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what to expect after 8 week immunisations

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katiebirdie Tue 03-Oct-06 08:48:10

As above, taking ds on Friday for his 8 week immunisations and am just wondering what I should expect in the aftermath. I know there is the potential that he will take a fever so already have the calpol stocked up but what other "side effects" could I expect, and is there anything I should keep an eye out for?

Asked the HV at the last clinic but all she did was give me a very helpful leaflet....

mistypeaks Tue 03-Oct-06 10:13:47

As with all other questions - It varies from child to child (really helpful I know). My dd1 showed absolutely no sign she'd had anything done (only cried for a milisecond) dd2 cried for hours. She had 2 little lumps on each leg where the needle had gone, she slept more for a few days (just check they are awake when awake iyswim) and went off her milk for a couple of days (very small feeds).
For yourself - a strange side effect is you'll feel terrible for subjecting your little one to such trauma even though you know its for the best. You may even cry (I did). If you can take someone with you or ask at the surgery for someone to come in with you. It is a help. I did for dd1s first injection and then I was ok with the rest.

angelbaby1 Tue 03-Oct-06 12:05:56

after my DS 8 week jabs, he had no after effects apart from sleeping more for about 24 hours.

after 12 week jabs he was a little bit cranky for that evening, so gave him a dose of Calpol. He had red lumps on his legs for a couple of days aswell. He only cried/screamed for a few seconds after the jabs themselves. like previous post says, can you take someone with you?

katiebirdie Wed 04-Oct-06 09:39:06

Thanks v much mistypeaks and angelbaby. my dp has taken the day off work so he can come along and console us both!

mistypeaks Wed 04-Oct-06 13:52:32

Excellent. Glad you've got a supporting dp. Too many women don't (mine is also brill). Hope all goes well.

BrummieMomInMerthyr Wed 04-Oct-06 15:20:14

dh came with us too and did the holding i started giving ds calpol before his imms, but think you can only give 2 doses to 8 wk old so perhaps you ought to save it til you get home! He wasn't himself for about 10 days after, off milk, sleepy, grouchy when awake. he got conjuctivitis too, but think that was just a coincidence! I'm sure your ds will be fine, esp now you have dp with you, good luck!

Olihan Wed 04-Oct-06 15:24:12

Neither of mine were bothered at all by the jabs themselves. Ds had no effects after, apart from a slightly tender leg when the Men C went in. Dd had a red lump on the leg where she had the tetanus which was obviously sore for a day - she couldn't be fed with that leg leaning against me - but other than that was fine. The thought is worse than the actual event ime!!

Waswondering Wed 04-Oct-06 15:29:13

I gave dd 2.5ml of calpol just as I was leaving for baby clinic. She had no ill effects other than sleeping for about 24 hours . . .

good luck!

Cheryl0135 Thu 26-Mar-09 21:09:58

My girl went in two weeks ago for her 8 week shots. She screamed her head off when given the jabs, soon calmed down and was ok for 2 days. Her generally happy self. Then all hell broke loose as she cried inconsolably for 2-3 days, needed to be held and comforted all the time, ate lots of small meals, had a hot head, and didn't smile once. The following 10 days have seen her be a bit 'blank'. I had put it down to tiredness but last night she slept very well so I was expecting her to be engaging more, giving me that happy eye- contact that she used to, but she tends to be avoiding my eyes and only occasionally (a few time a day) smile and look at me directly. She has been playing alright, learning to sit up and learning new skills but her chatting and happy times seem dramatically diminished. She had diahorrea for a few days, and sticky bright yellow poo for another couple of days. I'll update tomorrow. Quite worried.

NorthernNell Thu 26-Mar-09 21:16:46

In my area it's not recommended to give a dose of calpol before vaccination 'just in case' as it can mask some reactions and at 8weeks two doses is all you can give before needing to get a doctor, so if you give one dose before jabs then need to give another 4-6 hours later, if they are still unwell you'll need a doctor, and if you've gone on a friday that means the dreaded out of hours!

fizzyone Tue 07-Apr-09 18:11:11

We've just been for the 8 week jabs and my daughter also seems 'blank', is sleeping constantly and crying intermittently more traumatically than i've heard before
how's your dd now cheryl0135?

elkiedee Wed 15-Apr-09 14:47:46

Thread crash - fizzyone, how is your daughter now? And you? We exchanged messages on Haringey local on a thread about meeting other "older" mums.

I've not used calpol after jabs though won't rule out needing to after ds2's 3 and 4 month jabs - I took him for 8 week jabs on 4 April. But in case they're grizzly I try to time jabs appointments so that they're after, not just before special occasions like going away for a few days - I would take ds2 on 1 May but we plan to celebrate his brother's birthday that weekend so I will be looking to make an appointment the following Friday.

Good advice Northern Nell.

Highlander Wed 15-Apr-09 15:22:53

paracetamol is hopeless at 'catch up' pain/fever. It works best if you give it in advance of anticiapted pain (this advice came from a pain consultant).

Give him a dose 60 mins before the jabs and keep it up for 24 hours.

snickersnack Wed 15-Apr-09 15:31:34

dd was absolutely fine for the first 24 hours then did a spectacular projectile vomit all over me the following morning (which was the one and only time she ever did that).

ds became very very hot and upset about 12 hours afterwards, and was awake all night crying. He then went on a 36 hour feeding marathon where he barely unlatched himself except to scream for 10 minutes every hour or so. Very strange.

cali09 Thu 30-Apr-09 18:55:22

my baby is crying more traumatically than ever before - had jabs at 11am and slept or cried since then.. am also quite worried. heartbroken.

shjtjj Sun 28-Aug-16 11:39:54

3days after my baby is very unsettled and pale just hope this improves soon such a shame for him

Hayleybirch123 Tue 18-Oct-16 15:52:57

My baby had her jabs on friday and on sunday night came out with a fever the following day she came out in a rash all over her body has anybody else had this been to the hospital and all they keep saying is its a viral rash

Noahsmum23 Tue 06-Dec-16 21:34:06


I have my little ones 8 week vaccanations next week and am dreading it also. I feel terrible subjecting him to what can be such a traumatic experience!

I also have a sense of guilt that I have not researched these injections - and am just going along with protocol. Does anyone else have this same feeling? (As you can tell by the message of unreasonable anxiety this is my first baby)

Mamabear14 Wed 07-Dec-16 07:38:04

In our surgery we were told to give calpol in the appt just before the vaccinations to allow for the fever caused by men b. My DD had a fever for a couple days and was sleepy both times she had the men b but was fine the one without. She had a lump in either leg for a few weeks, they said that's normal too. I think it's more traumatic for us parents. Babies seem to forget immediately!

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