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Any advice about BuTrans patches

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PersianCatLady Thu 29-Sep-16 13:11:48


Long story short.

I have been suffering from gradually worse and worse back pain ever since I fractured my L3 vertebrae seven years ago.

Initially I was in hospital for six weeks and prescribed morphine, tramadol and diazepam but within a year I was managing with just co-codamol 8/500.

Anyway after a year or so the pain started getting worse so that was increased to co-codamol 15/500 and then later to co-codamol 30/500.

Basically now I am taking 8 of these tablets a day, every single day and it is not all that effective at controlling the pain. I have also started to feel nauseous quite often and occasionally I actually vomit.

As I thought that the codeine might be causing this for a couple of days I just had paracetamol and I felt exactly the same in my stomach but in much more pain.

Anyway this has led me to the conclusion that I don't actually want to be taking these co-codamol tablets every day any more.

After having a bit of an internet search I read about Butrans patches and to me they sound like the ideal solution to my issue. However this morning when my GP called me and explained all of this to her she simply said "BuTrans patches are morphine patches so we don't prescribe them here".

I am fully aware of Butrans patches containing an opioid but I didn't think that they contained actual morphine.

So my question is does anybody else have any experience of these Butrans patches and was the doctor wrong in what she said?

Many Thanks

Roomba Thu 29-Sep-16 13:14:58

They contain Buprenorphine, which is about 40x stronger than morphine. I think that they're usually prescribed by pain clinics.

There are lots of other drugs that you could try before you went for something as strong as Butrans patches, I would have thought. I'd are another appointment to talk about what your options are.

PersianCatLady Thu 29-Sep-16 15:14:27

Thanks for your post.

Whilst buprenorphine is 40 times stronger than morphine, a 5mg Butrans patch can be applied and left in place for a week which then constantly releases 5mcg per hour.

I really like the sound of no more taking all of these tablets which I think are hurting my stomach and I also like the ide of not waking up in the night in pain because the effects of the co-codamol have worn off.

Does anybody else have any other experiences or comments?

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