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Any experience of Quick Straight Teeth?

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Everyoneafter3 Sat 08-Apr-17 12:04:11

I hate hate hate my teeth. I had orthodontic treatment aged 10/11 and wasn't given a retainer once the fixed appliance on the back of my teeth was removed (this was the last bit - I had a retainer, fixed track, head gear then that). I'm now 38 and my teeth are wonky, sticky outy and just awful. I go to the dentist/hygienist twice a year and have three fillings. It's realk only the front that's wonky. My dentist offers Quick Straight Teeth (at £££) and I'm sorely tempted. I can't face the rest of my life looking at photos of myself where all I can see are my awful teeth.

Has anyone had this type of treatment? Or should I be looking at more 'traditional' orthodontics?

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FamilySpartan Sat 08-Apr-17 12:15:27

Same story as you, orthodontic work as a teen but lots of movement later.

I had Fast Braces for 6 months and was very happy with the results. I didn't even mind the train tracks as they were way smaller and more comfortable than I remembered as a youngster. Also, the six months went surprisingly quickly!

It wasn't especially cheap but I felt that fixing my teeth now would mean less (and more expensive) work on them when I got older.

FamilySpartan Sat 08-Apr-17 12:42:38

Just to add (I looked at the QST website) my dentist said that clear or white ceramic braces were more expensive because of production cost but also because they pop off the tooth easier, so you may find you need to visit the dentist more frequently to have them stick back on. They generally build these extra visits into the overall price. This happened to me fairly regularly. Say, 6-7 times in the 6 months.

Also, if you have a problem with your bite, no fast brace option will fix it. Then again, no respectable dentist should suggest a quick solution to you.

differentnameforthis Sat 08-Apr-17 13:29:38

I had a quick look at their website, their forum in particular and there are a few photos that show the braces in situ. In them the long wire that wraps around the arch (usually silver metal) is clearly coated as the coating is coming away. That would concern me, as surely part of the appeal is that they are tooth coloured? Not to mention the fact that it looks unsightly. It makes the product look cheap, imo.


Everyoneafter3 Sat 08-Apr-17 16:57:23

I'm not bothered about how it looks; it's the end result I'm concerned with. I think it's cheaper than traditional train tracks?

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UnicornButtplug Sat 08-Apr-17 17:00:34

Would invsialign or 6 month smile be another option you can look into.

JoJoLB Sat 19-Jan-19 11:27:52

I honestly cannot recommend Quick Straight Teeth enough.
Yes it’s a quick solution, but with amazing results.
Ask yourself why we pay so much for Invisalign? The very same reason why we go into Tony & Guy and pay triple that of what we would pay in a local hairdressers.
The quality is just as good but you’re paying for a branded name with Invisalign.
So, how do I know this? Because I’ve successfully completed 15 weeks with Quick Straight Teeth, and I am now smiling for the first time since I was a child!
Brilliant care, phenomenal results, and best of all affordable.
£1,200 per arch and for those who cannot stump this amount up in one hit, depending on the dentist, they stagger this into affordable payments.
My aftercare: well you can kiss goodbye to your teeth moving again because you have a choice to keep the affixed wire that is placed at the back of your teeth once the brace is taken off so that the front six teeth never more again, and they you’re also provided with a night retainer, and teeth whitening.
At 31 years old I was worried that I’d look silly entering meetings with a brace on show but not even my closets friends and family noticed it until I pointed it out.
So much so that I didn’t tell my partner and children that I was having my brace off and after being home two hours I prompted ‘I cannot believe you all haven’t noticed yet!’ And got the usual ‘Your nails, your hair, oh I’m just thinking of the words to describe it’ whilst their eyes darted to anything obvious about me that has changed. They didn’t notice until I told them.
No question, no doubt, if you want a selfie perfect smile and you don’t want to wait years for it, this is by far the best way to get one!
I wish I could add my before and after pic to this post - if there is a way, please let me know.

gooeylouis Tue 26-Nov-19 04:43:31

regular braces are still the best option but if you are still want to have fast brace I recommend Smile to Go they have the most advance technology in helping your teeth problem. having a braces done by inexperienced can cost you a lot more.

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