago and wonder if something went awry when they sewed me back together? Will be following this thread with interest, thanks

SpiderJerusalem Fri 01-Sep-17 13:00:26

Some interesting things said I've not heard of (the pudendal nerve), so I'll research up a bit further. Sorry you've been going through the same BayeauxT. Fortunately (or not!) my libido is fine, although my husband has started to worry about hurting me. It really sucks sad

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