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Specsavers lens mail?

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spectacles2016 Fri 08-Jul-16 19:56:26

Hi all, I'm just about to come to the end of a free weeks trial with Specsavers. I've trialled silicone hydrogel monthly toric lenses and they have been amazing but I'm scared for my appointment on Monday as a) I'm frightened of cost and b) signing up to the scheme seems a big commitment, not sure how easy it would be to stop. Can anyone enlighten me as to either? I know the lenses were cooper vision something but the sales person took the packaging away so I don't know the exact make!

Watto1 Fri 08-Jul-16 19:59:18

I did lensmail. It was a few years ago though. It's very easy to pause your account. Just ring them up and they will pause it for the length of time you specify or stop it altogether.

MountainDweller Sat 09-Jul-16 00:18:10

My DH uses it. Says they are the best lenses ever! Always arrive in good time. I don't think it's that much £15 a month maybe? Haven't tried stopping it as they are so good. They get a bit stroppy and threaten to not send them if you don't go in for your annual check up though!

LavenderRains Sun 10-Jul-16 23:17:27

Mine are £13 a month which includes sight test and contact lens check, solutions and free pair of glasses 2 yearly.
I've never tried to stop it but assume you just phone or stop the direct debit.
I am very pleased with the service I get.

MyLlamasGoneBananas Tue 12-Jul-16 23:20:02

I'm on the top of the range daily disposable's at 22 a month.
On the whole found the scheme good.
I've never stopped but moved house lots and it's just been a simple call. I think it's a good service on the whole.

Gruach Tue 12-Jul-16 23:28:36

Excellent, convenient, simple service. I'm paying somewhere between £15 and £20 per month for my lenses (actually can't remember the exact figure because it all happens like clockwork).

You're not really tied into anything terrifying. Your quarterly packages will stop arriving if you stop paying or ask for deliveries to cease. And it's useful because they do harass you about regular check ups.

No downside as far as I can see.

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