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How do I put photos on a Memorex DVD-R? Do I have to do something to the disc first?

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crokky Sun 11-Oct-09 12:52:43

All I want to do is to put 7 photos on a DVD.

It seems too hard!!! I usually put my photos on a memory stick - just stick in USB port and copy photos onto it. Someone has asked me to put photos onto a DVD for them and I thought it would be just as easy as the memory stick.

I have some blank memorex DVD-R discs. Are these wrong? There was something on the packageing about DSL or ADL or something with 3 initials that you might have to do before putting stuff on the disc. I didn't understand it!

When I tried to copy the photos onto the DVD, it just wouldn't do it. Then I saw an option to format the DVD and so I did this and it crashed windows! Can anyone help me please???

BertieBotts Sun 11-Oct-09 21:07:19

Are you in XP or Vista? If it's XP you need some DVD writing software like Nero - have you got any?

WebDude Tue 20-Oct-09 14:18:33

BB - I don't think you need Nero for that - Windows should be able to write the files (after formatting a blank). Nero offers extra facilities if you were wanting to write the same content onto several DVDs one after another (eg a collection of video recordings, that you planned to send out to number of relations overseas, one DVD per address).

crokky - sorry to read it crashed Windows. Yes, it should have been fine, so long as it is a DVD writer. If in doubt, pop into Lidl and get 10 CDs for 2.50 (or Poundland do 3 or 4 for 1 pound) and experiment a bit more.

There are differences between DVD-R and DVD+R (which I cannot remember this minute) but for the quantity of photos a CD or e-mail would be just as good (perhaps sending 2 at a time in case their mailbox gets full).

Good luck!

BadgersPaws Tue 20-Oct-09 14:32:15

I reasonably sure that Windows XP cannot burn DVDs. Windows 7 can do it and I'm pretty sure that Vista can but XP can't.

MS did release a set of drivers for XP a couple of years ago to allow people to easily write DVD burning software and scripts but I believe that that's as far as they went, they didn't actually integrate it into XP.

So you could use those, but that's crossing from geeky to very geeky...

If your computer does have a DVD burner then I'd expect it to have some software somewhere on there to handle using it. Have a hunt around and see what you can see in the Start menu.

If you Google around on the net there are some free software packages available that will do it if you don't have anything.

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