Anyone got experience of Valplast or flexible dentures?

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h0rsewithn0name Wed 03-Aug-16 20:53:59

I have had a denture for the last 10 years - there are two teeth on it. I hate the denture with a passion. It makes my mouth sore, and comes loose when I eat bread or cake. I've also got a slight lisp. It was, admittedly, a basic NHS denture.

Fast forward to now, and I'm in a financial position to update the denture. Implants are out of the question as the scan I've had confirms I would need a bone graft and sinus lift (costing £7000!). So I have two choices...

I can have a four tooth bridge, costing £2800. The downside of this is that the dentist would have to drill and adapt a perfectly good tooth to anchor it. With my teeth in such bad shape, it seems criminal to willfully drill into a good tooth.

My other option is a Valplast flexible denture. Apparently these fit like a glove, don't slip and you hardly know you have them. This sounds too good to be true and I wondered if anyone on mn would share their experience. This denture will cost about £1000.

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StillMedusa Thu 04-Aug-16 19:18:11

No experience but bookmarking for interest! I lost two teeth unecessarily to Trigeminal Neuralgia..don't dare have a bridge in case it sparks it off again and have given up on the horrible NHS plate.
How are they different?

h0rsewithn0name Thu 04-Aug-16 21:39:11

Thanks Medusa. Apparently the Valplast dentures are sort of rubbery, so mould better to your gums and don't dig in. They are also smaller. I'd love to hear from someone that has got one though.

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Twowilldo50 Wed 31-Jul-19 19:36:58

Did you go for it? My dentist has recommended one for me.

shalom1 Mon 12-Aug-19 20:53:25

I have had one since January and they are awesome....y family have not even noticed. Sometimes I forget that I have it in the mouth sleep with it.
Totally recommend it

Judystilldreamsofhorses Mon 12-Aug-19 22:17:06

I have a semi-flexible partial denture which replaces two lower back-ish teeth (a molar and a pre-molar). Mine wasn’t nearly as expensive as that, i am sure it was around £300. It is invisible, completely stable for eating, and after the first couple of days was very comfortable. I needed to go back and have one of the edges smoothed down because it was giving me ulcers, but my dentist said that was common. Once I healed I was well away.

I got mine in December last year, and before then had actually just had the space, which wasn’t noticeable. It is literally just the teeth with no plate.

I don’t sleep with it, and overnight leave it in one of those small pots you get for decanting eg moisturiser or hair stuff for travel, from Boots.

incinemasnow Wed 14-Aug-19 23:27:48

Ive had one since January for one of my top front teeth & got on great with it. Easy to fit & clean & looks very natural. It's stable for eating & comfortable. Mine has 1 tooth on it & cost £600. Before this one i had a temporary flexible denture which was good but not as stable as this one & the edge of the tooth is a bit thicker. I still keep it in the cleaning solution as a spare in case the new one gets broken! I've discussed bridges & implants with my dentist but decided I'm really happy with this option


Rongunners Wed 23-Oct-19 18:24:11

I’m thinking of going for a flexible denture as my one tooth denture is driving me mad, but it’s right next to my two front teeth so worried the gum section may be visible when I smile. Do they look obvious on the gum or quite discreet?

madgewildfire Wed 11-Mar-20 12:40:33

I have a top and bottom partials in flexible dentures. Two back molars on each side of the bottom denture and three molars on each side of the top denture and also a front incisor on the top right. I can now chew nuts and eat properly on both sides of my mouth. They don't move and particles of food don't get beneath the dentures. Can't tell where dentures begin and own teeth end. Marvelous! Mine cost me £2000 at a BPA dental practice but worth every penny.

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