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Two very light periods - can this be a sign of ovarian cyst?

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girlsrus Mon 18-Jul-11 13:12:51


I started ay thread on here last month as I thought I might be pregnant as I had a very unusual light period but tested a week after to check and it was negative, my go even done a blood test. I posted quite a bit about it.

Anyway this month I came on a little earlier than normal and usually I bleed for 7 days with the 3rd day being the heaviest, I have to wear two night pads so it does not come through onto my sheets. This month I only bled for a day and a half. The first night I did bleed through the night but very lightly, then nothing the next night. I started Thursday so since Saturday I've just had some spotting. The whole time it was bright red, no clots.

My gp said that I should expect a heavy period this month as you can get the odd light one. But two light and the second even lighter?

Do you think this is a symptom of an ovarian cyst, all last month I had many pregnancy symptoms the main ones being queasy, metallic tase and dizziness. I also had pain on my right side, gp ruled out pregnancy with blood test. I do not have any pain now but get the odd niggly feeling running down my right side. I also do not have any pregnancy symptoms.

I feel silly going back to my go again as I am not in pain but just wondering if I do have a cyst that needs to be looked at. What do you think, do you think two periods this light is something that needs to be looked into?

Thank you!

Victoria1984 Mon 18-Jul-11 14:48:03

I would go to the gp - its what they are there for- and in my experience they take ages to correctly diagnose any thing related to periods/ reproduction.
That said if you really don't want to go back why not phone nhs direct and get some advice from them?

girlsrus Mon 18-Jul-11 16:04:40

Thanks Victoria1984, I always forget about them.

CrossWhy Mon 18-Jul-11 18:29:34

Would agree with Victoria1984, go see GP not so certain about NHS direct, quality of advice can vary quite a bit as they tend to work to question profiles and responses.

girlsrus Sat 20-Aug-11 09:46:13

Hello I started the above link a couple of months ago, I had my scan which was a trans vaginal scan where they insert a probe (yikes) inside to get a good look around. It was more uncomfortable than painful. My prep letter said it would take 2-10mins but I was there for over 20 mins and she typing away and beeping taking lots of measurements.

I can't believe I did not ask her what she could see, I guess I was so nervous and also the letter said they can not discuss the scan and you have to wait to speak to your doc.

I've basically now had three very unusual light periods with strange feelings inside.

When she was doing the scan she then start asking me about contraception etc. She also done a quick scan on teh outside and spent awful long time on my lower tummy where they scan you for your 12 week pregnancy scan, she then said she wanted to do a pregnancy test but then said it would be necessary. After that she said she wanted to book me for another scan on teh outside but i need to have starved for 6 hours first and drank two pints of water.

At the beginning of these problems i had many pregnancy symptoms but i dont have them now, I've done many pregnancy tests and even had a hcg blood test which was neg. I've not tested for four weeks but i do not think i am pregnant.

i am just worried now, did she see something bad, was it alots of cysts hence all teh measurement taking and time it took, was i having some strange undetectable pregnancy, had i been pregnant and the feotus that did not develop is still there hence the light periods but no more pregnancy symptoms?

i know i'll find out monda, i've been trying to put it out of my head so a few days now. dont want to discuss it with anyone because until you know there is no point. i guess i just need to off load it to mumsnet smile

i am just so worried because it took so long, my sister had it done and said she was out in five mins. i guess that is what is bugging me plus the fact she start asking about contraception etc.

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