Recovering from a haemorrhoidectomy . . . warning: TMI alert . . .

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Puffykins Mon 10-Nov-14 21:13:47

Has anybody ever had a heamorrhoidectomy, and if so, please can you tell me how long recovery took? I'm on day 12 now, and am still in considerable pain - I can't walk anywhere except the bathroom for the endless baths I take, can barely sit up unless I'm on my special donut cushion and even then only last up to 45 minutes. I have two young children, and I just feel that this is so unfair on them. And I'm getting kind of depressed about my lack of progress. I need someone to give me hope. Please?!
(P.S. If anyone is considering having one: strongly consider it. I've never experienced anything more painful than the first 4 days post op, EVER. I would gladly have given birth every day rather than going through the pain I was subject to.)

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KareninsGirl Mon 10-Nov-14 23:24:29

You poor thingsad

I haven't had this surgery but do know it can be excruciating. have you been taking pain killers?

grimbletart Tue 11-Nov-14 16:03:34

Puffykins: I had that op many years ago. I didn't find it too bad so I must have been lucky (or it was not too bad in comparison with the thrombosed piles I had before!) but I know from others that it can be very painful. Hang in there though. It will be such a relief in the long term. Hope you feel better soon. If it goes on this badly much longer perhaps you should get it checked out? Maybe some problem with the stitches?.. Just surmising.

Molecule Tue 11-Nov-14 21:16:06

It was the most painful thing I've ever been through, every shit started the spasms again and I truly regretted having it done for weeks. I needed eight weeks off work, and could really have done with twelve. Wasn't helped by the fact the surgeon sewed me up so tightly that for ages (years, not months) my poos were the size of a yorkie's, anything bigger got stuck without lots of movicol.

But it does get better. I've had no pain from piles now for years, and I have stretched so can happily pass a decent sized motion. You will just have to grit your teeth for now and keep up with the movicol.

Puffykins Tue 11-Nov-14 23:24:05

Oh my goodness Molecule the bowel movements!!! Yes, spasms, followed by serious pain for about 8 hours. I'm trying to reduce what I eat to as little as possible (the only silver lining being that I've lost nearly a stone - but truly, I'd rather do pretty much any other diet plan) but equally I've got to eat for my body to recover.
I'm freelance, so don't have to go into an office thank goodness, but I've got DS who is 4 and DD who is 2 and I just don't know how I'm going to do the school run etc. I had a nanny last week and at the beginning of this week, but I can't afford it indefinitely (i.e., beyond this week, really.)
I managed to get DD to nursery today, but it took me 45 minutes to walk a distance that usually takes 10, and I was in tears when I got there, from the pain.
Kareninsgirl - yes to the painkillers: ibuprofen, paracetemol, codeine - that last I try not to take if I can possibly not as it causes constipation, which doesn't exactly help all this, but there are times when there's just no way I can get through without it.
I didn't sleep for the first two days I was in so much pain, and had to go back to hospital, which is when they gave me the codeine. I had been sent home with just ibuprofen, which did nothing to alleviate the feeling that somebody was rotating razors up my bottom.

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PinkOboe Tue 11-Nov-14 23:45:25

You have my sympathy. I had one a few years ago. The memory of the agony is still fresh

I had 8 weeks off work although bafflingly it was done as day surgery and they gave me codeine for the pain confused like being constipated would help!

You're over the worst. Just keep focussing on that. Hope you feel better very soon thanks

Puffykins Wed 12-Nov-14 03:00:09

Molecule, PinkOboe; 8 weeks, 8 WEEKS?! Were you able/ would you have been able to do the school run etc. in this time? And at which point did the spasms after a bowel movement stop? There is no way I can afford to not work AND pay a nanny for 8 weeks. I just don't understand why the doctors didn't warn me about recovery time for this operation before I had it. I was told that I couldn't drive/ sign important documents for 24 hours afterwards, totally naively I thought I'd be pretty much better by then, though I factored in an extra couple of days (made DH take time of work) to be sure. I still can't pee normally, in a loo. I have to have a bath when I need to pee. Hence being up at 3 in the morning - that and it's my go-to pain relief when I'm waiting until I can take the next lot of meds.

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Molecule Wed 12-Nov-14 07:49:45

I was told I'd be "uncomfortable" for a few days, and would need a couple of weeks off work. Cleverly I scheduled the op for just before the Easter holidays, thinking I'd be able to have a lovely time with the children, then back to work when they went back. I spent the whole time in agony, but am pretty sure I must have started to do the school run etc when they went back.

It does get better, just very slowly, as every poo has to smash its way through the operating site. Incidentally I'm not a skiver, in 20 years I'd never had more than a week off work, other than having babies, had four Caesarians etc etc. I used to dread pooing late evening as I'd know I wouldn't be able to sleep for the rest of the night - thank God for 24 hour TV.

You have my complete sympathy.

Groovee Wed 12-Nov-14 07:52:47

I was about 4 weeks when I had banding then skin tags removed. They gave me co-codamol in the hospital... Then told me to ensure I didn't get constipated. Nearly had to get an enema as I was passing out from the constipation.

I went back to work after 2 weeks and took a pillow with me. The class were looking at me as I carried my soft pillow everywhere.

Puffykins Wed 12-Nov-14 10:44:11

Thank you Molecule. I'm currently trying to find another nanny as the girl I got for last week and this week can't do next week, which is a shame as she's amazing.
Mainly, I'm terrified of needing to poo at, say, lunchtime, and then not being able to pick my son up from school because I'm in too much pain. I'm managing to do some work from bed - copywriting - but I've got to go out and do a proper interview next week (I'm a journalist) and I'm kind of terrified about that.
I'm glad that you're better now. I'm still in the place where I honestly don't know why I had this operation - my haemorrhoids were bad but not THAT bad - and this is hell. And I'm sort of furious with the doctors for not telling me that it would be like this. Of course, it is actually entirely my fault for not researching it first, but pain = irrational. Also, they brought me round after the operation SITTING UP!! And then forgot to give me anti sickness meds while they pumped me full of morphine, so I kept throwing up and ended up on a drip etc. And then I was sent home. And here I am. Two weeks later.

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Whooshtheyweregone Wed 12-Nov-14 13:07:32

You poor thing. You have my utmost sympathy. It doesn't feel like it now but you WILL eventually feel better. I would highly recommend buying a sitz bath/portable bidet- Amazon sell them. It will stop you running endless baths. It just fits into your toilet bowl and will hopefully give you a lot of relief.

Molecule Wed 12-Nov-14 15:04:04

I have to say if I'd known just how painful the op was I don't know if I'd have had it done. The first surgeon I saw did say it was very painful, and I put it off for a few years as we were moving and renovating an old house. Once I decided my piles were too agonising I saw another surgeon who poo-pooed the agony and just said a bit uncomfortable for a few days.

It will get better, and the recovery time from each motion gets less, but don't forget to take your movicol for weeks and weeks. As Whoosh says eventually you will be pain free, and the idea of a portable bidet sounds good. If you can manage to get your movements on a regular time, it might be worth dosing up on ibuprofen/paracetamol an hour beforehand.

Puffykins Wed 12-Nov-14 15:22:10

Thank you Whoosh and Molecule again. I've got a portable bidet, and it doesn't actually help, tragically. I find sitting on it incredibly uncomfortable. However I've just had a bowel movement (told there was going to be tmi . . . ) and it's not actually as agonising as others have been. And oh yes, I ensure I'm fully dosed up beforehand. Through living mainly on soup I've got the bowel movements down to only every two days, but the anticipation of knowing I have to go is almost as bad as going. I've also decided that I don't care how much I spend on a nanny while in recovery - it's kind of essential. I have my rainy day savings, and right now, it's metaphorically pouring. Thank you for the morale boost though, God knows I need it. (My sister, who is a vet, has just informed me that a general anaesthetic is a depressant. And one of the side effects of my antibiotics was depression. Perfect, PERFECT, for someone who has just come off her anti-depressants about a month before the operation . . . . ).
I'm SO looking forward to being pain free. Thank you again.

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Whooshtheyweregone Mon 17-Nov-14 11:45:53

How are you doing Puffy? I hope you are starting to feel a little better and can see a light at the end of the tunnel!

jplaskett Fri 24-Feb-17 21:45:33

I had my operation 2 weeks ago, omg I was warned it would be painful but did not really believe it would be to bad. big mistake , My first week was so so bad when I needed to have bowel movements. I had to bit on a towel to stop me crying out it pain. I was taking laxatives, along with fiber gel and sennakot and still the pain was so bad, I am on day 15 now, still very pain full when having bowel movement and still bleeding a lot, the pain does pass within about 3 hours but if you need to go to the toilet it all starts again. I have gone back to work now but find it so hard to sit at my desk all day, and still need to come home if I have to have a bowel movement as I have to shower, as still to sore and open to use toilet paper, hopefully will start to heal soon,

jplaskett Sun 12-Mar-17 20:29:36

Hi , I am now 4 weeks post opp, thing are very slowly getting better, still pain with BM and sometimes still bleeding, I went back to work after 1 week which was really painful and hard going, I have just returned for a weeks holiday in the sun, this was lovely but could not go swimming and wounds still not healed and are still very weepy, , I feel fine in my self, just living on senokot to help me .hopefuly should notice a big difference in the next week or so

John95 Fri 14-Sep-18 10:12:25

So had a haemorrhoidectomy (removal of 2 haemorrhoids in my case)
5 days ago....what would I like to share?
LETS start with obvious perspective i.e., Everybody is different,skills of surgeons will vary,pain thresholds are individual...some higher and lower than others but managing your own expectations is important.
Imagine cutting your finger with a sharp knife....its painful.
So a surgeon cutting your bottom, is going to be painful.
Pain Management is essential......painkillers and anti inflammatory medication post-op.
At some stage you will it one two,three days or more after the surgery. You want to AVOID all costs
So..opening of your bottom is going to happen.....take stool softeners and/or laxatives as advised...the softer the poo..the easier and less painful.If you get cocodamol....(codeine causes constipation as an undesirable side effect).....stool softeners and/or laxatives are a must!
(in my case I took stool softeners as prescribed but for first bowel movement 2 days later..I was sitting on the loo for nearly EIGHT painful HOURS....It was not pleasant and laxatives would have been a great help as well as the stool softener(stool softeners are laxatives but other laxatives differently and the combination of both minimises possibility of constipation).
Sitz bathing( or in my case...bidet bathing) was a great help to ease discomfort.
I have made myself eat regularly..... on the basis that I need my strength to deal with this experience and that the earlier bum muscle movement occurs the faster I will heal(just my opinion)....high fibre foodstuffs soluble and insoluble(oats,wheat based cereals e.g shredded wheat,all bran,salads,)non- white bread and am drinking lots of water.
Was it painful at times?...yes but then I EXPECTED it to be.
Has it been manageable?

A combination of meds,stool softeners/laxative,Bathing and reasonable expectations have meant that when I cannot sit down at all it is not a surprise.
You will not be able to do school runs,shopping,leave house until your body allows you and this healing process cannot be rushed.
For me...each day has been better overall than the previous one overall but with periods of acute exacerbation.
I hope this helps others.

Vixster11 Tue 02-Oct-18 16:42:07

Hi john95 & all others who may see this as others posted years ago,
I am recovering from haemorroidectomy banding of 3 prolapsed piles and exision of skin tags done 8 days ago under General anaesthetic . It's just awful and I wouldn't have had it done if I had known this. I really think surgeons should be honest with patients and tell us what to expect so that we can plan accordingly, with work, driving, school runs, shopping etc. I should have researched before not after, but I'm still angry that I was not told anything other than, it'd be a few days of discomfort. DISCOMFORT!!!! That's a joke!
I'm really grateful for all your tips and to know I'm not alone or overexagerating my pain and to know it WILL improve. So thanks to all. Here's to a quick recovery.

Vixster11 Tue 02-Oct-18 16:44:57

Forgot to add, john95, how are you now after a few weeks? How long till you went back to work? Thank you

John95 Tue 02-Oct-18 17:47:24

Update three weeks post haemorrhoidectomy.

Excruciating pain for many others, during Bowel Movements but settles down within an hour or two after.
My surprise was that day 8 post op.......pain persisted afterwards throughout if I had torn open the healing wound .Since I had previously been prescribed Rectogesic ointment..I applied this, more out of desperation than expectation.It was a great help(consult your G.P first if this is new).
Healing continued slowly...and on day 14 post op....went for an hour long walk..Felt good to be out.
DAY 19 post op....was excruciating not just during Bowel Movement which I expected but for hours afterwards,,,this was a deviation from my norm. I CONSIDERED attending hospital as the pain was so severe but decided I would insert a suppository(desperate measures........etc.) ...which HAD BEEN PREVIOUSLY PRESCRIBED.
This was a great help in reducing pain and I have continued to apply Rectogesic ointment and suppository insertion after each bowel movement since(once a day in my case).
Bowel Movements continue to be extremely painful but I have accepted that as being part of the process.Thankfully things settle down within the hour and I cross trained for the first time post- op, today, albeit only 15 minutes.
This process will take as long as it takes....I am aiming for a( hopeful) recovery in 5 to 6 weeks and prefer to focus on the positives e,g I can sit down and watch T.V with minimal pain.
I wish you all well IN YOUR INDIVIDUAL SITUATIONS....but really surgeons advice pre-op" that recovery will be 2 weeks" should be taken with a pinch of salt.
Its individual but will be directly related to the severity of the surgery.

Vixster11 Tue 02-Oct-18 19:37:19

Glad to hear you have improvement and have got out of the house. What suppositories are you using as I'd like to try them?
Totally agree about surgeons, guess they just want their money for the op!
I could understand the pain after bm but the way it lasts for hours after is what makes it so bad. For me it burns and aches and pulses from hips, bum and lower back down the back of my thighs and obviously up my bum too! Today, day 8, I tried a short trip to shop with hubby and the walking has just set me back so shouldn't have done that.
Back to lying on the bed it is. Netflix etc a godsend.

Groovee Tue 02-Oct-18 19:56:00

The surgeon who operated on me kept emphasising how painful the op was to me. I kept saying yeah yeah but until you have it, I don't think you appreciate how painful it actually is. Didn't help when dh turned over in his sleep and kneed me in the bum!

John95 Tue 02-Oct-18 22:35:25

Suppositories are steroid based which reduces inflammation.However since they should not be used long term and are contraindicated for some people to consult your G.P before use.

Vixster11 Wed 03-Oct-18 08:28:27

For the ladies amongst us, has anyone suffered with burning/infection at the front end during your recovery from this? Or is it just me!

cruickie06 Mon 15-Oct-18 00:35:26

I am day 5 post haemorrhoidectomy. 4 haemorrhoids, and 3 skin tags (one along my perineum) removed.
I’ve came across this thread because I was hoping there was at least something/someone on the internet that could assure me that the absolutely excrucitaing (there is no other word to describe this) pain is normal.
Thank you all for posting, it’s giving me some comfort to know there is light at the end of this very, VERY dark tunnel. But, how much pain can one expect to tolerate at home? I thought i had quite a high threshold for pain, having the kids was no walk in the park but let me tell you it feels like it was compared to this 😓 I had my 2nd BM tonight (1st semi solid) and I can’t put in to words the pain experienced. I screamed for my hubby to quickly run me a bath hoping that the water may ease ‘it’ out or soothe the area... hubby freaked out because blood was just literally pouring from my back end, my bathroom resembled a scene from psycho. Sorry if TMI, but this is no exaggeration here. I am currently taking 100mg of Tramadol and Paracetamol for the pain, for someone who barely takes a para for a sore head this amount is a big deal and i’d assumed that it would do the trick. However it just dulls it ever so slightly, the only good part is that it eventually puts me to sleep and therefore I get a wee break from the pain. Is anyone else on Tramadol found this? Do you think this should be enough? i’m so worried after that BM that I have done more damage around the area, it feels like im fresh out the operating room again. I don’t know whether to get back in touch with the hospital/surgeon or not - i don’t want to waste their time. Please, any help advice would be so much appreciated. xx

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