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52 Small Changes - Week 42

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NightWanderer Sat 15-Oct-16 14:44:13

Week 42 - Strengthen Your Core

The trunk of your body, also known as your "core", is what gives you most of your strength and equilibrium. Your core is attached to your legs and arms, and includes both your abdominals and your lower-back muscles. As a result, your body relies on your core for every move it makes.

The change

Do a minimum of 10 minutes of core exercises three days a week.

It suggests things like crunches, lateral bridges, bridges, and superman.

Week 41's change

NightWanderer Sat 15-Oct-16 15:02:23

Here's the thread for next week's change

Stellar67 Mon 17-Oct-16 06:51:22

Found you!

I'm quite good at core work. Although you wouldn't know as my abs are more like flabs wink

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