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Prep for colonoscopy tomorrow not working!

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Enfys1649 Sun 22-Nov-15 16:29:23

Getting quite anxious. I've posted on her in the recent past about what I still hope are post flu symptoms but things have reached a point where I'm having a colonoscopy and a gastroscopy under the 2 week rule tomorrow morning.

Started nearly 7 hours ago with Moviprep (hospital recommends that the full first litre is taken in one go) and due to take the second litre this evening. Had nothing to eat yesterday except a couple of bowls of cornflakes in the evening as had a severe headache all day. Almost nothing has happened - and it'll soon be time for the second dose. No idea what to do. Feel achy and a bit headachy but these feelings are part of the general grottiness that I've been feeling over the past weeks.

The unit will be closed now but I'm wondering whether to phone the out of hours GP service for advice or to plough on with the second dose and turn up tomorrow. I guess they could do one procedure and re-book me for the other but that's not a nice prospect. I also wondered, if Moviprep doesn't do the job, if they'd sanction colonic irrigation prior to a re-scheduled colonscopy. Mind is thinking of everything - perhaps I should just take the second dose and even if that doesn't do the trick, turn up and explain. Any experience/thoughts? Thanks.

I doubt the unit would have the right equipment for a colonic irrigation, to be honest - it's not standard hospital equipment.

I would ring NHS24 and see what they say - but I think you haven't got anything to lose by taking the second dose and seeing what happens - if nothing happens, you could tell the unit in the morning, and let them decide. I don't know what time you need to be there - but you could ring them first thing, if you aren't due to be there early, if you see what I mean.

I hope it goes OK for you - I have had one, and it was not fun, but I did get reassuring results.

Enfys1649 Sun 22-Nov-15 16:41:03

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius - thanks. I think I will go ahead with the second dose and see what transpires overnight. I was thinking that the colonic irrigation would have to be undertaken privately but it may be that something like that doesn't get the results that the hospital wants.

MrsPnut Sun 22-Nov-15 16:41:51

The second dose will most likely work, have you also drunk plenty of clear fluids today as this will help with the process.

SunshineAndShadows Sun 22-Nov-15 16:46:39

If you've not eaten much it may just be that there's not a lot to come out!

FreeWorker1 Sun 22-Nov-15 16:47:50

Drink plenty and stay close to the toilet. When it happens it will happen very quickly.

KissingFish Sun 22-Nov-15 16:48:49

It will work after the second dose. Give it time and stay close to a toilet. Also, drink plenty of hot fluids.

gobbin Mon 23-Nov-15 00:07:13

You'll probably be in the throes of evacuation right about now grin
Sleep on a couple of towels - you WILL fall asleep and you might not wake in time...
Good luck for tomorrow, sedation is awesome.

Enfys1649 Mon 23-Nov-15 14:53:29

Thanks so much, all of you. I was greatly encouraged by your responses. In the end, I was a fair bit in the night but there was nothing at all dramatic and I guess that Sunshine was right - there wasn't much there in the first instance!

Just home. The procedures went alright, and, yes, gobbin, the sedation was awesome!

Biopsies taken, both halves, and once the results of those are apparent, I'm to see the consultant in 4 weeks (hope it's sooner - I'm on the so-called 2 week pathway which obviously is a little worrying). Other results were barely explained but I did get the reports to take home. Diagnosis: Oesophagtis/reflux for which lanzoprazole was prescribed.

For the gastroscopy, 'multiple Miller grade 2b erosions affecting more than one longitudinal fold' and biopsies taken and for the colonoscopy, lesions (polpys). Biopsies taken and one polyp removed. Diagnosis 'colonic polyps', all but one of which was removed. Not sure why they weren't all? Maybe benign.

Now the long wait but presumably if the lab spotted something really worrying, they'd contact me sooner. Do these diagnoses ring any bells for anyone? Trying to keep confident and cheerful. Thanks again!

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